Friday, 30 October 2009

CAMP09: T-Shirt Sizes!

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Models | CelineTan SinYee WeiJin KahWei RodneyTan

Company | © MGCMangkukClub

note: XS is also red. the black is an eye illusion.


Barring any extreme changes, the shirts are selling at… cheap cheap nie la. hee.

T-shirt design?

Wait till next week la. =P

Come for camp! =D

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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

the fallacy.

Situasi #1

o Keluarga Ahmad berharap dia akan menjadi seorang akauntan.

o Cita-cita Ahmad adalah untuk menjadi seorang pelukis.

Situasi #2

o Ahmad akan menjadi seorang akauntan untuk menjaga hati keluarga dan kebahagiaan diri.

o Ahmad akan menjadi seorang pelukis untuk kerjaya masa depan dan kebahagiaan diri.

Penyelesaian Win-win

Sekiranya Ahmad ingin berasa bahagia, dia perlu memenuhi impian keluarganya dengan menjadi seorang akauntan. Ahmad juga boleh berasa bahagia dengan menggunakan masa lapangnya untuk melukis.

crap. ken’s supposed to study this for his civics exam, which, i still think is a hopelessly redundant subject. and he’s also supposed to study the constitutional monarchy, memorize the state government leaders, and successful entrepreneurs.

what’s wrong with you adults??

what part of “having a childhood” do you not get?



on another note.

what does it feel like to not know what to do with your life?

to have a sandwiched maybe, instead of a plain yes or a no?

go the extreme. take it or leave it.

sometimes you've just gotta live with that mentality.

not "apa-apa sajalah dengan mentaliti itu", but "hiduplah dengan mentaliti itu".


judges are paid to be outcasts.


again, i miss.

complete the sentence.

good morning.





you know how sometimes you wish you were there?

yeah, that.

but still. there seldom beats here. home.


Tuesday, 27 October 2009

shaun: “jie, you know paul scholes?”


*expects lengthy exposition on paul’s achievements*


rio-f-275 “he’s known for his lousy tackles.”


Thursday, 22 October 2009

i woke up.

and the first phrase i read was this:

My Lords, in this case the Appellant prays a judicial declaration
that the Respondent is a bastard.

Udny v. Udny (1809) 1 LR 441, at 443.



"swee kit, where're you going after this?"


"owh. who're your housemates ar?"

"my father, my mother, and a rabbit named snowy."

"tse hwei, the day you lose your phone,
you will wither away."

somedays, with the right people
, good times come effortlessly.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

i'm officially missing you.

the other parts of the lyrics are actually quite redundant - don't sue me, thanks - but these are the ones i liked:

every little thing you do
stays on my mind
and i'm officially missing you.

(janice and sonia are so pretttyyy. such a joy to watch. ^_^ their korean songs make me want to learn korean. ahaha.)

and here's a better song with better lyrics (which they composed):

This is the song I bring to you
Nothing made up no fancy tunes
I'm singing whatever's on my heart

I'm sure you have so much to say
If only I gave you a minute a day
I think I would have more songs for you

Sometimes I wonder I question
Was that your voice
or my imagination
I don't know
I don't know

Still you say you love me
Whenever I doubt and walk away
You follow me
you follow me

I'm amazed by you
I'm amazed by you
I'm amazed by you
and how you love me

So many times my faith grows weak
And so many times
you're the last one i seek
I don't know what you see in me

When I complain that I can't hear
Your voice in my heart
you say you're near
You whisper songs into my ears

So here I am singing a song that I wrote
And here I am playing guitar
that I don't know how to play
but that's okay (right?)

Cuz you are the one
who has sung over me
It's more than just
a-ny old epiphany
So won't you captivate our ears

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

"in the beginning was the Word."

when God sends His angels.

"God really cares about you because I still remember
and you should know:
once, i passed you by at my house in Taman Asean
where you were sitting there playing computer
that time you weren't serious with God
you were still fooling around :P
and then suddenly a thought came to me:
'pray for revival for Hwei'
and then i prayed
and then your life started to change
you went serious with God
and pursued Him
and see,
God has a real business for you
so you should have faith
and He is gonna use you mightily
just have faith."

