Thursday, 22 January 2009

current remedy for cough.

...since a sick person can't walk to the clinic.
that's my stripey baju.

UM Dayao (大摇)

i don't know any other way to describe it for malaccans except that it was like GBS's Chlorophyll. with those emcees and stuff. ahaha. there were breaks for dances in between though. the dances were hot stuff man. hip-hop giler. plus the seniors and super-seniors who came back to dance make me look like a potato on stage.

there was also this celebrity called Kit Teo (张起政) who didn't really capture my attention until he sang 白马不是王子 translated White Horse Prince. like, duh! obviously!

but that wasn't what captured my attention. what captured my attention was when he picked a girl out of the audience and held her hand while he sang. i was like, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! ME! ME! HOLD MY HAND!!!!!!!!!!!!! i didn't scream like that la.

kock sin wanted to go back to college to complete his tort tutorial, but i managed to tarik him to stay back an hour longer than he'd intended just so i could listen to the 17th song. i knew it was a good song the moment i set eyes on the lyrics in the booklet they gave us.

读书压力大 (studying is stressful)

我的手上握着一支铅笔 there's a pencil in my hand
关在房间四面都是墙壁 i'm shut inside a room with walls on all sides
看到桌上写不完的课业 looking at the unfinished homework on the table
我的脑袋也要开始爆炸 my mind starts to explode

刚刚读了转眼却又忘记 i forget what i just read in the blink of an eye
现在手上很想有快炸鸡 right now my hand just wants to hold a fried chicken

脑袋空白心里只想打机 mind=empty, heart=wanna play game
我要逃去没有书的世界 i wanna escape to a world without books

读书压力大 studying is stressful!
读书压力大 studying is stressful!
读书压力大 studying is stressful!
我们唱 let's sing:
读书压力大 studying is stressful!
读书压力大 studying is stressful!
读书压力大 studying is stressful!
我们唱 let's sing:
读书压力大 studying is stressful!

刚刚读了转眼却又忘记 i forget what i just read in the blink of an eye
现在手上很想有快炸鸡 right now my hand just wants to hold a fried chicken

脑袋空白心里只想打机 mind=empty, heart=wanna play game
我要逃去没有书的世界 i wanna escape to a world without books

读书压力大 studying is stressful!
读书压力大 studying is stressful!
读书压力大 studying is stressful!
我们唱 let's sing:
读书压力大 studying is stressful!
读书压力大 studying is stressful!
读书压力大 studying is stressful!
我们唱 let's sing:
读书压力大 studying is stressful!

我快疯了 i'm going crazy!
我快疯了 i'm going crazy!
我不要再读书了 i don't wanna study anymore!
我快疯了 i'm going crazy!
我快疯了 i'm going crazy!
我不要再读书了 i don't wanna study anymore!


let me show you just how much it stuck out like a sore thumb.
(note: this is through the eyes of someone who went for 6 years of chinese class, not a chinese pro)

  1. 1. 爱. 所以 love. so. (lol)
  2. 2. 走出 walk out
  3. 3. 答应你 promise you
  4. 4. 喜欢你喜欢我 like you like me
  5. 5. Without you ok la, this one stick out quite a bit also la
  6. 6. 舞蹈 ( 一 ) dance (1)
  7. 7. 木马 wooden horse
  8. 8. 百宝袋 i didn't know what this was (and still don't)
  9. 9. 江岸 tebing sungai
  10. 10. 最后这首歌 this last song
  11. 11. 原来 oh, liddat@rupanya
  12. 12. 舞蹈 ( 二 ) dance (2)
  13. 13. 假动作 fake moves
  14. 14. 灰尘 dust@habuk
  15. 15. 默片 mime@silent movie
  16. 16. 你走了 you went away
  17. 17. 读书压力大 STUDYING IS STRESSFUL!
  18. 18. 不要老去 don't grow old

i'm so gonna sing this during finals.

i'm so happieeeeeeeeeeee!

i got this from 4shared.

my love for a song, especially one from disney or the final fantasy series, is never complete until i play the original scores.

