Tuesday, 29 April 2008

I Have Moved On


I have moved on.

To MGC-ians... if I am still who I am today by Wednesday night's prayer meet...

Get me to sing Alicia Keys' "No One"!

I tried in the bathroom. I sound just like her.

I don't sound like Mariah Carey anymore.

(Public: Wu liao...)


yes, i have feelings for this instant ice milo.

What's This?

*muntah darah*

*teckwei kena stabbed sharply by hwei's words*

hwei will face little gangsters next week!:
yer ownself wipe clean

*dying, no strength to wipe,and now muntah more*

hwei will face little gangsters next week!:
*calls undertaker to prepare coffin for one*

*thanks for the coffin, im not paying any*

hwei will face little gangsters next week!:
*i'll change your wasiat and allocate some for the coffin for myself*

sien, i need asah my tongue liao

if not, die man

hwei will face little gangsters next week!:
neh i'll go easy on you

today u've already made me muntah darah...said go easy summore


hwei will face little gangsters next week!:
eh i adi bought coffin for you leh

hwei will face little gangsters next week!:
what you want somemore

hwei will face little gangsters next week!:
tsk tsk


....it's like i've accidentally amputated ur leg, and now im buying a wooden tongkat for u

"sry ah, i've killed u, now treat u free coffin la"

hwei will face little gangsters next week!:
build a better defense system la next time *pats teckwei on the err coffin*

*muntah darah so much until no darah, then muntah mutton yesterday eaten*

To teckwei: the darah and mutton you sendiri muntah wan. nothing to do with me. =P

Monday, 28 April 2008


This is the same (and original) group that did the one KL attempted at Pavilion.

Frozen Grand Central

Mission : Freeze at the same time for 5 minutes.

Food Court Musical

Mission :
Create a spontaneous musical out of nowhere in the food court.

Wisdom. And Knowledge. Youth's Current Headache.

Oh. Ya. I read Psalm 119:97-104 a few days ago. And my eyes happened to fall upon the notes:

Intelligent or experienced people are not necessarily wise.
Wisdom comes from allowing what God teaches to guide us.

I always thought that people became wise through experience. I mean, they really do. But as the notes say, true wisdom goes beyond amassing knowledge; it is applying knowledge in a life-changing way. Come to think of it, experience is the amassing of knowledge.

That day's Quiet Time was really an encouragement to me. As I always say, I'm almost completely lacking in common sense. I don't make snap decisions, unless I really couldn't care less about that thing I'm making a decision about. Things that people can just do using their experience and common sense, I have to go about asking for tunjuk ajar from other people first.

I always think: I'll never be as good as those other people with real common sense and rationale, because I'll always be a step behind.

Psalm 119:97-104 said otherwise. It said that I can become wise if I observe His commandments, and if I sincerely look to His Word as a guide for everything that I do and say. From that day on (which was not so long ago), it's become easier to pen down my spiritual condition and changes I should make to my spiritual life.

I may still be lacking, technical items-wise (i.e. what-to-do's of organizing). But that doesn't make me any less a leader or a guide to those around me. Because life is not so much about technicalities as it is about being a living example.

And ya, about the knowledge you guys were so worried about? I read this too:

Teach me good judgment and knowledge,
For I believe Your commandments.

Psalm 119:66 (NKJV)

Train me in good common sense;
I'm thoroughly committed to living your way.

Psalm 119:66 (The Message)

If you remember, I posted this on April 13. Can't tell you why, but I can tell you that after praying about it, God did provide the good judgment.

As for the knowledge, if you can be committed to note every sharing on Saturday, every sharing and sermon on Sunday, every Quiet Time, every Bible reading, and to start taking up sharing sessions for youth (now Daniel's read thru Matthew 20:1-16 a lot of times, correct?) , it'll come in no time.

Did you really think people who know the Bible got to know it by being born with the knowledge?

Nobody's born a machine.

Ask, and it will be given to you;
Seek, and you will find;
Knock, and it will be opened to you.

Matthew 7:7 (NKJV)

Claim the promise. It will be done, just as He said.

In the midst of croaks and sniffs

I have Mariah's sexy voice. *bangga*

(ter-swallow a giant ball of phlegm instead of spitting it out! cis!)