-lin, my dear cousin who left me for the USA uh... =P

i'd forgotten about the life before. before all this.

thanks for the reminder.

now, take me back to where it all started.
the feet of Jesus.

Monday, 19 October 2009

the law of contract.

a contract is an enforceable agreement between two parties.

a party offers, the other accepts, on a valid consideration arising from both parties. simply put, A agrees to offer B a ciku, and B agrees to accept the ciku; the consideration from A being the ciku, the consideration from B being, say, RM0.10. other elements are intention, capacity etc.

an agreement is only enforceable when there is both detriment and benefit for both parties.

with an agreement comes certain rights under the agreement.

when contractual rights are infringed, the contract is either frustrated or nullified or put to an end.

when two people agree to be friends, they agree to go through good and bad together. the good times being the benefit, and the bad times being the detriment each party receives as a result of the agreement to befriend.

in an agreement to befriend, contractual rights include the right to care and the right to respond to care.

the question is, in as much as an agreement to befriend is akin to a legal contract, what happens when the rights under that agreement are withheld from being enforced?

this is the 'it' i wanted to blog about.

and i will persist with the sad face until you tell me.


Sunday, 18 October 2009

a slightly special weekend.

1. Finished the Vox poster in one night and printed it the next day. *triumphant*

2. Didn't get lost to Calvin's place in Bandar Utama. *triumphant*

3. Didn't get lost to SAGC. *triumphant*

4. Attended a birthday party which I thought was a... k, Calvin said shouldn't tell everyone. *zip*

5. Spent a night in Ian and Elaine's house, where I stood stunned for a moment at the sheer beauty of the house. I'm a great fan of strategically-placed decorative objects. It's like a jigsaw puzzle. Not rigid; just meant to be. The place was so clean. So clean. So clean that the fridge was also so clean. Whether you got that or not, put that aside, and remember that the place really was clean.

6. Played the piano in SAGC on Sunday, where, as always, Chee Kean had to pluck a huge chunk off the communion bread for me.

7. Found Gary on the chair next to the one i put my bag on before worship. Awesomeness.

8. I know I miss Malacca when I see a Malaccan car and squeal.

9. Had lunch with Chee Kean, David (Khoo! *faint*), Elena, Eve & her darling (word of the day. long story.), Gary, Kak Su, Kelly, and Wilson.

kak su and the kid that looks like elaine.

10. Found a blog of an old school mate (primary). She wrote:

aku tetap sama
malas nak buat homework
kat sekolah baru nak tiru budak sebelahnya (name dia lim tse hwei)
dia baik
selalu aku sampai je kelas dia da siap letak buku dia atas meja aku bagi tiru
aku tak tahu la niat dia memang ikhlas ataupun dia perli je
tapi aku peduli apa kan
kat kelas duduk 3 orang satu baris
aku tepi
tengah lim tse hwei
tepi lagi satu doreen
tu la budak yang duduk sebaris dengan aku.

I'm... not sure how I should feel about that. Ahaha. It strikes me that she wrote about Doreen as 'Doreen', but called me by my full name. People were watching and wondering from moments when we thought we couldn't remember much of anything? Hm. People remember me. Do I remember them? Sad it is, when we don't remember the impact we make on people. Sadder still when we don't remember who we made an impact on. Fortunately, I so remember her: Syadatul Adawiya. A name too special to forget. Ah. Now I see why she remembers my name. *bangga*


Topic for CYD was How Not To Be A Big Mouth. In our groups, Hui Min asked if we kept journals. I didn't answer, but I guess most people know that I journal. I don't go anywhere without my journal.

Once, I was journaling about unresolved conflicts, observations about people, resentments etc. I randomly remembered a Nancy Drew story I read once, about how they tried to help a girl regain her memory by reading her journal. I remember thinking, "Wah, her diary got no secrets wan ar? Can just let anybody read wan."

That set me thinking. What if I lose my memory? I'd want to be able to discover all - or at least a lot - about myself by reading my journal. But to write everything would be plain ridiculous. I looked at what I'd written and wondered which memories I should retain.

I read about the distrust I had in some people, the disappointments, the anger, the rantings. These things are important, aren't they? I need to know what people are like, so that I won't...

So that I won't...