simply because those songs were composed in a very special way.

the pianist's left hand perfectly compliments the right.

wonderful. beautiful. it's at times like these that i say...


and i do.


as the saying goes,
"what is taugeh to one is music to another"
neh, i made that up.
remember i invented it when it gets famous though.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

mr nokia's notes.

it looks different every time

waiting at the bus stop reminds me of the time i cried while eating maggi mee.

i can't remember why i was crying while eating maggi mee. all i remember is i got to see my cousins, see kheng and see han, and our blood brother, shi jie, because my cousins and sister didn't give up on me.

knowing me, if i were in their position, i would've given up on myself.

never give up on anyone. always love. because that someone might need it so much.

-once upon a first sunday morning at the bus stop in 2008-

i just felt like i needed to write this after reading sarah's blog. i thought people had stopped needing love and support. i was wrong.

it's been so long since someone said thank you like that.


and then i coughed. elegantly. twice.

zhenqi's my roomie.

flat conversation between a sick person and a healthy person.

"tse hwei, you sick ar? go to the clinic la."

"if i could walk 20 minutes to the clinic, i wouldn't be sick. the clinic is for healthy people."

"sit taxi la."

"...the clinic is for healthy, wealthy people."

"sit bus la."

"...the clinic is for healthy, wealthy, patient patients."

Monday, 19 January 2009

i'm sick.

sick already still do homework. tsk. so kelian.

so young fellows out there...

i'm your role model! yay!

btw, that's foow-foow i'm hugging.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

UM's security guard.

desmond was fetching me home from CG on friday. Time: 1+ am.

pj gate was closed. the sign said to go through the kl gate.

at the kl gate:

"kolej ape ni?"

"kolej 1"

"ah, kolej 1 turun jalan. sori eh. pukul 12 kita tak bagi masuk lagi."

(go in a bit by car, you reach law faculty. masuk lagi would be first college).

desmond gives me the =.= look.

"selamat ke jalan masuk?"

don't know what he replied la, but it sounded rude.

so i walked on in. it was further than i'd thought. a few motorcycles passed by, and a few CARS passed by, and i remembered what i learned in primary school - keep my bag on the left side, away from the vehicles on the road. i have to admit, desmond's words sounded in my head a few times.

selamat ke jalan masuk?

"a few times" would make it look like this in my head:

selamat ke jalan masuk?
selamat ke jalan masuk?
selamat ke jalan masuk?
selamat ke jalan masuk?
selamat ke jalan masuk?

you have to understand where i'm coming from. literally.

in malacca, snatch thefts don't happen as often as they do in pj and kl. sure, they do happen do poor unfortunate souls. but not as often. people still walk around with their wallets in their hands in malacca. liverpool told me of instances in the train or ktm where it is common for two individuals who are isolated from the rest of the passengers at one corner of the train to get robbed by a group of ruffians. and nobody does anything about it. because they can't. or because they're afraid. which is understandable.

so i blame liverpool for scaring me out of my wits.


nola. i know it's true also. so i thought of some kungfu moves i could pull off in the event of an unarmed snatch thief. as if i know kungfu. and calculated my running speed in case i had to run. 'bout 10cm/second.

nola. i prayed.

i got back safely. whee. if it weren't for the fact that the guard had said "sori" the first time, i would've looked for his name and blogged him to death in pure anger and anguish and any other feelings that start with that letter.

had he never thought of what could have happened to me if some ruffians had said "kolej 12" and then driven in to conduct a series of thefts on pedestrians? would he have been prepared for the consequences? i doubt so.

readers, when a guard next tells you to walk in alone, report it immediately. you have your rights. you should claim them. i should have. i didn't think so until i walked inside in the dark for 8 minutes. slow walker. i blame my flat feet for it. i shall do so the next time.

shannon asked me what i learned from university. i think this would be it.

pj is not malacca. period.

pig head.

FYI, elections are going on in UM. In fact, we're going to vote on Monday. I don't even want to go into detail about the faculty manifesto forums that went on last Thursday. It was HOT, i tell you. Maybe that'll end up on some other blog. I have videos though.

