Thursday, 31 May 2007

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Oh ya, about my WordPress Blog, I didn't realize that I hadn't changed the privacy settings. So it was previously set to allow only self-recognized users la. So I've changed it cuz Pei Ling and Yen Mei said that they couldn't access my blog. Many apologies!

Anyway, now you can just click on the Back to I Speak link at the bottom when WordPress prompts you for your username and password.

That's all!

Oh, and MGC-ians, please make sure to access the MGC blog k!

Farewell, MMU-ians!

MMU and Us

Yup. The MMU-ians left today: Chong Keat, Rebecca and Mun Yee. Stephen left for Subang after the Children's Hour Sports Day yesterday. We were supposed to have a farewell makan for the MMU-ians after the morning ministry today, but the lunch that they were supposed to be yao kui-ly eating turned out to be a brunch that they didn't eat quite so yao kui-ly. I personally felt that it wasn't exactly the best farewell we've held since Geng Yi left. I can't help feeling I could've done something more for them today, but I didn't. Partly cuz I didn't know what it was that I was supposed to do la.

I am so going to miss them. Probably hasn't sunk in yet, but next week, the youth and the church as a whole will be feeling the ache and pain of losing some fine members (to quote Uncle Kian Boon in his message today). We'll probably be seeing CK some time in the future (an expressive *wink* to we-know-who), Mun Yee will be coming back to get baptized in MGC, and Rebecca will come back some time soon too to see Mark (^_^). But MGC will feel the loss nevertheless. Especially since I'm quite sure Stephen wouldn't be visiting very often.

Quite mean of me to say this, but I'm glad Mark was kept back =P If you're reading this, don't marah me eh ^^; Oh ya, that reminds me. Mark gave me the Manga Messiah today. It's the Jap comic version of the story of Jesus. It's really nice! And it's also really nice of Mark to give me something that I like so much. It really touched me when I asked him what was the occasion for giving me the book, and he answered simply: "No occasion. Just knew you like comics." Awwwwww~ Maybe Rebecca made the right choice after all =P

I still remember - about 2 years ago - the time when CK bluffed me about the MMU-ians graduating that year. It made me really sad cuz I'd just gotten used to them. Then after I'd moaned and groaned and sulked, he laughingly said (over MSN) that he'd been joking. He then proceeded to laugh at me and say that Stephen would be so psyched to know about my super big reaction =( After that I told him that I wouldn't be sad anymore when they really left. Well, true enough, I'm not as sad as I was then. Perhaps it's also partly due to the fact that they haven't really been joining us in our activities in their final year. But I'm sure I'll feel really empty and lonely next week haha...

I'll miss...

  • ...Stephen's kata-kata ganda berima --> touching-menouching, syabas-shimabas sampai terbabas, and other such stuff
  • ...CK's crazy stunts and straight-forward comments
  • ...Rebecca's nice and sweet and funny jokes and comments, and...
  • ..Mun Yee's crazy laugh, her helpfulness and her discipline and zeal in seeking God

But it's not like we wouldn't meet again right? How glad it is for every Christian to know that we never really have to say goodbye. There's always that final place where we'll see each other again. I pray that you will all grow strong and stay strong in the Lord. May our God lead you safely to heaven! See you there!

Sin Yee’s Surprise Party

The Adventures of Robin Hood by Roger Lancelyn Green

Robin Hood

I actually posted some very long stuff about this yesterday, but some glitch occurred and now it's gone. Hmmph. Anyway, to do Pei Ling justice, I shall repost this topic (public: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww another long postttttt).

Pei Ling gave me this book as a belated birthday present cuz she knew I was looking for it. The weird thing is she found it in One Utama, the very place I'd combed through to find it. Sabotage! Hmmph.

Anyway, this book really isn't what I expected. Not that it's a bad thing. See, I've been reading The Adventures of Robin Hood by Howard Pyle, and I must say that the two versions are truly different.

Why the many versions, you ask?

I was wondering the same thing. Well, I read the introduction (yes, I read introductions) by Roger, and it seems that Robin Hood's tales actually either consisted of ke le fair or rather supporting roles in other great legends and myths (e.g. Maid Marian, Ivanhoe), or some grave recitation of his death and downfall. Being a re-teller of legends and a great fan of classics, Roger (people usually use his last name but I'm using his first name like he lives next door) pieced together poems, plays and other "fantastic" literature to come up with his own rendition of the legend of Robin Hood.

Howard (there I go again) focuses a lot on Robin himself, a.k.a. Robert Fitzooth, son of the Sherwood Forest Ranger and Caretaker of the King's Deer (forgot his dad's name). Roger, on the other hand, spreads the focus to include a wide range of characters and their backgrounds that were formerly rather neglected (my opinion only, do not kill me, Howard fans) in Howard's version. Also, Roger's version makes Robin and Marian's wedding (which was rudely interrupted by a Sir Guy of Gisborne, who was never even mentioned in Howard's version) its real introduction (the story of his birth all that is like pshaw only la), whereas Howard focuses on Robin's childhood and how his father's death built him into the hooded protector of yeomen.

And in Howard's story, Marian is like this really gentle and puteri lilin-ic girl whose main role is just to stand around and look pretty. In Roger's version, Marian can fight as well as Robin with a quarter staff and shoot as well as his men with a long bow. I know this Marian was portrayed in another show la - Sinbad or something? Always wondered how she got there though. Hmm.

However, I have to agree with one reviewer's view that Roger lacks life in retelling the tale. It really almost seems as if he's writing the words from another script and just recopying it all. At times, the battle scenes are intriguing, but at other times, the narration and dialogue exchanges are rather bland.

Anyway, although I haven't quite made it past half of the book since I only read it in my um special place, I can confidently say that this book will make for quite a good read and I'm glad Pei Ling got it for me.

I'll get you something for your errr... belated birthday gift! Wait for it!

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Ultraman Dance (Reprisal)

CK's so gonna kill me for this ^_^

Friday, 18 May 2007

Light Saber Duel

Star Wars itself may not be that good... but its "supporting merchandise" make for good penggalak jualan. Haha~

Oh ya. Announcement eh. I've just rediscovered my WordPress blog. I'll be posting there more often, I guess. The features are a tad nicer =P