Anyway, I was encouraged by Yen's frequent posts about the sharing and sermons she hears in church. (so now i tiru also =P)

Daniel shared in youth on Saturday. After singspiration, I asked him what he was sharing on, and he said: The Parable of the Vineyard. Though I didn't say so at the time, I was particularly interested in this parable. One, because I've only heard Dad speak on it once (and no one else really has. in mgc, at least.). Two, because it's a parable in Matthew, and I personally think Matthew notes a lot of interesting parables (a lot about the End Times *hints to the youth*). So I was eagerly waiting for what he had to say.

Wah, this is starting to sound like the kind of thing where the author menghebat-hebatkan the upcoming topic and then suddenly turns around and gives it a thumbs-down.

Neh, not in this case.

To those who don't know, the parable of the vineyard is about two group of workers and one landowner. The first group strikes an agreement with the landowner to work for him for 1 denarius. The landowner then stumbles upon the 2nd group later in the day wandering about without a job, and then hires them with the promise of paying them what they deserve. At the end of the day, both are paid 1 denarius, regardless of how long they'd worked that day. The 1st workers naturally complain la. And then... sendiri baca. =P (Matthew 20:1-16)

I'll not post the outline of what he said, cuz there are still some issues I'm frowning at. Nothing to do with what you shared (yes, I know you're reading), but more of my own pat kua-ness that's itching to know more.

Oh ya. I was GAH when Daniel said at one point: "I got this from Tse Hwei's blog."


(i wrote so many things! which one! hope it's something good!)

He quoted the one about the OA. Phew.

That reminds me. I've been wondering: Did something happen while we were away at OA? Cuz the youth seem different suddenly. They're more willing, open and enthusiastic!

So funny la. I was sitting next to Jess. She suddenly asked, "Eh, who's sharing next week?" Typically, I answered, "You lor." Wah, her next answer not typical at all. "I knew it!"

o_O You did?

"After my brother sure me wan la! You plan to put me adi right?"

Being the honest person I am: "Er, no, not really. Wah, you so semangat ar? You speak la!"

Next answer was pretty typical of the mangkuk: "So hard laaa. The parables all so hard! How to speak?"

"I have the outlines for parables book. I can lend you la."

This next answer...I don't know whether to say it was typical of her or not: "Aiyah. No need la. I do myself."


On one hand, Jess has always been the "No, cannot!" --> "Of course I can." in 3 seconds person (talk about self-motivation!). On the other hand... I don't know~ It was like she was volunteering. =D

It was also very encouraging to hear the youth say that they're also very worried about the current state of the youth. As Daniel very nicely put it:

  • Do so many events, the youth also still not growing. Not only not growing, maybe even growing smaller.
This is a good change! I'm happy about it! Er not the part about the youth growing smaller. The other change.

Although concern and worry by themselves don't change much, it's a start. Sooner or later, they'll start to change that concern and worry into work. And that's good. I'm glad we now have a little something more in common.

Life in MGC has changed much since last Christmas, when we had that pep talk. Ahem. I sincerely believe the youth has grown closer and fonder of each other. Now that we're on good terms with each other, I'm hoping to move on to the next step. Which is to start dealing with their feelings of inadequacy as spiritual leaders. (especially kamu - Yen, Adrian, Jess, and Sharma)

On another note, something Uncle Rodney said on Sunday blurred my mind and made me frown:

Sacrifice is always when you don't feel like it.

and then

Jonah's thanksgiving was a sacrifice to God.

Meaning he didn't feel like being thankful?

Big ::CHECK:: symbol in my notebook.

Friday, 25 April 2008

Yen's Tag (it's the only kind of post an ill person can post. besides 2 lines kind of post.)

Instructions: Remove ONE question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list. Notify them in their chatbox that he/she has been tagged. (instructions intelligently modified by the current author =P)

1. Are you creative?
No. Cuz I can’t come up with a good personal tag question -_-“

2. Do you like Yen Mei?
Er. Ya. (do I have a choice? Jk jk. =P)

3. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
Right now? Toilet! (not that I need to do anything. I just love the toilet.)

4. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
To be a lawyer!

5. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
It’s not about whether I believe or not… it really happens wan la. Duh.

6. What are you afraid of losing the most now?
Electricity supply and wireless connection. Cuz I haven’t saved this piece of work. But since the question implies only one answer, I shall say electricity supply. Cuz if wireless takde still can leave the com on till wireless comes back on.

7. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
Er not tell anyone. Shh… =P
*serious* Put some in the bank as savings and allocate some to the Bukit Baru Old Folks Home, OA, MMS, and Barnabas Fund. Then buy a new handphone cover (yes, I haven't bought it since this post). Then belanja some ppl who would be pestering me to belanja. ^_^” (to someone : neh I’m not gonna spend it on you first) *hint* tolonglah. after tax and all, the $1 million would be like 10 cents d la. *end of hint*

8. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
I do not believe I am capable of loving in that way yet so as of now I shall not answer this question. Ask me about er 5 years later. Then the answer would be more accurate, since the confessing might already have been done. =P

9. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
Proactive. Capable. Infectiously cheerful.

10. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
Don’t feel like answering. But mostly loves God in a way that’s so natural and real that it doesn’t sound fake / cliché when he says it. I don’t feel like I have the right to expect so much from the other half cuz it’s not like I’m so perfect also, but please don’t be a piece of stone, and tolong make good decisions and have good Bible knowledge. Really would not like the kids to come running to me saying, “Papa asked us to ask you.” (Public: what happened to not expecting so much?!)

11. What annoys you the most?
Imperfection. (but I'm imperfect... does that mean I annoy myself? Hmm.) I try not to impose my standards on other ppl though (but will if it's much needed), cuz you can't possibly be me (cuz you're not), so no need to worry. Too much.

12. Which do you prefer from your other half? hug? or kiss?
Ew. Both sound so geli. (Public: You didn’t answer the question! Hwei: lalala~)

13. If you have faults, would you rather the people around you point out to you or would you rather they keep quiet?
I take this as not literally ppl around me in a current situation -> Point out to me. I’ll so kill them for allowing me to continue sliding down the mountain. I might not accept it so well at the time though. Thank you so much to those who have pointed out my faults. May not look it, but I appreciated every single rebuke. Please tahan when I don't accept it so well (as in marah or bo song or extremely sedih). I will say sorry afterwards.

14. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
That God doesn’t stop speaking. Cuz then it gets really quiet and lonesome.

15. Are you a shopaholic or not?
I yawn more than I shop.

16. What kind of electronic device/gadget you own that you like most?
Gate remote. So convenient.

17. If you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to change?
Lack of wisdom and discernment.

18. What makes you feel disappointed?
When I lack wisdom and discernment. Cuz it feels like God is trying to teach me wisdom and discernment but it’s not going so well. (to those who are frowning now: Neh nothing big happened in my life lately. It’s just an observation.)

19. If given a chance, do you want to see your future?
If it’s like in those shows where you see your future and then everything you do tergendala cuz you have that future in mind, and that future really (and only) happens cuz you tergendala, then it’s kinda meaningless (always thought those shows were cacat). Woe to you fortune-tellers!

20. What do your friends label you as?
Cheeky, pat kua, clever, caring.
Contrasting labels: Serious, indifferent, blur, insensitive.
Ooo. Now which am I? *evil laugh* (and no, no one has called me evil yet)
i have been ill. (sounds more serious than it is)

and i still am, so no updates on the court case.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Mission Trip to the OA in Pahang

Note: Most of the photos of the Sunday Schools are with Uncle Charles, Uncle Rodney, and Shu Lynn. Most of what happened is put up in the MGC blog, so I won't go through them again.

Practice on Friday was cancelled because sis wasn't back from Batu Pahat and Sharma was still at work in Alor Gajah. Sis had to work till 1am, and then wake up at 3am to finish her work so she could send it to her senior via email. She only finished about 3 hours later. *terharu* I'm sure Sharma was tired also, but he still went for the OA.
Resolution: As long as my hands can work and my feet can walk, I will continue to serve no matter how busy I am when I go to uni and when I work!

We went to 2 Orang Asli villages (I promise I'll get the names!) in Pahang last Saturday & Sunday (19 & 20 April), with Uncle Charles as our guide. Participants:

Saturday, 19/04

There were lots of things to bring cuz MGC-ians donated a lot of old clothes and toys, so all of us had to carry our own bags (one only for each) and the guys in front had to carry the guitar on their laps. Our butts were seriously crying out for space.

some of us were even suicidal

Somewhere in Negeri Sembilan... we realized we'd left the all-important props behind in Uncle Rod's house. =.=" So we went to Econsave to buy new improvised props and packet drinks & food for the Orang Asli.