The bottom-line is that in the law faculty, there's no such thing as Malays supporting Malay candidates or Chinese supporting Chinese candidates. Everyone stands for what they think is right, not on racial bias or friendship. This was my first time experiencing a majorly HOT (it's so hot I gotta say it twice) forum, and I must say, the juniors who were running for the elections took it well, though they didn't take the questions shot at them quite so well. (questions were definitely poorly answered)

Liverpool told me beforehand that candidates from other faculties who were running had told her that no one from any other faculty in their right mind, would ever want to campaign in the law faculty. Why?

Simply because it is HELL in the law faculty. Liverpool jokingly replied, "Then we must be demons, cuz we're still surviving here."

That Thursday, I whispered to Liverpool, "Ooook. Now I see why people say the law faculty is HELL."

'Nuff said.

Back to the pig. You can actually find the news here and here.

About the pig, it would take a lot of words to describe it, so I'll just draw a picture.

i hope you know what flag this is.

Oh wait. There's something else.

So mysterious huh? It's... it's... it's like CSI!

Anyway, it was behind a tiang in the **API surau in UM. Er this one no need to draw la. use your imagination. Plus it was a half-head la. Aiyah, I put up the real picture la.

Pigs are detestable and pork, haram to Muslims. To have a picture of a pig in a surau is bad enough; to have a pig in a surau is unthinkable; to have a dead pig in a surau is detestable; to have a dead pig's head in a surau is like initiating a holy war.

Plus it's disgusting.

Politics-schmolitics. Somehow people just can't do politics in a civilized manner. It's really strange that pro-university candidates will never have anything happen to them. FYI again, kononnya pro-M candidates get kidnapped and stuff like that. And of course, have their surau smeared with pig heads.

A friend said that it couldn't have been a Chinese who did it. Impossible, he said. Why, I asked.

"Because Chinese wouldn't waste a pig.
Even if it's a pig head, they'd probably make soup out of it or something."

Ooook. So as someone put it, maybe "someone has sinned against their Allah".

On another note, some friends of mine who're running against the university were interrogated by 30 policemen. Mostly in plain clothes. News say they came in 4 patrol cars and 1 ordinary car, but friends say they came in 2 patrol cars, 2 police vans, and 4 ordinary cars. Er. That sounds more logical right. When you have to muat 30 people. If the news was true, that would mean the police didn't wear seatbelts. Ahaha. (5 cars x 5 people = 25 people)

When asked for a search warrant, they said they didn't need a search warrant under some section of the Penal Code. Too bad my friends were first-years, or they would've already studied the Penal Code and been able to prove (or disprove) the policemen's authencity. They were interrogated by 30 people. I don't know, maybe my TWO friends were too intimidating to be interrogated by just TWO officers. Most of the officers did say though, that they had no idea why they were there in the first place.

After they'd gotten over the initial shock, they decided to lodge a police report at the nearest police station. They had to get past the UM security guard first though.

I malas nak edit the tangan gerak here and there, but you get the idea.

*Pro-M = Pro-Mahasiswa, the opposite of pro-universiti. Pro is not "professional" eh. Dots. It means "for". PMI = Persatuan Mahasiswa Islam.
**Akademi Pengajian Islam

Saturday, 17 January 2009

by the way, i'm sick.

after cg.

desmond and pei win were talking about cars in malaysia, and he was talking about how he could jump up and down the roof of some car and it would still be alright. naturally, i asked:

you jumped up and down the roof of a car???

and he casually repeated himself like it was no biggie.

yeah, i jumped up,
and down,
the roof of a car la.

must i explain everything to you, xi wei?

(yeah, that's how you pronounce my name. lalala.)

lawyers ar...

then they started to imitate what they called 'a lawyer's precision'. (blue = desmond, orange = pei win)

"where were you on the 17th of january 1981?"

"in school."

"what corner of the school?"

"i was in class."

which class? were there any witnesses?"


"you're saying that you were alone in the class and
nobody was there to prove what you say is true?

what time was it? where was everyone else?"

