Tuesday, 23 February 2010


it would be nice if it were really as simple as it sounds.

it's like how some people live like they don't need food,
when they know they can't possibly live without food.

it's like how industrialized nations live like they don't need air,
when they know they can't possibly live without air.

it's like how the broken-hearted live like they don't need love,
when they know they can't possibly live without love.

just because we act like we don't need something,
doesn't mean we don't.

it takes some waking up,
a kick in the butt,
a slap in the face,
a pinch in the arm,
a step on the foot.

but just because we live like we don't need God,
doesn't mean we don't.

simple things are harder to grasp.

it's like how i can do algebra,
but can't add and subtract very well.

simple things,
simple things.

Monday, 22 February 2010

yen said she crapped:

if there is a second,
i would love the world to know,
to know that im proud what i have.

if there is a second,
it would not be about the changes,
but it would be about acceptance.

if there is a second,
it would not be about what is done,
but about what we'll do.

if there is a second,
it would not be findings of faults,
but embracing the moments of awesomeness.

if there is a second,
i would show that i've grown,
i would prove that i love.

if there is a second,
if there is a chance for second,
i will hang on to it like it will be the last.

liddat i also want to crap.



Thursday, 18 February 2010

a parallel universe.

In Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, someone said that Earth 2 (the parallel Earth) and our Earth are only two of many other Earths in a single timeline. All of these are variations of one single Prime Earth - the original Earth. Each of the parallel Earths became what they were because of one single different decision, which led to a host of other differences.

Earth 3, uninhabited by humans, came to be because a fish was afraid to come up of the ground to partake in the process of evolution that would lead to the end formation of humans. (k, this is scientifically inaccurate, but i quote.)

In Earth 4, his parents never met, so he was never born.

And so on.

Finding every decision he made on Earth 2 meaningless because of the unreality of it all, he decided to find Prime Earth and destroy it, and with it, all reality.

The same day I watched this episode, I discovered that a decision I'd made a day before had caused my aunt to wander outside a shopping mall for two hours, the second hour ending at 1am.

Decisions do matter. Even little ones, like deciding not to call your aunt to ask why she hadn't yet come to the cineplex.

Deciding to wear white shorts on a certain day of a certain time of the month can be tragic.

Deciding to admit you were wrong to a certain friend on a certain day at a certain time can make a stronger friend.

Deciding to read a certain chapter of Matthew of the Bible on a certain day at a certain time can be life-changing.

Deciding to bold up and talk to certain someone on a certain day at a certain time about a certain something can change another's life.

Sometimes we're so caught up with making the big decisions that we don't see how the little decisions are affecting and changing our lives.

That day, I decided that Tellahasee from Zombieland was right - You gotta enjoy the little things. And to enjoy the little things, you gotta pay attention to the little things.

It's really too bad that the character who provoked me to thought was a guy called Owlman who was badly in need of some fashion advice. And it's really really too bad that he was supposed to be the parallel character of BATMAN. Can you believe it? MY Batman!


p/s: at least better than superman's parallel character la - ULTRAMAN. ROFL.
p/s2: those superheroes have weird insignias on their chests cuz the artists want us to know who they are right? i mean, they won't actually wear those costumes in real life right? right?

Friday, 12 February 2010

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Sunday, 7 February 2010

there is.

still sadness in my heart.
but he is asking why again.
so we shall smile.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


raymond when he went for prayer meet.

Image228 copy


raymond when he showed cassandra to the world.



raymond when he quietly watched. Yen Mei Saves Herself  


raymond when he quietly listened.

Picturing 1



my last photo of raymond.


raymond, the first time he noticed my phone.




you know,

not enough photos were taken,

because we spent so little time together.

but now i appreciate the candid shots i took of people,

and i’m glad i didn’t respect their privacy very much.

“raymond just passed away”

four words hard enough to stun.

in times like this, why, Lord,

comes easier than yes, Lord.

raymond see.

i didn’t get to eat the asam pedas for you.

but you know that i’ll clear my debt someday.

our big party in heaven will come.

then i will eat asam pedas for you.


we don’t say goodbye.


you know what.

in a moment of sadness in the evening,

i had this sudden thought:

we’re all crying here on earth,

and he’s probably looking down from his mansion,

and asking why.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Update: Raymond.

Update from Daniel See (1 February 2010):

Raymond’s mouth come out a lot of saliva so nurse have to use a machine to suck it out from his mouth. If nurse is busy, we have to use tissue to wipe his saliva. Doctor said his brain is 60% dead, 40% still can use.

*He has now been moved to Bilik Rawatan Rapi, Aras 2, Wad 4, Katil 3, GH Melaka.



Bla bla bla Easter bla bla bla some points for review bla bla bla



Bla bla bla Easter bla bla bla answered queries bla bla bla included George’s Gmail. George actually has a Yahoo! account?



Bla bla bla Easter bla bla bla replied somemore bla bla bla George actually has a Gmail account?



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