Wednesday, 30 December 2009

making sexist statements.

the female heart breaks more easily.
girls should guard their hearts.


another one from el.

me: "i only have one sherlock holmes book."

being a big fan of sherlock holmes, the movie would either be really good, or really bad. there's no middle ground.

and my verdict is -

it was really good.

although robert downey jr. changed most of what sherlock's supposed to be, until the end of the movie, where he donned sherlock's customary red robe and bored look.

and i still think anybody who enjoys reading Detective Conan should try reading Sherlock Holmes.

tido, tomorrow classes, HEP, edmund bon, and on with the assignment.


*kurita the lineman's favourite quote on eyeshield 21, another anime i think everybody should watch.

Monday, 28 December 2009

ah, justice.

Aih. Where is justice?

Somewhere. Blind.


back in pj, people.
crazy semester ahead.
full steam then.
full steam ahead!

Friday, 25 December 2009


...the Lord of the ocean,
the Lord of the sky,
He's the Lord of the night breeze,
the Lord of my tea,
He's the Lord of the laughter,
the Lord of the tears,
He's the Lord of the good times,
the Lord of the bad times,
the Lord and
Master of

in response to

But He said to them,
"Who do you say I am?"

Matthew 16:15

so what if i can't rhyme?

Friday, 18 December 2009

back from camp.


  • listened to a little girl say she wanted to pee for, like, 40 minutes on the bus,
  • walked across a bridge in a spaceman suit for dinner,
  • hiked up and down a jungle,
  • fell on my butt twice,
  • slid down a muddy path twice,
  • got bitten by five leeches,
  • flicked more than five leeches around,
  • trudged through a brown stream,
  • got sand in my already-fitting shoes,
  • climbed up a net,
  • crawled under a net while holding somebody’s leg,
  • got dragged up a wall,
  • walked across a log and sang do rei mi,
  • ran across a moving log,
  • was a floating loose rock from The Thing,
  • waged war against the Egyptians,
  • sat on my comrades’ blood,
  • made shiny golden claws from chocolate wrappers, and
  • put on 1 kg.


life is good.


Friday, 11 December 2009

the need for certainty.

"the law is what the most expensive lawyer says it is."

sometimes a tiny part of me wonders what i've gotten myself into.


Thursday, 10 December 2009

the need for change.

"change is the essence of life.
be willing to surrender what you are, for what you could become."

In most churches, passivity is a highly developed art. Tradition is revered. Change and innovation move at a glacial pace. Even the slightest change at church can make people very upset. Every pastor can tell you stories of members who've become hysterical over minor changes to a worship service. You might say that today's church is full of
passivity activists whose greatest energies are devoted to fighting change.

- Murrow, David,
Why Men Hate Going to Church, at p.71

i personally dislike change. if there must be change, i must be the one to bring about such change, not anyone else. and if change must come, it must be like a breath of fresh air, not like the air in a crowded bus. (ugh) reading this book has (so far. i'm a slow reader.) reminded me to question the things i say, and the things i do. am i opposing madness? or am i opposing change?

i will never love change. but the least i can do is to flex a little, and allow it to happen.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

what's with today?

my hands and feet are over-sweating.

on days like today,

  1. i can't play the piano, because too much energy is being channeled into producing sweat.
  2. i can't play the guitar, because my sweat would trickle into that hole thingy.
  3. i can't write, because my sweaty palms would tear paper.
  4. i can't walk, because i'd slip and fall.
  5. i can't eat chocolate, because they'd melt and merge with my sweat.
  6. i can't answer a call on nokia-san, because the battery might go 'pop psst bleh'.
  7. i gotta stay put and stop moving about so i don't have to keep mopping the floor.


at least i can still blog and play restaurant city! =P

anyway. i enjoy reading shaun's kawan's blog. lawak, yet profound in a weird way. try this and this.

