Friday, 30 April 2010


oklah. i’ll go improve my english la. (no irony intended by the manglish declaration of improvement of english)

oklah. i’ll watch english shows on tv the entire month of june la.

oklah. i’ll read like mad and widen my narrow vocabulary la.


am now rational enough.

to post something not defamatory or over-sarcastic.
was about to jump into the car in disillusionment and drive home to malacca. then i remembered that…
i still have to wash the bathroom.
and the kids are still waiting for me on sunday.
and i have an administrative law lecture on tuesday.
and if i go home now, why on earth did i pack like a madwoman for camp cam?
haven’t recovered enough to write with proper punctuation though.
today was almost perfect, until i was slapped in the face, then today became not perfect at all. anyway. since i’m really trying to honour donovan’s heartfelt desire that i be less of a trouble magnet now that i’m 22, i shall refrain from getting myself into yet another unnecessary crisis, and not blog about it (explicitly).

NationalLandCode paiseh so small.
-taken from ILBS website-

this was question 4 in our land law exam today:
Assume that you are a legal practitioner specialising in land matters. Kim, a client, came to tell you the following with the intention to obtain legal advice from you.
“This Year of the Tiger is definitely not promising for me.
I missed a step in front of my house and fell heavily breaking two of my front teeth on the first day of Chinese New Year; A lizard fell right onto and scratched my face when i opened the top kitchen cabinet on the second day of Chinese New Year; I accidentally stepped on a toad in my garden on the third day of Chinese New Year… You see almost everyday up to the fifteenth day of the Chinese New Year, something unpleasant happened to me… Now is almost two months past Chinese New Year, just as I thought I was spared the rest of the year, there came a worrying news. The buyer of my land rang me up this morning demanding the return of the sale money, unless I immediately remove something, he said ‘Registrar’s caveat’, from the title. But I have already spent all the money on Chinese New Year. What is a Registrar’s caveat? How does it affect the sale of my land? How can I remove it? Will I succeed? Can I ask the buyer to take steps to remove it instead? Will the buyer succeed?"

As you can see, only the last paragraph is relevant to Land Law. (eh I’m typing with proper capitalization and all d, I’m cured!)
…is so Dr. Yong. Ahaha!

22/04 | Constitutional Law
27/04 | Criminal Law
30/04 | Land Law
06/05 | Administrative Law
25/04 | Sunday School
07-09/05 | PKV's Committee Planning Retreat (CPR)
10-29/05 | Camp Cameron (ya, I know gila panjang)
30/05 | Sunday School (cuddly things!) + HOME! (two good stuff in a day =D)
14-17/06 | Combined Youth Camp with Ampang & Melawati (I'll be a facilitator)
19/06 | MGC Youth’s BBQ Nite (sausagesnuggetssausagesnuggets)
21/06 | Lin's birthday!
10/07 | Copa Iba 201-- Wait. Why is this even here?
17/07 | PKV's study trip *ahem* to MPO

slapped in the face.

they said i made a number of grammar mistakes.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

me: i created a blog called ‘i am not lame’

Untitled picture



I’ll create one called ‘I beg to differ’.

me, the bubble.

22/04 | Constitutional Law
27/04 | Criminal Law
30/04 | Land Law

06/05 | Administrative Law

Lain-lain (and the main reason why I don't take special semesters):

25/04 | Sunday School (Clarence didn’t forget me! Elliot sat on my lap. Hee.)
01/05 | PJGH's Family Day (wonder what a family day's like without my family)
07-09/05 | PKV's Committee Planning Retreat (CPR)

10-29/05 | Camp Cameron (ya, I know gila panjang)
30/05 | Sunday School (cuddly things!) + HOME! (two good stuff in a day =D)
14-17/06 | Combined Youth Camp with Ampang & Melawati (I'll be a facilitator)
19/06 | MGC Youth's BBQ Nite (sausagesnuggetsausagesnuggetsausagesnuggets)
21/06 | Lin's birthday!
10/07 | Copa Iba 201-- Wait. Why is this even here?
17/07 | PKV's study trip *ahem* to MPO

They postponed Family Day to 08/05. Which is right smack in the middle of CPR. So I can’t go. T_T And I probably can’t go for the Family Camp next year too, cuz I’ll be doing my attachment. T_T The year after that I’ll have graduated. T_T
Yeahhh. My Sunday was spent partially sad. But then another part of Sunday was spent happy because I got to be around the cuddly kids again.
It was a very emo Sunday School day.
Image073 copy 
One little girl (for the purpose of this blog I shall name her Anna) started crying when she got picked to recite the memory verse, because she felt she couldn’t do it. I didn’t know what to do.
Should I help June carry her up? Cuz Anna sure wasn’t being very cooperative.
Should I say something? Cuz I sure didn’t know what to say.
Should I go comfort Anna? Cuz I sure wasn’t very good with kids, and I sure was very afraid of rejection.
Should I stand up? Cuz I sure didn’t know what else to do.
Loser-ish much.
June didn’t panic, didn’t yell, didn’t chide. She simply picked the little girl up and held her in her arms, then she said:
“You know what? Anna doesn’t need to cry, because she’s a smart little girl.”
That part of Sunday stayed with me for a long time.
And I told myself:
“You know what? Tse Hwei doesn’t need to be afraid, because she can learn.”
I enjoy being with the kids, but most of all, I enjoy watching June and Mavis and knowing that there is so much I can and will learn.
Image065 copy clarence reminds me of shannon. ahaha.
You know what?
I’m at the time of my life where I can still be better than what I am now, and I shall give myself something to smile at when I graduate in 2012.
A better and improved me. =)
I wonder if Shu Lynn in Malacca’s Children’s Hour feels the same way. =D
P/S: June and Mavis are the teachers for the 5-6 (-year-old) Class. Ching Sze recently became my fellow assistant. ^_^
P/S2: I actually wanted to blog about something else, hence the title that doesn’t quite match the content. Ahaha. Anyway, I miss… again, complete the sentence. ^_^

Friday, 23 April 2010

we officially have four parking units for four cars.