Hammer = Goliat's sword, Green&Purple balloons = his muscles, pingpong balls = Daud's pebbles, Basketball = the pebble Daud used to kill Goliat.

balloon is Goliat's head after being chopped off
- Unc Rod's idea

Had lunch somewhere (looked for a makan place with a lot of people wan) and Sharma finished the leftovers of the 6 plates of wa tan ho, mee, and bee hoon.

"you know the bottomless pit the guy in 300 fell into?"
"that was my stomach."

Met up with Uncle Charles and sat through a bumpy ride (Uncle Charles: "macam naik kuda") in his church's van. Was fun, though. There was once we went up a really steep slope and then zoomed down like we were on a roller coaster ride. And we decided Unc Charles can really drive like Kimi Raikkonen. He drove at 80km/h along the hilly road. Fuh.

Shu Lynn was trying to think of ways to introduce us to the kids that would make our names easier to pronounce.

Try #1: Shu Lynn = Shulini, Shaun = Shawni, Shuen = Shueni, Aaron = Aaroni, Sharma = Sharmini, Mau = Mawi.

Er. Not so good.

Try #2: Shu Lynn = Kak Lynn, Shaun = Abang Saun (the kids really auto called him Saun tho he intro-ed himself as Shaun), Shuen = Kak Susu (dunno why), Aaron = Abang Aaron, Sharma = Kak Sharmini (the name stuck), Mau = Abang Mawi (just too good to let go), Tse Hwei = Kak Malang. Cuz if you pronounce my name fast enough, it ends up as "suey" -_-;

The 1st village wasn't as bad as the one we went to the first time *brr* Got proper church building with a cement floor. Shu Lynn (led the singing) paused for quite some time before introducing me, as if deciding if she should really call me Kak Malang ^_^" Then we handed watches and dolls to the children. They were all so huggable! *hugs mentally* (the kids, not the watches and dolls)

Shaun elaborated on it here.

Uncle Charles brought us to Tasik Bera, where we had a boat ride. There were 9 of us, so I went into Boat #1 with 4 of the youth.

maybe one of the reasons i love swimming is cuz
it doesn't matter what my hair looks like anymore when it's wet.

The motorboater kept telling us: "mereka ada 4 orang takper. kita de 5 orang. bahaya." and "hah jangan bergerak-gerak. sini tak cetek. tengok tu. dalam. takde yang cetek." Ish.

so this is what we did on the boat: sit. still. real still.

how come they get to do that?!

atmosphere was silent and grim.
felt like soldiers on a mission all the way.

I didn't dare move even when I saw Sharma elak a branch. And so I got smacked in the face by a branch.

and there were many branches to elak. good thing i'm short.

Never mind. Better then looking up from the brown water (and spurting the brown water) and having the 24-year-old motorboater smile down at me and say: "tengok. kan dah cakap jangan gerak-gerak?"

k la. once in awhile looked at the sky.

sometimes the water aso got other colours la.

and some other stuff in it. like... reflections.

At one point, we got to literally jump into the lake with our life-jackets and swim around =D

...and so we loosened up a bit after that (mana adrian?)

ah~ there he is.

After splashing about forming human chains and having swimming competitions, we bersusah-payah (that's when I got my scratches and bruises) climbed back up onto the boats and headed to the motorboat chalet to bathe. The motorboater just looked at me while I susah-payah-ed up the boat and said: "Boleh tak? Boleh tak?" I was like, "Wow, dude. Thanks for the concern. Would you like to help?" Didn't say that. Cis. To give him credit, he did help Sharma, Adrian and Aaron up the boat la (biased!)

National Swimming Team

Uncle Charles

I enjoyed the swimming a lot. Probably because it's the only sport I can do. I'm like... useless on land. Cis.

The 2nd village had a big church complete with a proper gate, toilet, TV (what kinda OA village izzat!), and mattresses! We did some improving on the props (the previous village's kids said Daud killed Goliat with a tukul & bom) before dinner. Sharma made a new sword out of newspaper - I thought that was really creative *syabas* We had 2 chickens (I think) and 2 veggies for dinner. After that, we started the Saturday Sunday School. This time we had a game, led by Sharma (the previous village's church was much smaller, so takut the windows go ping pong piang) in place of the handicraft. Then we handed out the toys and clothes that some MGC-ians had donated. Toys were cool.

check this out. almost couldn't bear to part with it.