Monday, 7 December 2009



i'm hungry.

so this is all i can write:

  • i like dim sum
  • i like chicken rice
  • i like chicken rice balls
  • i like taman asean's ko lo mee
  • i like taman asean's fish-head noodles
  • i like taman asean's bee hoon
  • i like hailam mee
  • i like chicken wings
  • i like spaghetti
  • i like cheesecake
  • i like chocolate cake
  • i like ice-cream cake
  • i like ice-cream
  • i like maggi mee
  • i like julie's biscuits
  • i like ciku
  • i like kuih lapis
  • i like dodol
  • i like kuih kodok
  • i like pisang goreng
  • i like appem
  • i like roti planta
  • i like roti tisu
  • i like roti bakar

i'm only having a hard-boiled egg and koko-krunch with tea for breakfast.

but i love those too. =D

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

amreeta said.

that you should reach that stage of indifference.

that's when you know.

i guess i'm not there yet.

ah well.

(ironically indifferent)



"hey guys, i'm going to jerusalem, and i'll have to suffer first, then be killed... then i'll be raised to life on the third day."

peter: "choy!"

then Jesus called him satan and said he was mindful of the things of men and not the things of God.


"hey guys, someone is going to betray me, and i'll be killed... then i'll be raised to life on the third day."

and the disciples were filled with grief.

why is it that nobody noticed the last part of the sentence?

or maybe it was too hard to believe.

i guess it's easier to believe in what man can do, then in what God can do.

i haven't come to the third one yet. maybe a few days later.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Six days away – the first four.

The good and bad in life leave something in us, but they also take something out of us.

Sometimes God brings people into our lives.


Sometimes He takes them away.


But life goes on.

Who you are in the last chapters of your life is shaped by what happens in the first chapters of your life.


Maybe you feel that God is very silent in your life. Maybe you asked Him for answers and He isn’t answering. Maybe you don’t feel like anything’s happening in your life. Maybe you think life is too… ordinary.


Maybe it’s time to take a second look at that burning bush.


Maybe in the ordinary course of your life, there’s something special God wants you to look at. Not always something for you, but something for blessing others.



And sometimes… there are things that we need to give up.


Sometimes it’s when we’re quiet that we hear our heart.


Sometimes it isn’t easy to capture who you are because you’re too focused on other things.


Sometimes you manage to capture yourself, but… is that really you?


Time is a gift.

Sometimes time flies. Sometimes it stops. When it does, maybe it is a time for our inner being to catch up with our physical being:

Hey. We’re finally… free!”


The Place of Stop.


i named my year, “First Adult Steps”.

in the last chapters of my life, will i be the true measure of the woman i am meant to be?

ah, i do struggle.


but i have help.


and, He did say,


I will be with you”


My rod and My staff will comfort you.”

- Psalm 23:4.





was definitely good.


smiles. =)

Sunday, 22 November 2009

it's not easy... be me.

but i suppose it's easier to be me than you.

poor you, then.

um, sudden randomness which came out of nowhere.
i don't know who i'm talking to aso.

19-21 Nov 09 | PKV Camp preparations

21 Nov 09 | Vox article on Law Career Convention 2009

22 Nov 09
| Church + Colin's Wedding!

23-26 Nov 09 | PKV Camp @ Lutheran Centre, PD

26-28 Nov 09 | PKV Leaders' Training Retreat @ Bukit Tinggi

28 Nov 09 | Meet Dr. Gan for Moots

29 Nov 09 | Church + Balik Mlc + Try to think about Moots, Admin & Consti Assignment =P

7 Dec 09 | Register courses.

14-17 Dec 09 | MGC Camp09 Me vs Myself: Zero to Hero

Er... __ -__ Dec 09 | Er. Hahaha, hahaha, and hahaha again.

21-24 Dec 09 | My first (eh is it the first?) (definitely last) family holiday for 2009.

26 Dec 09 | MGC Christmas Bash! Doing something special again this year. ^_^

28 Dec 09 | Back to UM. =(

Jan 09 (paiseh, forgot the date) | Hand in Consti assignment.

...and beyond that i cannot remember anything d.

i can only remember slightly more than one month's schedule, and that's normal ok. bah.

the law faculty is the only one giving out assignments during sem breaks. cuz of our one-year-long syllabus. bah again.

ceh. i don't care. i said i love the smell of the holidays, and i will behave like i do. so there!

later nie regret. =P

Friday, 20 November 2009

talking to myself, i realized:

it’s about the fun, right?

isn’t that why we’re doing this?

isn’t that why i suggested it?

if i get stressed over it, worry about it, plan every little detail till everyone else gets uneasy,

it’s not fun anymore, is it?

no, i didn’t upset anybody. i didn’t get upset at anybody either.

i just felt the stress creep in a little a moment ago due to the fatigue.

dad once said,

maybe we’ve all heard God speak to us. the reason why we don’t think so, is because He speaks to us in the voice most familiar to us – our own.

it’s for the fun. that’s why it’s called fun nite. ^_^


thank You, Lord, for the little voice.

oh, and i just received more news of work.

ah well, since i’m on a roll, let’s just get it done in one day.