So that I won't trust them again? So I'd remember they're horrid people?

There were so many other things I hadn't written about, things that had been supressed in my heart. Good things, bad things.

If I wrote all about the bad things, where would I write all the good stuff?

What about how Jie randomly bought me the butterfly that sits on my dashboard?

The measurement of lameness in MGC called Shaun? The little brother I watch the Suite Life of Zack and Cody with? Dad's birthday? Mum's anniversary? How Popo loves ice-cream?

or how much i love cake! how can!
maybe if i lost my memory, i'll start to like veggies.

How Chor Hui Kor Kor couldn't find a better name for his dog than Doggy?

this is the other uncreatively named dog:

when housies and i played cluedo.
oh ya, i'd forget that i won the game also.
*bangga sekejap*

What about the good times I had with the people I resent? There is good in them. Except perhaps the bad side of them makes a greater impression on me than the good. If I spoke ill of them all the time, the memoryless me would never think that way. Memoryless me would never give them a chance.

What about my faith?

What if I don't know if I'm a Christian or a Buddhist, or... something else?

What if I don't know what a church is?

What if I look through my Bible but can't find the book of Luke? Or don't know that it exists?

What if I forget about my relationship with God?

What if I forget the people I care about and why I care so much about them?

and feelings. i never want to forget them.

But even if I don't lose my memory,

Is it so important that I remember the bad things?

What do I want? To love people, or to be careful around them all my life?

So yeah. There was that moment when I suddenly fell silent during CYD. It's because those thoughts were running through my mind.

On another note.

I wish I could forget the mountain of work I have.

Amnesia, I beckon to thee.

Ah, fat hopes.

Saturday, 17 October 2009


emily, shannon, suzanne, george, dawn, jia hua, ruth, swee kit,
edwin, chian ming, jason, mima, ann gie, hannah, hyma, sylvia

your group is the oldest in malaysia. so


many people have run before you.

except yours is a bit strange -
it's a relay race with 12 people running together.

today's handover meeting is significant
because the old is passing the baton to the new.
when you get tired, when you fall,

that people are running with you.
that God is running with you.

sometimes you will wonder why you run,

sometimes you will forget.

whoever called you to this committee,
there must have been something that made you want to accept this.

because it will be what keeps you going.

to keep a willing heart to serve where God calls,
a learning heart to always learn.

never be exclusive as a committee member.

that there were those who knew you
you became a committee member.

it's going to be an exciting race,
and you are all very brave for running it.

-swee kit. can run for prime minister. so inspiring.

Friday, 16 October 2009

regret is a bad feeling.

and that's exactly what i'd say if i listen to that guy.

i had a dream. we were getting ready to moot, buttoned up in suits and all. and i had my slippers on.

me: "um, can i wear slippers?"

guy: "sure, cannot see aso."

so i wore my slippers.

and the guy turned out to be the judge for our mooting session.

still wondering what triggered that dream.


Thursday, 15 October 2009

when stressed, think of home.

Delete delete delete delete delete delete

Please la jie. I really (x100000000000000000000) need a game to play.
I am begging you. I really need to play a game. If you have a heart, you will let
me download the game and play it. Aiyah. Just now I write or type so many
things or words but I tererase it all. well anyway, ill just skip through all those
things la and go to one point lor. Err..... well. Ill tell you this, school is hell and
holiday is heaven. Hell will give me no freedom (except on Saturdays and Sundays) while heaven gives me freedom and a lot of it too. I think that you should know that not everyday is a holiday so please help me make this holiday a memorable one. Pppppppllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssss
I am begging you. Sniff, sniff cry, cry. I will feel very very very very very
veeerrrrrryyyyyyyyy sad if you do not let me play starwars replubic commando on your computer. Please la. Let me download and play the game on your computer. Please take note of my feelings. Please and for the last time I type it, sniff, sniff, please,
I am so sad, so sad, so sad, so sad, so sad, so sad, so sad, so sad, so sad

The end!!! (fooh, I type so much)


*the above is a complete and accurate reproduction of what i name ken's sniff sniff letter which he produced in trespass of my laptop.

i enjoy exercising the intellectual side of me,
delving deep into what i chose to learn,
solving things like everything is an equation,
being in the field.
but when i was created,
i was created for home,
and to be where i belong.
how much longer to home?
and i mean that in so many ways.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

land assignmenting.

people write funny things.


pardon me. this one macam takda legal value.

we had an impromptu speech test in english class yesterday. i happily picked number 14 and ms gill happily said "we'll start with number 14". excuse me. never mind. better first than last. eh? sounds so familiar.