"in the canteen! in the canteen!"

"then why were you in the class,"

"...and not in the canteen with everyone else?"

"i was committing the murder, don't you understand???
i'm so sick of your questions!!"


imagine desmond's dialogue with the indian accent.

evil dudes.

darth sidious, star wars.
feature: mutilated.

cobra commander, g.i. joe.
feature: faceless.

red skull, captain america.
feature: er. skullish. reddish. plain gross.

saruman, lord of the rings.
keith: who do you think this is?
benjamin: moses?
someone: this one only went to sunday school, never watch tv wan.

the joker, batman: dark knight.
feature: mutilated+crazed.

yzma, emperor's new school/groove.
feature: conniving (keith)
no comment (me)

Why do we portray evil like this?

sam: gaston's good-looking. keith: that's an exception. (lols)

gaston, beauty & the beast.
feature: er. hairy chest?

Do we have a narrow view of evil? Every single one of these characters are man-made. Have we ever wondered how people come up with these things?

Many of these people were themselves victims of evil. E.g. Darth Vader, Doctor Octavius.

darth vader, star wars.
feature: faceless.

These characters might well be reflections of the writers themselves.

Genesis 3:1-4 - The Fall and the Garden of Eden: Where It All Began

And the serpent said unto the woman:
"You will not surely die:
For God knows that in the day you eat of the fruit,
then your eyes shall be opened,
and you will be like God,
knowing good and evil."

Genesis 3:4

We're always fooled into thinking that we don't know evil, that we need to be shown what evil is like.

The truth is that we know these characters, and we know them well, because we lost our innocence in Eden.

  1. 1. Violation of God's commandments.
  2. 2. Knowing what is right, yet doing the opposite of what is right.
  3. 3. Active rebellion against God.

Is any of the three kinds of evil personally familiar to you?

Keith: Are we really that different from these people?

-everyone looks at the picture of the joker on the screen and stares at keith blankly-

me (thinks): er... physically... yeah...

Keith: ... No, seriously.

mojojojo, powerpuff girls.
feature: no comment.

-pin-drop silence-

Sam: Maybe Gaston la.



when i wrote stories, i never included God in them. it felt ridiculous to even consider the idea. similiarly, one seldom finds man's dependence on God or any god in comic books, cartoons, tv shows, or movies. even with the good guys, God is never there. it's all about them doing the work, beating the bad guys, saving the day.

i realized this a long time ago - that stories like these stem from man's desire to be in a world without God. a world free from God's watchful eyes, where you, in your characters, can do whatever you want because you determine the standards of morality.

one scene in the spiderman comics left a distinct impression on me of this fact. it was during the massacre carried out by carnage, shriek, doppeldanger, and demogoblin.

demogoblin, spiderman.
feature: fire.

demogoblin was obsessed with his 'holy mission' of killing 'sinners', and a scene in the comic book showed him attacking a priest who was praying and clutching the cross around his neck. the priest was not spared, and demogoblin insulted God as he reached out to strike the man. i think in the end, some superhero came and saved him la. but anyhow, it showed me that there is no place for God in man's imagination.

i agreed with keith on the fact that we're not so different from those characters after all. those characters are magnified reflections of ourselves, but reflections, nonetheless. the evil that they do are examples of what we can do if we were to magnify our own little wrongdoings by say, 20x. darth maoul's anger, darth sidious's greed, darth vader's fear, mojojojo's jealousy, the joker's desire for something larger than mundane life, yzma's longing for revenge - these are all in us, if we scale deeper into our souls.

it is difficult to live with God. because we have lived so long with the sin that is in us, with the nature that tells us to do whatever we want, whenever we feel like it.

but i see a different law in the members of my body
waging war against the law of my mind
and making me a prisoner of the law of sin
which is in my members.
wretched man that i am!
who will set me free from the body of death?

romans 7:23-24

and again,

the sinful mind is hostile to God.
It does not submit to God's law, nor can it do so.

romans 8:7

it was a well-cherished time in cg yesterday. (not just on account of the kaya puffs)

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

people who got no talent.