And we decided to put up a schedule to be a little more systematic.



We managed to rent three additional parking units besides our own:

Q61, assigned to Q-12-B and right outside,

Q80, further down,

Q38, further up,

Q142, furthest and awfully near the condo’s exit.


After much brain-storming, we came up with this masterpiece:


i received an email from my little brother today.


Wednesday, 21 April 2010


22/04 | Constitutional Law
27/04 | Criminal Law
30/04 | Land Law 

06/05 | Administrative Law 

Lain-lain (and the main reason why I don't take special semesters):

25/04 | Sunday School (has little Clarence forgotten me?)
01/05 | PJGH's Family Day (wonder what a family day's like without my family)
07-09/05 | PKV's Committee Planning Retreat (CPR)

10-29/05 | Camp Cameron (ya, I know gila panjang)
30/05 | Sunday School (cuddly things!) + HOME! (two good stuff in a day =D)
14-17/06 | Combined Youth Camp with Ampang & Melawati (I'll be a facilitator)
19/06 | MGC Youth's BBQ Nite (sausagesnuggetsausagesnuggetsausagesnuggets)
21/06 | Lin's birthday!
10/07 | Copa Iba 201-- Wait. Why is this even here?
17/07 | PKV's study trip *ahem* to MPO

And then somewhere between Lin's birthday and Copa Iba 201--- yeah I'll be there to show people "Hey look, this is what you shouldn't do at a competitive sports setting" --- is the end of my term break.

By the way, Indian uncle (neighbour) just came over and asked me how to insert his SIM card into his phone (me, yes, me):

*lanyak here and there* It's in. =D (i didn't break the SIM card woohoo)

Indian Uncle
o_O How did you--- I spent one hour trying and--- what's the PIN code?

Heh? 0123?

Indian Uncle
*keys in 0123* Oh no, it's not 0123. 1234?

Probably, probably. Yeah, let's try that.

Indian Uncle
*keys in 1234* Code accepted! =D

And then we celebrated our little victory!

No la, he went back into the house.

Random much?

I like that Indian Uncle. Ahaha.


Monday, 12 April 2010

stuff that make you go hee-hee.

Cheesecake and apple juice in the fridge, 
fishballs in Mum's yummy-smelling soup in the kitchen, 
a piano on my left in the hall, 
a television right in front of me, 
internet connection downstairs, 
a clock on the wall that says it's only 7.03pm, 
Scampy (Scampy is not my dog) barking outside, 
Ms Sharon's lollipop on the table, 
Ken's Batman action-figure staring at me from atop his Bible...

You know, 
Like Terry said the other day, this really is the life to me.
Maybe I really have the gift of voluntary poverty.*
After all, haven't I always said that the Kenari is my dream car?

Ah, these may seem like a fool's joy to the world,
but they are riches to me.

*as discovered one fine CG night.


Yesterday Once More.

The last PKV meeting of the year where we reflect on the past year and celebrate our graduating seniors.

I asked Ann Gie how she felt about graduating, and she said, "Bittersweet."

What's the bitter part? Leaving PKV and PKV-ians right? =D

Ann Gie
Of course la! What else?

I think that made me and PKV feel very important. 
It's bittersweet for us too, Ann Gie. 

Bitter cuz you're leaving us, 
sweet cuz we know that you're going someplace better (mostly better cuz no exams), 
and the God of PKV will go with you and continue to be the God of your life.

You = Amos, Ann Gie, Ben, Chian Ming, Lee Lian, Rachael, Shoba.

(taken from Lee Lian's FB photos)

Yen Yen said she appreciated it when I asked her for permission to use her photos for YOM, and

Ben said it is the people that make the photos, the photographer merely presses that little button, and

I have decided to listen to both. 

So I shall acknowledge photos from now on, 
Not out of fear, but out of respect.
Mostly respect for people I already respect.
Since I find it a bit difficult to respect people I don't really like/know,
I guess I shan't take their photos anymore la.
Saves everyone the trouble, doesn't it? =D

YOM was good for my soul. =)

Friday, 9 April 2010

at this hour.

i shall announce,that i finally finished the slideshow for pkv later.

mr lian said life is a test,
so we should take life seriously.
but we also shouldn't take it too seriously,
because it's just a test.

at this hour,
i shall also spill -

i'm still upset over the recent chaos with the blog.

and it's plain low-blow when my friends are attacked in my place.

at this hour,
i shall plainly say -
get off my friends' case.
they have nothing to do with it.

but it would actually be lovely if they who deal low blows don't read this,
cuz then it would mean we've made some progress.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

i finally finished the book.

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-lost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

-Emma Lazarus, The New Colossus, 
 etched on the Statue of Liberty.

Do They Hear You When You Cry

This is a good book.
For people who think female circumcision is the same thing as male circumcision, please read this book.
For people who think illegal immigrants are evil, please read this book.
For people who have read Princess, please read this book.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

vivaldi - four seasons - winter.

i was very taken by the masks.
it's like a different world in there.
i liked how they took off their masks,
only to reveal another one underneath.

a mask beneath the mask.

you gotta know yourself,
or there'll be no end to this.

that's what i thought watching this video.
thanks for sharing, shan. =)

Monday, 5 April 2010

today's little bundle of joy.

Little Clarence
I want to sit with you today.

I knew then, that there is room in my heart for love.