"So the last will be first, and the first will be last."

matthew 20:16

she picked my topic for me, and my eyes (and everyone else's ears) popped when i read it:

12. To what extent has digital democracy or the freedom provided by the Internet led to any improvements in the democratic situation in Malaysia? Give reasons for your opinions.

note that the number up there says '12' and not '14'.


constitutional law was very useful at that point. thankfully, i'd started listening in lectures ever since the family law test. by the way, i felt victorious yesterday, because i spoke up in constitutional law tutorial. consti law tutorial is right before english class, and i always enter english class and drown amreeta in my rantings about what i should've said and how i didn't say any of it. last week, dr johan picked me to answer the first question and i did a lousy job of it. partly because i hadn't prepared the question at all, though i did study somewhat. i wrote in my proforma:

lousy. to do better next week.

i said that back when amreeta and i were in the same tort tutorial, she'd always nudged me when she knew i had something to say but wasn't saying it. and then i'd say it. restroom conversation right before english class:

Ya, come to think about it, you were always so quiet in tort class when you had all your answers written down.

Yalah. You should come and nudge me again la in consti class.

Sure. I'll just come by, knock on the door and say, 'Tse Hwei, just say what you want to say! Thank you, Dr Johan.'

i need reseach skills, an opinionated mind, and the boldness to speak.

I. Will. Be. A. Lawyer. Period.

to do better next week!

it's hard to say i'm sorry.

so i was looking for the version i heard in the mall and on the radio.

i found this by Aquagen:

wow. imagine the guy kneeling on one knee, apologizing profusely:

it's hard to say i'm sorry
uh-huh, uh-huh
it's hard to say i'm sorry
uh-huh, yeah,
i could never let you go,
say it, baby
sorry, i'm so sorry


that beat so does not go with the overall theme of the song.



here's the version i was looking for - Hard to Say I'm Sorry by AZ Yet:

and i always said the ending to the song by Chicago was weird. plain weird. i was right. cuz. it actually goes into another song which the radios don't play. hah! see! i'm not a fussy fault-picker! hah!

Monday, 12 October 2009


jason and kock sin made the papers. (more like malaysiakini)

jason & kock sin.

jason, kock sin, i'm so proud of you both. continue to work hard and make headlines everyday. *cries like a mother sending her son off to his wedding*

a love letter.

i read beethoven's love letters.

i concluded that his sweetheart probably didn't finish reading them.

i won't.


no offence to beethoven and his fans.

messy people are successful people.
see, my messiness is well-justified.

the best part of his letters was:

now that is sweet.

sir arthur conan doyle once wrote that there's a him for everyone. for sherlock, it was montgomery. for believers, it must necessarily be their Lord. for beethoven's sweetheart, it was dear ludwig, a name so familiar that a letter of the alphabet sufficed.

we don't know if beethoven ever sent those letters. if he did, i'd say he had so much free time to recopy them to keep them in his desk. either that or his eternal beloved returned the letters. blazes, woman. how could you? cis.

by the way,

that's the actual third page of his love letter.

k, now i'm absolutely sure she didn't finish reading his letters.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

other than the fact that i …

finally managed to sleep more than eight hours?

1. turns out the voice i've been listening to on the phone has a hot face. yes, he's a hot guy. a seriously hot guy. rebecca says he’s the secret weapon for the recruitment department in his firm. he has awfully green eyes. green so light i almost thought someone coloured them with a green colour pencil, then ran out of colour. wait. or was it blue? aha. maybe he isn’t that hot after all.or i'm just bad with details. (public: and you're a law student.)

2. he’s married. ISH #1. he has three kids. ISH #2. they’re all in malaysia. ISH #3. he’s 30. BAH. i may be a girly girl, but i’m a sane girly girl.