...can only do this kind of thing.

celup-celup everywhere.
page borders celuped from a strip of paper i found online.
dividing border is a drunk dog's walking path.

i don't know what the lawyers are gonna say to this piece of thing they're supposed to put their firm advertisements on. maybe "ooo doggy paws! so cuteee!". maybe not. probably not.

but at least it's done.

week's not done though. have dancing practice tonight.

yeah, dance. ME. the one who dances with two right feet. i don't even want to know what dance i'm gonna dance tonight.

then CG, then i'm to help a friend with powerpoint presentation.

then i'll try to pengsan on my bed in a decent manner. plus brush my teeth.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

need recharge.

i'm tired of the words "Internet Disconnected".

i'm tired of being the only one here who can use Photoshop. (like i'm that good anyway)

i'm tired of lugging my laptop around the fac.

i'm tired of not having my doodles turn out nice.

i'm tired of the endless string of obligations.

i was so tired of my tolerant thoughts.

i'm so thankful for romans 9:15, 16.

I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy
I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion
so then it is not of him that willeth
nor him that runneth
but of God that sheweth mercy.

i need rest.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

tse hwei tse hwei tse hwei tse hwei

tsehwei, can you help me with this please, tse hwei? tse hwei, you know how i feel. you're the only one that understands, tse hwei. tse hwei, thank you for all the things you've ever done for me, tse hwei. tse hwei, sometimes, tse hwei, i don't understand how you can bear with me, tse hwei. all the wrong things that i've done, tse hwei, all the bad things i've said, all the thoughts i've had, tse hwei, you know them all. and still you love me, tse hwei. thank you so much, tse hwei.


Lord, can you help me with this please, Lord? Lord, you know how i feel. you're the only one that understands, Lord. Lord, thank you for all the things you've ever done for me, Lord. Lord, sometimes, Lord, i don't understand how you can bear with me, Lord. all the wrong things that i've done, Lord, all the bad things i've said, all the thoughts i've had, Lord, you know them all. and still you love me, Lord. thank you so much, Lord.


weird how we don't talk to our friends like that, but talk to God like that. myself included. don't use God's name the way you use 'like' or 'please'. it's just not right.

Why do you call me, 'Lord, Lord,' and do not do what I say?

Luke 6:46

substitute 'Lord' with
'O God'...
'Father God'...
in the paragraph
and you get the same effect

Thursday, 8 January 2009

are you dumb?

no, no, not asking you. it's just...

this new game i found! (low-budget title animation man... even i could do it...)

um yeah, it's called Are You Dumb? it gauges your dumbilligence with just three questions, all posed by jimmy choo. you only have five seconds to answer each question, during which he will insult and taunt you.


tak macam pun. lol.

i chose the wrong answers on purpose to see what he'd say:

"you did not answer all three questions correctly.
you are dumb! you are loser!"

ya think?

rating: not highly recommended, just quite recommended.
comment: it'll only take you less than a minute to play. ahaha.
review: you got to give me a treat now, tse hwei. coz i got psychiatric illness now. i'm now mentally disturbed. -kock sin-

it's not my shadow.

Brother, let me be your servant
Let me be as Christ to you
Pray that i might have the grace
To let you be my servant too.

sometimes i feel like i've listened to so many people's problems, i don't think they're new anymore.

sometimes it's because i've gone through a few of them myself.

well, sometimes i haven't. i'll admit to that.

sometimes i feel like some of those problems can be handled simply. not easily. simply.

simply pick yourself up.
simply move on.
simply tell yourself you can do it.
simply do something positive about it.

simply. (you're like sick of the word now, aren't you?)

but people don't listen when you give them the simple solution. sometimes people don't want a solution. sometimes they just want to continue to wallow in self-pity. in their sadness. in their depression. whatever they call it.

sometimes i listen till my ears peel off the sides of my face. and i know it's never going to end, because it'll never end until they pick themselves up, and they don't want to. they don't admit it, but it's true. they don't want to get up.

