Tuesday, 28 February 2012

two stubborn old people.

Reading this old post and looking at the photos of children looking remarkably like their parents, I just can't help but feel amazed. 

(Dad & Shaun, Mum & me)

Amazed and fully aware that the blood of our parents indeed runs through our veins.

If we inherit our parents' looks, do we also inherit their traits?

We were told a story. A true story of an elderly couple fighting over a house and an old car.

They weren't divorced; they'd been separated for years. 

The wife had been living in the house, which was registered in her name. 

The husband had rented a room somewhere for years.

The husband wanted the house back, the wife refused to give in.

At first glance, it seemed like a typical case of money-faced people. Or maybe old people with nothing better to quarrel about.

The wife eventually said that she wouldn't give him the house because he'd been unfair to her, and she didn't trust him. 

"What do you mean 'unfair'?", someone asked.

"I think he has another woman."

The husband, possibly out of his mind, confessed. 

He had another woman. 

Or more accurately, he had had another woman. For years, maybe. Since they separated. Since before they separated.

She went hysterical.

He refused to apologize. 

They couldn't settle that day. 

All this in response to a very simple question I'd asked. 

But this story gave me even more questions. Questions I didn't think I'd like to ask my story-teller.

One of the questions we're trained to ask as mediators is, "If an apology would help settle the matter with her, would you like to try apologizing?"

Would it have settled the matter? 

What had been a simple matter of a house and a car had now become a complex matter of betrayal and trust. 

"I'm sorry" might not have settled the matter, but I'm sure it would've helped. At least a little.

But I suspect he won't say he was sorry because he wasn't. 

He just wasn't sorry.

It's funny how we say we're sorry for little things - like stepping on somebody's toe, or accidentally elbowing someone, or taking someone's pencil by mistake - but won't say we're sorry for the things that really matter, the things that could change our lives. 

Back to parents and children -  

Does a child inherit his father's unfaithfulness?

Someone asked another question after the story - "Did they reconcile?"


"It's sad."

A shrug. 

"That's life."

Another question - 

Is it?

Should we resign ourselves to "life", or should we hope?

And this is why I shall not be a Family Law lawyer. 
Because I can't be impartial and watch a family collapse.
I just can't.

Thursday, 16 February 2012


and then i remember that i chilled a cup of milo in the fridge.


in my Negaraku cup (see the spoon standing upright, so cool)

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

mangkukking / mangkuk king / bowling

Hooi Ping
I managed to do that very good thing - that one - all the things fall wan.

Oh ya, what's that called ah?

Hooi Ping
Dunno. Strike?

Oh, that's not baseball ah?


We are obviously bowling kataks.

(for the record, i've only bowled once in my life)
(and that was a plastic bowling ball and plastic pins)

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

when you were supposed to be free.

but are instead busy,

trying to solve a problem that shouldn't be there,

but is there,

because some people chose the easy way out.

frutti-tutti branch.

i want.



on another note,

Google has this on its search page:

if you click it, a short clip will play.

not bad la, quite cute.

Monday, 13 February 2012


if i could just throw a shoe at someone and accomplish something by it, i would.

but i know i'll accomplish nothing, so i wouldn't. 

this game?

this is old stuff.

one day someone will come up with a game that allows you to select the person you want to throw a shoe at by uploading his/her picture or something.

that will be the day. 

that will be the day we have less murders.

i tell you the truth.


hwei, remember what you wrote.
the world isn't perfect, 
and we mustn't expect it to be.
in a perfect world...
there would be no trials la.
it's a pun. 

i have a job!

I'm happy, not so much because I have a job, but because of how it came about.

And because it was a result of this:

This will all be a reminder to me that I'm a Christian first, then a lawyer.

I'm coming home.