3. oh ya, i met rebeccaaaa! =D if i didn’t meet her, and she didn’t meet me, i think i'd have walked to death, and she'd have sat to death. long story. nice seeing a very very familiar face.

4. Mark, we both agreed that you should come down to malacca. two against one. no contest. ladida.

5. i died on the bed. died in two minutes the first two times, and then in ten minutes for the last two.

CHURCH TODAY 1 (very briefly)

Me: Desmond, did you know? I saw in a video that guys have a Nothing Box.

Desmond: Not really. Sometimes we put the *Potential* (girl) Box in the Nothing Box.

Me: No, nooooo. You can’t decorate the Nothing Box! It must be nothing! Absolutely nothing!

CHURCH TODAY 2 (very briefly)

Desmond: I think I look young.

Ching Sze: *COUGH* *COUGH* *COUGH*

Desmond: Yes, dear. *pats* Are you okay? *pats*

CHURCH TODAY 3 (very briefly)

Desmond>Jennifer: How old do you think she (Ching Sze) is? Ok, to be polite, I give you options – 20-30, 30-40, 40-50.

Jennifer: None of the above.

Desmond: What none of the above? I just gave you 30-40.

Me: Ching Sze no reaction wan.

Ching Sze: When he starts saying things like that, I take out my Nothing Box also.

Desmond: You see. Girls have a bigger Nothing Box.

6. we saw a model-lookalike at Paandi’s. she squeaked.

7. i. miss.

finish the sentence.

i’m going off. ta.

you can let go now, daddy.

jie, i will so make you sing this on your wedding day. lalala.

public: shuen's getting married???

no la. i've this list of wedding songs i'm gonna use to make people cry on her wedding day, see. lalala.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

from sis’ blog.

i expired.

and got the whole day off.

doctor gave me an mc without me asking. must’ve been the pale lips. people are always asking if i’m sick. –_-


windows live writer is extremely fast. that picture came up in three seconds. hmm.

i miss the days when i could fall sick peacefully. how long ago were those days? definitely not in secondary school. secondary school was the burn-out phase of my life. tidur tak aman, sakit pun tak aman. the world was twisted back then.

i vaguely remember waking up to push liverpool away sometime last night: “zhen qi, don’t sleep so close. wait you fall sick also.”

missed three tutorials and two lectures today. but whatever, i needed the sleep. especially since i’ve got to finish my criminal assignment today.

sam: “criminal assignment? it’s so hard it’s criminal?”


no, it’s not hard. but it’s criminal anyway.

mum called and said, “eeeee maybe you have dengue.”

ever since she told me i might have TB two years ago, i have stopped believing my mum’s dire prophecies. –_-

doc: “sakit apa, dik?”

me: “sakit telinga, sakit kepala, sakit tekak, sakit lutut.”

doc: “sakit lutut??? jatuh ke?”

me: “bukan. hujan.”


and then she looked at me like she wanted to ask if i was really 21. lazy to explain the flat foot disease thingy, so i just stared back at her. then she gave me this cream which smells a lot like root beer. i think i can understand why it says in huge print: “sapu luar sahaja”.


wow, k, that one came up in one second.

upon leaving the faculty, a guy came up to me and asked if i’m from malacca. a friendly conversation ensued about malaccan stuff - our number plates both start with MBE, he stays in ayer keroh but will be shifting to telok mas soon etc. his name is anuar, and my name is hwei. i love malaccans. ^_^ and telok mas reminds me of the time ju, chen li, shaun and i got lost while trying to get to mr hoh’s place. ah, good ol’ days.

upon exiting the pj gate, i met a guard with a friendly smile and a cheerful wave.

i wish myself many happy returns of the day. =) (except the sickness)


p/s: housie got called for a charge under AUKU. what the. freedom of speech is a myth in this country.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

blogging from windows live writer.

first thought: “apa ni.”

second thought: “apa ni?”

third thought: “wah apa ni!”

fourth thought: “put picture and see.”


fifth thought: “my free lunch today.”

sixth thought: “hee.”

seventh thought: “k, time to do camp report.”

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

out of conflict of law class.

1. went out of the class in the middle of an important exposition on enforcement of foreign judgments to answer a call. in the lab trying to receive an equally important email. how exactly do you try to receive an email?