sometimes my ears aren't the only things that get hurt when i listen. sometimes a needle goes through my heart when i listen. it's not too uncommon to have people say these to me:

"you won't understand"
"you'll never understand how people like me feel"
"you have no experience"
"you're different"
"you're strong, i'm weak"
"i'm stupid"

look, i've heard them so many times they're like my best friends. i've even got a name for them: P1. don't ask me why i call them P1.

sometimes i don't know whether to be glad to be able to handle my own emotional problems. sometimes it feels like i'm all the weaker because i'm stronger.

but am i stronger?

i tried to tell people how i feel. about certain things, about how i feel about certain phrases up there i've heard over and over again, how i have problems too (which moron don't have la. even the angels had problems. look at lucifer.). but over the years, i've learned to keep them to myself until someone asks.

have you ever tried to tell someone about an emotion you were feeling (anger, sadness, confusion etc), only to have them slam the door in your face? i don't know which is worse - having someone totally oblivious to the fact that you're talking to them, or having someone listen till like halfway of the thing then say, 'i'm sorry, gotta go', or change the topic.

you know how some people are like that? you're talking to them, thinking they're listening, and suddenly they talk about something else completely unrelated to what you were saying. and then they go on and on about that unrelated thing, and even when there's a pause, or they've finished with whatever they were saying, they don't bring up what you were saying. then you start to think that maybe they weren't listening at all.

they probably weren't. but still, dreams won't hurt.

usually, people only ask about whatever emotional problem there is in the world when they're facing it themselves. in such an occasion - i'm telling you beforehand so you won't fall into the same trap - they won't hear a word you say. trust me. or they hear, but they don't listen.

some taboo words to avoid when listening to other people:

"i understand how you feel"
"i've been through it before"
"you can go through it too"

i've given up. i really have. most times i say those words, i get P1. maybe i'm not a good counselor. maybe i should just sit in a corner and mope about how bad a counselor i am, then maybe they'll pity me and start to agree that maybe i've gone through the same thing. depression, they call it. yeah, i'm depressed because i'm not a good counselor. that counts, right?

nowadays i open my mouth to say something, to share an experience, and then close it again, because that minute of carbon dioxide could be used for a more fruitful activity, like on a plant for photosynthesis.

forgive me for being indifferent sometimes. it's not that i don't care. it's just that i've run out of things to say. i don't know what to say to make you feel better. i don't think such words exist.

sometimes i don't understand how Jesus could've lived the way He did. i don't recall anyone asking Him about how He felt or what He was going through. i mean, the guy was living 33 years in anticipation of His death on a splintery cross! did nobody care? it's not like He didn't tell anyone. He said it three times!

and what about when He was praying alone, and blood fell from his forehead because of extreme stress?

His disciples slept!


if my head was sweating blood, i'd at least expect a friend to get some toilet paper.


i don't mean to say everyone's problems are so simply solvable. i know some people are in really deep pain. things have messed up so much it seems impossible to put them together. sometimes it's like you want to find the RESET button and just start over, but you know you can't , and that makes things worse.

i'm extremely grateful for the few who've actually listened to what i say. i'm grateful to death for those who don't ever say "you won't understand" to me.

i don't know what to do anymore. all these things will never be said to anyone face to face. because there is either no occasion to say them, or because there is no chance of anyone listening when there is an occasion.

i think if i weren't so dependent on people in physical and material things cuz i'm so blur and lethargic, i'm not sure i'd know how to receive help anymore.

Brother, let me be your servant
Let me be as Christ to you
Pray that i might have the grace

To let you be my servant too.

we were talking about what we do when we're sad.

i said i blog when i'm sad.

i'm blogging now.

i was deeply hurt by what was said today.

i need to repeat these words again:

Brother, let me be your servant
Let me be as Christ to you
Pray that i might have the grace

To let you be my servant too.

because i probably won't tell you anything if you asked.

but extraordinary things happen sometimes.

it's an extraordinary word.
it says "hope" and "don't hope" at the same time.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

"you just have to get past the bombastic technical jargons to understand law." -prof johan-

tort = latin: twisted; literally: wrong.

in malaysia, tort is a civil (anything that's not criminal) law that is built on case law rather than statutes (Acts etc).

as such, we study a LOT of cases for tort.

