Saturday, 7 July 2007

I am so sorry for not updating this blog.

Tse Hwei speaks less nowadays eh?

My time is taken up with all the silly and unnecessary co-curric stuff that we have to do in school in order to get an equally silly but not so equally unnecessary cert to get into university.

Sis just reminded me again that I need to begin concentrating on a study plan for STPM already. The principal gaily announced that we're gonna have our school trials early August. Couple that with the REAL trial somewhere in the same month or a month later and you have a hundred odd F6 students dying in MHS.

You'll probably hear from me again after July's over, meaning after Hari Koku, which literally marks the end of all my co-curric troubles. Or the start of it. Depending on whether I manage to scrape up 5 main activities for CF.

I disagree with the school's shallow definition of an active club. Hmmph. Will grumble more about this after July.

Well, at least I have something to look forward to --> Song En's wedding on July 21!!

This wedding is really meaningful to me~ Not just because I can go and sharingan some wedding march techniques off the wedding pianist k.

Song En was my piano mentor for awhile when he was in MGC. I really really love his jazzy Because He Lives and his awesome Bridal Chorus. His notes were the ones that helped me through the Bridal Chorus that I had to play for Beng Hui's wedding.

There's always something about a friend getting married. It's like I'm feeling so happy for him and all but there's this really tugging realization of a new life blossoming somewhere. Of course that somewhere is where the newly weds will be la, but it sounds nicer if I say somewhere. Like, somewhere. See? That's nice.

I don't know if it's just me or what. I get excited so easily. I mean, I get excited every time I hear the siren of an ambulance. I'll go: Whoaaaaaaa someone's dying!!!!!! But at the same time, I feel so heroic cuz I get to move aside to make way for the speeding ambulance. It's like I get to play a part in saving someone's life or something.

Even when I swim, as I race towards the wall, I feel like every stroke of my freestyle becomes the stroke of some great swimmer in a movie. I can almost feel my own heart pumping and that heartbeat song (sorry to potong stim but I really dunno the name of the song) that's in almost every heroic movie.

That's all we humans live for, isn't it?

A sense of heroism, a sense of playing a part in some adventure, a sense of an extraordinary-ness in our lives.

Well, thankfully, we Christians have a chance to be heroic. We're a people on a mission, after all. Buahaha.

Was just thinking about Robin Hood the other day in church. And as I thought about Jesus, and how He travelled around, healing the sick, upholding justice for the helpless, feeding the poor, saving people from death... it just reminded me of Robin Hood himself. And I began to think of Jesus as Someone more than a gentle fellow who walked around with a worn cloak and dusty sandals. Jesus is my very own Robin Hood! Jesus was and is a hero, in every sense of the word. Literally.

Since we were made to become more like Jesus every day, maybe God incorporated a bit of that into us - the spirit of a hero. Little heroes we may be, but heroes nonetheless. Little heroes like Little John, Will Scarlet, Much, and George-a-Greene. Little heroes who were pivotal in bringing the legend of Robin Hood to life. Little heroes who didn't take the centre-stage but pointed towards the real hero in the spotlight.

I don't know how I got this far, but anyway, I'm excited about Song En's wedding. =)

And I'm a little hero.

And I shall end with a heroic laugh.