2. i tried to lay low for awhile. i succeeded for awhile. awhile meaning the period of my form 6 studies. but here i am again. running around, doing things. making the room merely a place to sleep in at night. absolutely failing at staying idle.

3. i need to touch a piano.

4. i've got assignments. i've got obligations. i've got events coming up. the only thing missing from the shopping cart is adequate sleep.

5. i couldn't write in a straight line yesterday. my lineless journal cries for neat handwriting.

6. wondering why people are still surprised to see me. will i never be a part of it? am i trying to be a part of it? sometimes i wonder if i'm trying to prove something.

7. louis said i'll only get a boyfriend when i'm 30.

8. i fell in love with a voice.

9. i procrastinated. time to do speed-assignmenting.

10. thinking of popo's maggi mee. i think love is an acquired taste.

11. back to being the "wednesday, friday, saturday, sunday Christian". how long has it been? i want to be an everyday Christian.

12. sis is coming up this friday. activities planned: (a) carry office table (b) put office table into innova (c) dinner.

13. they say thirteen is an unlucky number. i say defying superstition is a hobby.

*hunt hunt*

Just take my criminal assignment question in my room la.

Dowan. I want my own wan. Bah.

*hunt hunt*

-5 minutes-

*hunt hunt* I think I'm the kind of person who needs a secretary. *hunt hunt*

-5 seconds-

Eh. I'm the secretary for PKV.

i imagine a bleak future for pkv.

*pkvum = persaudaraan kristian varsiti UM (christian fellowship)

Monday, 5 October 2009

camp 2009.

more details here. (press [End] after reading)

doing admin law tutorial.

"the reason to confer such a power on the executive may be that if the matter is taken to the legislature, it may delay the making of necessary changes in the statute as the legislature is a busy body."

- M.P. Jain, "Chapter V: Subsidiary Legislation", Principles of Administrative Law in Malaysia and Singapore, p.53

if i heard it being read, i'd translate it like so:

"kuasa sebegini diberikan kepada eksekutif mungkin kerana sekiranya perkara ini dibawa kepada legislatur, ia akan melambatkan perubahan-perubahan yang perlu dalam statut tersebut kerana legislatur adalah penyibuk."

yup, bad choice of words. ahahahaha.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

sunday: discovering God's will.


Then today we learned about discovering God's will.
"We often ask for signs that side the decision we want to make. E.g. 'Lord, if this is the girl for me, then I'll see her tonight.' Of course you'll see her! You asked her out to dinner!"


"Lord, I need a girlfriend. Oh, please don't trouble Yourself finding one for me, here's the picture."

no, i wasn't talking to myself. "hwei" is a pen name of someone who likes my name so much *bangga*. lols.


"I read the article, Lois."
"Yeah, so did a lot of people. Tomorrow night, they're giving me the Pulitzer."
"Why did you write it?"
"How could you leave us like that? I moved on. So did the rest of us. That's why I wrote it. The world doesn't need a saviour. And neither do I."


Then he asks her to fly up with him.

Another moment of silence.

She takes off her heels and steps lightly onto his feet. Then they're in the air, above the city lights.

"Listen; what do you hear?"
"I hear everything. You wrote that the world doesn't need a saviour, but every day I hear people crying for one."

i was going to post a picture post. scratch that. pictures post. think lots of pictures.

but then, with my current mood, which i can't describe as precisely as i usually can, i thought that this would do.


that's the word. that's the problem.

i get lost easily. i get hit by flying sports equipment easily. i smile easily.
i'm easily entertained.
easily firm.
easily lazy.

i think it's important, and you don't. that's the other problem.

you think it's enough, but i don't. that's another problem.


i'm also easily touched.

"Thank God you're in one piece!"
"Thanks for entertaining them. Back home in one piece?"

and easily entertained.

"With directions also like that? Now I doubt GPS will work for you either..."

conversation between me and dad:

"I have *triumphantly* arrived."
"-_- Do not taint my victory. Bah."
"Do not exaggerate your defeat."

turns out dad mis-sent the sms "weekly" and i misinterpreted it as a reply to my triumphantness. but if he'd really said "weakly", it would've been this much fun. ^_^

mmu wonderful nobody

it was actually ok. until. 1:16. brr.