1. definition of 'property' in the tort of conversion of property.

if you get into an accident, and somehow your leg is separated from the rest of your body, is your leg your property? (the way your house, dog, cat are your property)


A (we always use letters to represent a person. judges are lazy people.) died. A's parents allowed the doctor to use her brain for dunno what already la. Then the parents wanted the brain back. Unfortunately, the doctor had lost the brain. Somehow (prof nor: "sometimes these cases are not funny, but when you read them, you don't know what to do but laugh."). The parents sued for conversion (conversion = assuming the original owner's right of the property to such an extent that the owner cannot use the thingy anymore) of the brain. First issue was whether the brain was a 'property'. Second issue was whose property the brain was anyway. (i.e. did the brain belong to the parents? the dead girl can't really sue.)

2. duty of care
a.k.a. duty to take care and standard of care

how much care is a person supposed to take in order to avoid harming 'his neighbour'? (the fella that will kena if the person doesn't take care)


Seorang pakar mendaki gunung membawa serombongan orang memanjat gunung. Dia tak guna tali; pakai tali rafia je, sebab nak jimat. Itu saja persediaannya. Sebelum memanjat gunung, dia berkata, "Pray, all of you. Whatever your faith, just pray."

did the mountain climber fulfill the standard of care he must employ in his duty towards the group? (see, the answer so obvious wan)

3. liability of doctors towards patients in giving advice.

can the doctor be liable if he does not inform the patient of a very minimal risk?


The plaintiff patient had a bad eye and needed an operation to cure it. During the operation, the patient caught a strange disease called Sympathetic Ophthalmia - the patient's good eye felt sorry for the bad eye and turned bad as well. To make it worse, the patient's bad eye turned worse. (good thing the sympathetic eye wasn't that sympathetic) The doctor had known of the risk of this happening, but had not told the patient about it because the probability of it happening was 1 in 14000.

can the doctor be held liable? this is one of those subjective thingys you must exercise your own conviction and conscience to answer. plus the judge may disagree with you. oh well.

see? law isn't that difficult to understand.

there are even some very thought-provoking cases. like in the conjoined-baby-twins case, where the court had to decide between allowing the hospital to kill the 'parasite' twin who was using up the other's nutrients, or to just let both of them eventually die. we asked prof nor what happened to the twins, and she answered that she had not continued to follow the case after her first reading of it, but...

it is our deepest hope that they both survived.

we learned of another case, briefly cited as Foo Fio Na, where a 47-year-old woman's claim for negligence on the part of the doctor was finally allowed. She had been injured in an accident, and sought treatment in the hospital. she was operated upon and became partially paralyzed. the doctor told her it was a common result of the operation. after two weeks, she was still paralyzed. one day, she was suddenly wheeled into the operating room and operated upon without her consent or knowledge. when she woke up, she was entirely paralyzed.

we say justice was done. but we forget.

the woman was 24 years old when she first laid claim for negligence.

there was another case elsewhere, which name escapes me. like Foo Fio Na; the girl waited years for her appeal to be allowed. it was almost similiar, except the girl went blind in both eyes.

shall we be proud to be professing the law?

perhaps for the lawyer who took her case, and for the judge who allowed her appeal.

but for those who know the judiciary system, justice is delayed. and i don't know if justice delayed 24 years can still be called justice. how does it feel to win the case but still lose your eyes?

it's things like these that makes the study of law interesting for me.


don't tell me law is boring or i'll poke you in the eye. hah! (i'm not gonna write about how you may sue me for that)

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

hapuskan israel.

ooo! what's this strange thing i find?

being the patkua that i am, i simply can't resist...:



Fight Violence With Vulgarity.

Everyone Is Happy If Vulgarity Wins.

