Wednesday, 27 January 2016


A very wise man once told me:

"We work our best people to the point of inefficiency. That's human nature."

I will say "NO" this year. 

Not to my Master, but to people. 

Yes, I believe that we do all things as unto our Lord. 

But I also believe that not everything is for the kingdom. 

Joining every single committee in and outside church isn't necessarily for the kingdom. 

Saying yes to every single task given to me in and outside church isn't necessarily for the kingdom. 

Doing every single thing just because I think nobody else will isn't necessarily for the kingdom.

The kingdom's work is what I have been called to do. 

And I will say "NO" this year so that I can find my focus and rediscover my calling. 

I will say "NO" this year so that I can truly say "YES" to my Master.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

in a perfect world.

In a perfect world, Lily can sit in a quiet room and peacefully put together a draft index of a bundle of documents to be sent to Lily's opponent. Logically, this can be done within an hour at most.

In reality however, 

- Lily finds out that she has to first draft an application supported by an affidavit by her client to compel certain third parties to produce a document in court before the said draft index can be finalized;

- Lily then finds out that she has to first call the third party to find out whether the file is still in Melaka; 

- Lily is then told that the file is thankfully still in Melaka, but the officer in charge of the file is out of town until next week;

- Lily then begins drafting the affidavit and hopes that the client who has to sign the affidavit will be in Melaka and not Johor when it is done, because Lily will then have to waste time sending documents by courier;

- Lily is then interrupted by a clerk who wants to look for a file that was closed 2 years ago; 

- Lily goes into a separate room where there are 3 high stacks of files while the clerk goes into a smaller room with a smaller stack of files to look for the said file; 

- Lily is then almost drowned by one of the stacks of files that comes crashing down when she tries to pull a file out of it; 

- Lily is not surprised to find that the file isn't there;

- Lily then has to create a separate stack of files for the files that have come crashing down; 

- Lily then goes back to the smaller room and finds the file right there in the room and gives it to the clerk who had allegedly searched the room prior to Lily finding it;

- Lily then goes back to work, with a gazillion other things at the back of her mind because she's involved with so many other things not related to work, all of which are due this week as well; and

- Lily is then interrupted by a phone call.

At the moment, Lily thinks that she will react with utmost disdain to anyone who says that lawyers charge too much for their "simple" work and that a law degree is a "lightweight" degree. 

I feel better somehow, 
Talking about myself like these things are happening to someone else and not me.
Wonder if that's why we can read and pray about persecution 
but still live like there isn't any.

Wonder if we can draw that sort of parallel.

I am so sick and tired of interruptions. 
I need that tin can Doraemon gave Nobita to work in when he wanted to be a comic artist!