*turns on midnight oil lamp*


swee kit was right. remembering why, helps.

i watched The Secret by Jay Chou.

and then suddenly i could play So Close by Jon Mclaughlin, which I couldn't play before, because of the sharps and flats.

i think my mind has a... uh... mind of its own.

how strange is that?


on another note.

i'm doing the things i love.


or am i loving the things i do?

somedays, i feel like smiling the whole day.

which is easy, because i have bunny teeth.


Wednesday, 18 November 2009




my hokkien isn’t improving.

lim tse hwei. buck up.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009


because it's The Pain again.

but still. i...

never mind. what's the point?

finish the sentence.

i don't want to think about it.


i had a sudden inspiration for valentine's day in mgc.

see if still ada steam by january anot la.

going off before chelsea says it a second time.

say what?

tu, that one.

"yer. computer addiction disorder."

again and again and again and again.

Monday, 16 November 2009

finished Conflict of Laws paper.

"Talk to me, please."

"I am talking to you. I’ve been talking to you. Haven't you heard a word?"

"Sigh. I didn't understand."


"Can I do things my own way?"

"Do you know how to do things your own way?"

"...K. Maybe not."

"Then go back to listening."


aside from that,
i have finished my final paper. hee. the first question went like this:


Johan's Johns (JJ) is a Malaysian company selling toilet bowls.
They are a very successful company and they export 80% of their
unique rainbow coloured toilet bowls. Last year JJ entered a contract
with Louis' Loos (LL)...



trust azmi to come up with something like that. it was a happy paper. ^_^



guess what?

yup, that was the piece of paper that used to hold this:




oh, but some people are still studying for a certain environmental law paper.



ya, ya, must protect the environment. ^_^

Sunday, 15 November 2009

must i choose?

i think there may have been three options all along.

two was hard enough.

with three, i may just wish the world ends after i decide.

i know God gave me a brain and a heart for good reasons.

but i wish He'd left instructions on what to do when they don't agree.

how come nobody else needs to choose? =(

Friday, 13 November 2009

a few things.

#1 mgc youth are going to the planetarium at mitc this Sat. =( takperlah. when love someone, must let them go. (literally =P) uh…

#2 mgc youth are going to have pizza for lunch with FUHREEEEE pizza vouchers from Uncle Rod. =( k, getting harder and harder to love and let go etc.

#3 camp t-shirts are out! woohoo!!!!

me likey. hee. (what size is that btw? looks small. *shakes flabs*)

all this from the blog.


Tuesday, 10 November 2009

i came across a piece of paper from english class**.



This is a boring class. =(



Ya, your paper’s empty.


ms gill 2

Ms Gill

How often do you use the dictionary?

moo (2)

Chelsea (paiseh, no other appropriate picture)

Once in a blue moon.

ms gill

Ms Gill (*heart attack incoming*)

And how often does the blue moon come out?


Me & Amreeta

Never. =P


*talking about how some people are so poor and still have to maintain their many children*



If they can’t sara their anak, they shouldn’t be so horny right.


*explaining what ‘economical’ means*

ms gill 2

Ms Gill

What’s the cheapest way to get to Penang?

moo (2)



ms gill

*heart attack*


ms gill 2

Ms Gill

…And so these people become a stigma in society. Do you know what a ‘stigma’ is?

moo (2)


Tuuuu, that one. The flower wan.

ms gill

*heart attack*


*article: “child labour is omnipresent.”*

moo (2)


Miss, Miss, what is ‘omnipresent’?

ms gill 2

Ms Gill

Well, it’s usually something to do with God--



So… child labour is godly.

ms gill

*heart attack*




*looks at my paper* It’s filling up.



Yup. =)

**My first English class for Year 2. ^_^