Sunday, 15 June 2014

siao control.

when you're downstairs trying to finish drafting a difficult piece of submissions to be filed tomorrow and your grandmother is banging on the door and screaming like someone just abused her.

like uncle stefan said, this is not about self-control, this is about siao-control.

seriously, people. 

play more sudoku and word search now. it might save quite a number of people from going crazy (including yourself) when you're older.

in my room right now which looks completely yellow (i hate yellow) because it faces the afternoon and evening sun and has yellow curtains. 

siao control.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

facilitate justice, not impede it.

"The Rules of the Supreme Court are intended to facilitate, not impede, the administration of civil justice. In the bad old days in England from where we took our Rules, if you put a comma wrong you were thrown out of court, so strict were they about technicalities. But over the years this strictness gave way to common sense, and every time the Rules were amended it was with the object of removing fussy technicalities, and making it easier for parties to get justice."

-- Federal Court, Tan Chwee Geok & Anor v Khaw Yen-Yen & Anor [1975] 2 MLJ 188

I like this part of the judgment. Sounds like the judge is talking to its reader. Hehe.