After that we hung around with the kids and did some silly stuff with them. Some of the photos are with Shu Lynn, so we'll check out her blog later (when she's free).

sharma doing some original super basketball skill

I was actually pretty nervous about playing with the kids, because before the Sunday School started, we were trying to mix with them first. And there was this little girl with curls and yellow baju (I remember her so well) who suddenly started crying. Then when I reached out to sayang-sayang her and tell her not to cry, she whacked my hand pula. I was like, "Yowch! When did Sarah (Michelle's sis) come along with us?!" And the little ones came first, so we thought we really had to change the memory verse and songs d. Good thing there were some older ones also after that. Phew.

Then the kids went home (a few walks away) and we practiced our song item for Sunday (since we really didn't feel like performing the skit for the adults for certain reasons ^_^") - You Are My All In All - and the testimony-ers ran through their testimonies again.

gaya seribu tahun

11.30 pm - Tidur. The girls, anyway. This was seriously the first time I slept through the night on an OA trip. The fact that there were no bamboos on the floor to hurt my spine probably helped a little.


7.00 am - Woke up, did our Quiet Time, and began practicing song item and running through testimonies again. Oh ya. Shu Lynn taught us a really cool Hindustani dance. And sis taught us the equally cool Chicken Dance.

Breakfast: Bee hoon (we all agreed it was way better than the one we had for lunch on Saturday), fried eggs, milo.

9.00 am - Villagers were not ready for service. Uncle Charles said they looked to the sun to determine the time and it just so happened Sunday's sun was a little late. Couldn't tell if he was bluffing. But the villagers really had neither clocks nor watches so... Anyway, we went to the river to look-see. Met a guy along the way who showed us his catch of fish (a lot). First time seeing a guy who actually comes back with fish after fishing. So I was thrilled. (Public: -_-) And we did some other stuff.

free kick. guess what happened after that?

hint: hwei's the goalkeeper

I learned some new words in Semelai, but only one which I really remember: Boreo. Which I assume to be "senyap", since Unc Charles only said that when people were making noise. We sang a few songs in BM, and a few in Semelai. Quite interesting. Should try that in Melaka one day. I passed a songbook to the uncle next to me, and he said, "Takper. Tak faham." And so most of the time, he didn't sing. A few of the adults were illiterate also. Hmm. The song requests were mostly by the ladies. The men sat and listened. Sometimes sang.

Then Uncle Charles read from Psalm 92, about how some people would prefer to tanam padi, pancing ikan, and toreh getah on Sunday, and sneer at the OA who came to church and call them fools, because "tak tanam padi, macam maner dapat duit?". Admired how he made the psalm applicable to everyone there, regardless of occupation or culture.

We mingled somemore with the children and finally took some photos with them.

no OA trip is complete without teaching them the 'peace' sign
and having them use more fingers for it than two.

hyperactive brothers with a cute big-eyed baby bro

I don't know whether it was the OA there who were more friendly than the other orang asli I've met, or whether I've finally grown a little bit after resolving to have a breakthrough in socializing in the past year. Or maybe it was because the youth who went this time were sociable enough to have a little of it rub off on me. Whichever, I sincerely thank God. The socializing part was my main concern (and worry), since I'm a confirmed and established introvert.

Oh ya, did you guys know that I can't hear very well? Not as in I'm deaf or what. But I need to read lips when people are talking. Don't need to do that for preachers because they'll talk slower when they preach so people can jot down notes. For conversations, I can't understand what you're saying if I don't look at you. It's not so bad for English, but sometimes I still need to ask for a repeat. Mandarin and Malay are the worst. Since I don't hear people speak them very much, my ears aren't that accustomed to the languages and my eyes don't read the language lips very well. (trying to excuse herself for not catching the names of the villages) So when people talk to me, I mainly catch the isi penting of what they're saying and try to put two and two together to form the core of what they're saying. Therefore I might miss some jokes or only laugh a few seconds later. ^_^" And it's also probably why I have selective memory too. Because I can't afford to let my mind linger on one point of the conversation. My mind has to do the filtering information thing also. So some things which are deemed "not so crucial" to the conversation, my mind will choose to forget. So err... forgive me if I don't remember some things you say. =D

Anyway. That's one of the reasons why I don't socialize very well in person (some of you might realize I'm friendlier online). All the more needful of His grace.