Support Vulgarity.


we ordered mcD.

usually, when the first roomie orders, she says:

hi, my name is chelsea, may i know who i'm speaking to?

usually, when i order, i say:

[listen listen and wait for full-stop on the other end]

chester. my name is chester.

second roomie ordered today, and she said:

hi, this is mcD? my name? liverpool.

[turns to us and covers mouth-piece]

she's laughing la. how?

pengsan... liverpool nie...

chelsea: at least say 'pool' or 'liver' la! why say liverpool?
me? i was laughing too hard to say anything.

still assignmenting

i'm actually starting to feel sorry for the syariah courts. aha.

by the way, assignment title is Kedudukan Islam Di Dalam Perlembagaan.

kinda almost no kedudukan, actually. ^_^"

Monday, 5 January 2009


assignmentationing would be too long a word.

anyway, here i am. assignmenting. again. i know i can't complain. i've only had four assignments, and everybody else has had like millions.

i like multi-tasking. i don't like focusing on one thing at one time. not that i can't focus. it's just that i focus too well.

when i'm working (really working. without the multi-tasking. e.g. assignment + msn), i don't:
  • o bathe
  • o eat
  • o talk
  • o walk
  • o sms
  • o pangsai (how can!)
  • o blink

neh. that last one was a little far-fetched.

i used to work on writing online walkthroughs for Harvest Moon: Back to Nature (this game rocks). in brief, it felt like i was actually doing it for a living. (i wish!) Don't worry, my eyepower didn't skyrocket during that period of time, because I didn't look at the computer while typing. Plus I remembered my science teacher's advice: Look away for one minute every 15 minutes.


i'm gonna go be a statue again. at least till 3.50pm. then i'll hop over to TITAS (Tamadun Islam and something-something) and doodle on my time-table.


p/s: random statement - i'm not usually easily provoked. but i don't like people who talk too confidently. then i'm really provoked. for some strange reason. trying to keep the provocated reaction to just a raise of an eyebrow though. working well so far.

Friday, 2 January 2009

english class in uni.

this is how i usually feel when i wake up for a TWO-HOUR english class on a friday MORNING (9am):

except without the excitement

i then walk alone to the faculty next door.

the greenery looks different every time i snap a pic of it. maybe cuz i hold the cameraphone differently each time. like it's senget here. dots.

...and apologize for being 3 minutes late (it's 3 minutes from the college to the faculty, and i usually start at 9am =.=).

somehow opportunities to snap pics are plentiful in english class.

ask any law student about english class, and they'll tell you it's a total waste of time.

well, not any law student. i meant... any law student that isn't in my class.

my class rocks.

firstly, we have a cool teacher: ms cecily joseph. she's like equipped with cool stories for every lesson. plus she's a good teacher. learning is no fun when you're reading through the good textbook on your own while the boring teacher blabbers on, thinking you're still listening. learning is fun when the good teacher takes you through the good textbook and makes it fun.

Textbook Question
At the burger bar, your friend says:
"I left my wallet at home."

What do you do?

(a) buy a burger for him
(b) lend him the money for a burger
(c) give him a bite of your burger

if you have a boring teacher, that question would be boring too.

i don't wake up at 7.45am every friday. i wake up at 9.03am. the moment i enter class, i hear her talking to the students like they're her long-lost friends.

ms. cecily makes me feel like paying attention even if i can't, because she's so nice i'll feel bad if i don't. few teachers can do that. my add math teacher couldn't get me to pay attention if she used toothpicks on me. with ms cecily, stories of how she got held up at the airport for bringing a can of pickles don't bore me at all.

secondly, i have a crazy friend in english class.

meet amreeta kaur dhillon

thirdly, you never know what will happen in ms. cecily's class.

that's right.

we had a new year's party bash!

she even baked some of it for us! =D

and she knows the needs of the young generation.

ms. cecily's 'sin of the West'

i don't talk very much in english class. mostly because almost everyone else talks so much i don't have to get a word in (our class is one of the liveliest). but also because this is one class i enjoy observing. i don't speak, but i don't spectate. i participate, though it is in silence. who says you need to be heard to participate?

though i know you probably won't even know it...

ms. cecily, this post is for you.