I feel weird about enjoying this OA trip.

Before we left, I told the youth: "We're not there to have fun. We're on a mission. Remember that." I think we went there with the right attitude. We were serious about what we needed to do, we prayed about it, and we did improvisations and improvements where needed. But the fun came to us. None of us expected a swim in the lake and cozy toilets and mattresses. In fact, I daresay the youth were scared to death by the stories I told them of the OA (based on the 1st OA trip =P) way of life. It was a pleasant surprise, and many thanks to Uncle Rod for initiating the mission trip, to Uncle Charles for taking us there, to the Orang Asli for housing and feeding us, and to the Lord for making use of us and helping us all the way.

Finally left them and started the journey back to Melaka. Sis was feeling very sick the whole of Sunday. Had stomach cramps and vomited. =( I said in the MGC blog that I'd mention what we did in the car, right? Now I kinda feel like it's not so tellable. ^_^" Maybe will get Shu Lynn to write about it instead. Gah.

To Shu Lynn and Shaun: You guys are crazy! *dismisses the fact that she herself was involved*

this is all i'll let out here. again.

Oh ya. For those who know someone...

won't you agree that I have nicer feet? =P

Monday, 21 April 2008

I Mingled With the Orang Asli

I insist it's a miracle.

The end.

(Public: Apa macam?!)

Later la. When I get the photos from Shaun's handphone.

*loves cliffhangers*


Thursday, 17 April 2008

Since Everyone's Talking About It

...And since my blog url already has "musique" in it...

I finally heard the famed David Cook-version of Mariah's Always Be My Baby on American Idol Season 7 today.

It was unsurprisingly fairly difficult to appreciate the Cook version. *ducks flying stones*

Not because it wasn't good or a meatless hamburger or anything, but probably because:
  • i was expecting a BOMB after hearing all the feedback (same thing happened with his Billy Jean)
  • besides having my right foot automatically tap to his song and my head nodding to the beat, there wasn't anything else. goosebump meter was napping. =(
  • i couldn't remember the original version anyway (Selective Memory Penyakit), so i couldn't appreciate the whole totally-changed-the-song-in-an-original-way thing

So I jumped along to YouTube to listen to the original version. Run along to YouTube and take a listen if you can't remember also. It's the same thing here and there anyway.

I did love the fact that he added strings and changed the beat and tempo. The strings were a big help in guiding the song to its climax and spilled a little Westlife-harumph spirit into it. And the diminished number of cymbals and slower tempo helped my foot tap along on its own, and my mind to focus on the song instead of being annoyed by a cacat beat like the one in the noise(s) on the radio everyday. But I guess I was expecting a little more. Like for my eyes to twinkle with awe. Or something other.

Oh. And is it just me, or did he go out of pitch along the song?

Hmm. *while ducking flying rocks*

Maybe I should REALLY rush to listen to the original version before I hear a David Cook rendition of a song. I tried today. Honestly. T_T But too many people were rushing to listen to Mariah's version too, I guess.

I think I'm working this all out from the wrong end. I'm starting with: "Ok, so he's got a new version. Let's rate it." I should be starting out the way Mariah did: "I don't know why he chose that song, because I don't know what he's gonna do with it." And then be awed that he actually thought of changing it, and didn't do a hideous job in the process.

Simon said David's a risk-taker, and that's what makes me look forward to every song he sings every week. Because then it'll always be a new week.

All in all, even if he makes a spoof out of a song, I'll still think David Cook rocks (he's single!) and obviously runs over the other contestants with a smokin' huge tractor.

Which reminds me.

I hope Kristy Lee Cook gets her horse back.

The Music Video Clay Aiken Wishes He'd Made For "Invisible"

Current movie clip:

Get the "saw your face in the crowd" part.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The Day I Got Myself Into Another Deal. And Lost. As Usual.

Once upon a time...


I'm writing a post - a longggggggggggggg post - specially for Elena.


Well, here's what happened: I was...


Dowan tell! Tsk! Ask me personally if you want to know. (small voice: it's too embarrasing...)

Anyways. This is the story of...

How I Met Elena

Neh. Lousy start. (Public: Just get on with it!)

Oklah, oklah. Stick with that la.

Again: This is the story of...

How I Met Elena

Full Name : Elena Lee Yu Shen
Age : 18
DOB : 24 January 1990 (sorry I didn't wish you a blessed birthday =P)
POB : Selangor
Occupation : Full-time Kulat & Moss
Field : She doesn't work in the field. Mostly among stones and longkangs.
Education Centre : The Centre Of All Moss-Making. Where The Best Moss Gather.


First met Elena during one of the DMSJ's in the previous years. I didn't know I met her though. I only really got to talk to her when she came down to Malacca on a Residential Bible School (RBS) mission trip to MGC.

Fun fact : Elena is short fun-sized.

Sorry. Couldn't resist. =D

I didn't really talk to the RBS students with the intention to really get to know them, because I was struggling enough with even talking to them as it was. But I did get to know some stuff about Elena, like...
  • . everyone abandoned her and refused to pick up the phone when she tried calling home
  • . she wants to go into nursing
  • . she likes (and is good at) drama
  • . she had (or has) a journal which she drew all sorts of decorative stuff on top and realized too late that she'd drawn them upside down
  • . she's a real good poser (even when she doesn't try XD)

  • . she blogs a lot (she said so)

(is it long enough yet? i heard making lists always works! *clicks preview* =P)


After RBS, I found out a little more about her through MSN. The less personal things would be like how she owns her very own SPCA and is willing to berdrama on air to get a free meal and movie. =P

To be a little more serious...

She's just a girl, living in her own world of confusion and imagination. With many hidden secrets, she fails to keep up with her own standards at times, which sometimes also leads to unpredictable mood swings. She gets easily disappointed with herself though she doesn't show it, yet she knows that, despite all the failures she goes through, there's a Friend there to love her, and to hold her hand again, guiding her to the right path. She loves to write, speaks her mind when she wants to, but most of the time, she'll just shut up so that she won't offend anyone. She enjoys local music, and local movies more than you can ever think. Her primary interest would be drama, and dreams of acting in the actor's studio one fine day. She loves making friends though at times she may be a lil shy. She's one girl, you won't wanna know if you don't have an open mind. and yea, introducing, the blogger herself.

That last line was a giveaway. Ish. That was taken from her blog. =)

Hey, how else to know a person than by reading what she says about herself, right?

Like when she says she has many hidden secrets, you know that talking to her will never get old. Because there'll always be a secret to dig out. Mua-ha-ha.

No lah.

Here's where hwei gets serious. Seriously.

I've chatted with you more than a couple of times (just an expression i use when i know it's more than two but don't know exactly less than what - dots. ignore this bracket.), and I've met people who make me think - this person's like me, in a way or hey, i do that too.

But sometimes, I don't need to think. Like when you share things that I've gone through myself, and when you say things that I know I would say. Or used to say. And it's gone to that extent that I find myself asking: Oh dear. Am I that old?

Cuz I seem to have experienced the things you're going through. ^_^"

Not all of them. But enough to make me feel that way.

And, dear Elena, I just want you to know that though you will never fully get over it in a very short time, you will meet someone who's worth all that getting over. (hint: d*ahem*l XD) Maybe not someone who can replace the other one, but someone who will help your eyes see again - that there's light outside that shadow.

There's a part of you that's longing to be shared with the world. Like how you reply when I ask why I can't sabotage you if you sabotage me if the post's too short:
cuz...... you're typing the post, and if it's short.... then I sabo you... you're not suppose to sabo me back.. because you already did.

...Gleefully add:
it has to be reasonably long....

...And then let in a little of that good nature:
dont need to write one book.

You may never learn from that "mistake" you made, but there will be courage to try again. And while you set about waiting for that moment to try again, let the world see more of that part of you. You wouldn't be another-person-and-not-Elena-anymore if you do. Just see it as being a better you.

It is nicer to smile than to hold it back. That's all a frown is, isn't it? The holding back of a smile. But it's much sweeter when you really mean it when you smile.

So... hold back that smile if you don't feel like it. But then... look around for reasons to smile everyday. Sure, they don't quite make up for that one thing you wish was there to make you smile, but... just think of it as saving your broadest smile for the best day.

(wah optimistic)

Don't think I'm trying so hard to relate to you when I say that I was the worst pessimist in the world 2 years ago. Cuz I was.

Wouldn't say that I suddenly rediscovered my love for God along the way and then was transformed and found direction in my life etc. It was a little by little thing. So little that I hardly realized I've made it this far. Write this down in your journal or post it on your blog. See if you'll be writing the same thing to someone else 2 years later. =)


It's a really fun thing to do. Tried it when I read about it in Little Women. Ever wondered why I always seem excited and curious? =D

-End of sidetrack-

Not saying this is all just a phase you're going through and you'll get over it etc. Because that would just make everything meaningless right now. Like, God, can't I just skip to the get-over-it part?

It's not like that. It's just that God decided to let both of us have MSN accounts and then meet up to exchange MSNs (not technically, cuz that would be plain wrong and com pros would kill me) so that we could exchange stories we could both relate to. I really wish an older girl had been there to tell me all this. And I hope I can be that older girl to you. (altho that old word makes me wince)

Some Elena stories I may not be able to relate to. Like how __ __ __ __ from you. And some other stories in that soul I haven't started reading yet. Some of what happen to you I may never relate to, but I can always relate to being sad, angry, sometimes both at the same time... And even sometimes not knowing which one you're feeling.

That verse about David's cup overflowing always comes to mind.

We're different people, but I'll fill your cup with my joy and you'll fill mine with yours and we'll happily bless each other's lives! =D

Because you're not Tse Hwei and I'm not Elena, you might not share my optimism (which sometimes fizzles out when i am deeply troubled). But even if I see the glass as half-full and you see it as half-empty, who cares? When we fill it up, it's gonna be both getting fuller and getting less empty right? (wah nice line, remember i wrote it when it makes it to hollywood)


Update your blog more la.

(Public: Anti-climax!)

Hmm. Long enough, I think. =P

The end!

Oh ya, I still owe you a riddle for July.

Is that a better ending?


Sunday, 13 April 2008

Teach me good judgment and knowledge,
For I believe Your commandments.

Psalm 119:66

And because I need them.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

For the sake of entertaining those who've been waiting for updates =P

Ahem. Let's name this: Tse Hwei - Definition.

1. Likes family photos.

even mums are into computers these days

2. Repeat: Likes family photos.

all hail the birthday boy

3. Again: Likes family photos.

class monitor's bday - crazy guy is ming suan

4. Loves pastry and Maggi Mee.

5. Thinks three is company.

when ck stays over

6. Clumsy.

7. Walks around Malacca with messy hair and white rice spots on her face.

8. Has weird eating habits.

9. Can't stand being twirled about on funfair rides after dinner.

that's asam in my hand. in case you're wondering.
p/s: to someone - that's Stretch over there.

10. Completely lacking in artistic skills.

didn't make it into the art project for obvious reasons

11. Only likes her little brother's art homework though. (meaning completely useless in other skills too?)

12. Gets excited over little things people think are too little for their time.

futuristic thingy in new terminal's toilet. i insist it's special.

13. Likes to snap random photos of people without their permission.

margaret - song en's wife

little girl at the terminal.
she was laughing before i took the pic. poser! -_-

14. Snaps photos of what most people call Nothing.

15. But thinks that just because she can't capture the beauty in life doesn't mean it isn't there.

16. Oh ya, she enjoys a good bit of fun too.

ck's drunk?

Fish Triton. King of the Sea. Maybe. Before he became dinner anyway.

17. And she makes lame jokes.

Neverheardious-Macaca fascicularis einsteinous
bold-italicized words are fictitious. do not quote me.

hihihihihihihihi eclipse! *lame*

18. ...gives her photos over-dramatic titles.

Print of the King.
when we went to the mlc night zoo.
because ck had the sudden urge to go where no klangist has gone before.

19. ...And does dramatic things with her photos.

20. Though, when people look back at the photos she snapped of them and their goofiness, they'll be thankful she captured that moment in time. *hint hint*

And that brings us to our last definition.

21. Because Tse Hwei sees wonderful things in the world and people around her, she can never bring herself to believe this fantastic world she lives in, plus the person she is, plus the people around her... came to be because some gumpalan of dust decided to come together and make life out of themselves.

the sky as my car sees it

Ok. Maybe that wasn't the last. How can I not write about Him when He's reading?

22. Tse Hwei believes in, and loves the God with whom she starts her conversation with, "Dear God", because He is indeed very dear to her.

of course He is.

To people who frequently question my belief in God, I have presented my case.

You can tell me I'm imagining God.

And I'll tell you you're imagining the absence of God.

Shall we try that?