Wednesday, 31 March 2010

thank you and You.

Untitled picture
olive always does the right thing at the right time.
observation. =)

back from the grave.

Sounds so geli. Ahaha.

Anyway, I disappeared from the blogosphere (actually for awhile only, but seems so long right. what to do, kan banyak fans. ahem.) mainly because my lappy couldn't go online la. And then there was PKV's An Easter Thingy with rehearsals Sunday to Tuesday and the performances Wednesday to Thursday, then I prepared for Moot till Friday afternoon before going for a HEP course Friday to Sunday, then went for choir practice at 8pm on Sunday, then went to prepare for Moot Sunday to Monday, mooted at 8pm on Monday, had a full day of classes on Tuesday, and here I am!

Phone conversation between Ruth Vinoth and me:

Ruth V
Hi, Tse Hwei! Happy birthday!!!!!

Thank youuuuu! I'm 22 this year!

Ruth V
Oh, I thought 23. =P

-_-! (k, by now everybody's wondering how these emoticons are done over the phone right)

Ruth V
So what are you doing?

Trying to go online. =( (and here it is again)

Ruth V
Wow. What an interesting thing to do on your birthday.

Yeah. And I'm drinking plain water on my birthday.

Ruth V
Wow. Awesome!

Ya, you should try it on your birthday. =D

Anyhoo, thanks for the wishes. I assure you that I have stored them all in OneNote. ^_^ (yes, i am a hoarder)

Thursday, 25 March 2010

this time i'm addressing EVERYONE.

Thank you for your comments on the chatbox, whoever all of you are.

But as someone said, we're all in one Faculty, so let's not fight. 

It's okay to defend your friend. My friends are defending me, and the friends of those who are not on my side are defending them. It's okay. We're being loyal to our friendships and to our principles. That's awesome. 

But all I want to do is write. Writing is my life. Writing is part of me. Writing and me are like bread and butter. One may perhaps do without peanut-butter on bread, but bread without butter is just too plain to be real bread. 

So please, read these next lines carefully. Come up with a conclusion only after you have heard my side of the story and fully understood it, okay?

-Puan Halida-

The post about Puan Halida was a genuine and honest sigh of resignation from someone who feels cheated of sleep rightly deserved. If class was supposed to be at that hour in the original schedule, I would be happy to be happy about going to class. But it isn't. So I feel cheated. I would like very much to not be forbidden from having feelings and expressing them on my own blog. However, I do not entirely disagree that it may have been verging on being disrespectful, hence I have removed it. Plus, I complain about the 8am class, but I still go for it. Reluctantly, no doubt, but still, I attend. 

-News from the Little Pink Bird #2-

The post about the final years is, I think, the main source of discontentment. If you do not understand what is this "News from the Little Pink Bird #2", it simply means that you did not read the post, and do not understand the underlying issue. So please refrain from commenting further, because some news may be distorted if you do.

A matter of deep, deep, clarification: When I said "final year students" at the end of my very verbatim production of the conversation in the computer lab (Yong Shuang will testify to this), I meant the two final year students I'd been talking about, NOT the entire batch of final years. It's like when a math teacher doesn't know how to do algebra, and we say: "Math teacher", referring to the fact that he/she isn't very math teacher-like at all.

In this regard, I think only the final year students I was really talking about should resent the post. The rest of you are not involved at all. I didn't even think of you when writing it. Anyhow, if the two final year students would like to contend with what I wrote, I would gladly apologize if I made a mistake in producing the conversation, but not otherwise.

In writing the post, please understand that I wasn't trying to insult people who skip classes. I know many friends who do it, and I don't insult my friends. You all know what you do, and if you have been doing it without shame before, then there should be no cause for shame now. Again, DO NOT MISINTERPRET THIS SENTENCE as being insulting.


I quote a conversation between a certain "fred" and me on the chatbox a few pages back:  

Fred: "Hey lawyer, pay up copyright fees!"
Me: "What copyright fees you talking about? Sue you for defamation ar. Ahaha."

This "fred" is Frederick Low, a friend of mine, who is NOT a final-year student, and who is NOT even in KL. It was a private joke between us prior to a post where I wrote what he'd blurted on one occasion. When I'd told him I wanted to write what he'd said, he'd replied, "I'm gonna claim copyright fees". In reply, I'd said, "Sue you for defamation ar. This statement's original." 

I feel the attacks on my knowledge of defamation was uncalled for, because it had nothing to do with the issues at hand in the first place.

This correction is for those who thought that I was insulting a final-year student claiming copyright fees to that photograph of Puan Sujata.

-The Controversial Photograph-

This is also a large contribution to the current dispute. The photograph of Puan Sujata was taken from a final-year student's Facebook photo collection. I admit that I neglected to consider that not everyone shares their photos freely without acknowledgment. To Agnes Wan, I'm sorry I used the photo without permission. I'd only wanted to show how pretty Puan Sujata is, and hadn't thought that it would be so offensive.

-Comments and Tabloid-ness-

I welcome comments, provided they are moderate and substantiated. I address this next line to my friends and the seniors alike: Please refrain from calling names, because it hurts the person you address.

Again, your loyalty to your respective friends is admirable, but let's use other means of communicating that defence, ok?

For those who have had NO IDEA what I've been talking about in the subjects above, PLEASE REFRAIN FROM GIVING FURTHER COMMENTS. Because things have been blown out of proportion by people who only hear of what's going on from other people, and it makes things worse. From now on, I will only respond to comments from people who have read the blog posts. If you haven't, kindly stay out of any of this.

To those who feel like they need to confront me, please do. I welcome confrontation. Please do not shout, or call names, or attack, because I will not respond to such modes of communication. Because when one is shouted at, or called names, or attacked, one will likely do the same in response. And I don't want that. 

I will apologize if I have to, but please, let's settle this in the best way possible, because the Final Exams are coming up, and I believe everyone is already stressed out. I don't need this extra aggravation, and I think you don't too.
Thank you to all who have read till the end. 

I will not respond to anyone who doesn't fully read this blog post.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

i'm an offensive writer?

Freedom of speech? Of course we have it in Malaysia! You can say anything you want in your speech. It's your freedom after your speech that is in question!”

Taken from

Note to everyone who reads this blog: This is a personal blog. 

This means that I write because I like to see my writing.
This means that I write because I'd like to write somewhere else other than my journal.

This means that the only reason I allow public dissemination of knowledge about my blog is so that the public  contributes to my Nuffnang earnings. 

This means that I write with zero political intentions because I'm simply not interested.

This means that I write claiming my right to freedom of expression as impressed upon me by Dr Johan, Puan Halida, and Ms. Sharon.

I'm sorry if I offended anyone, but please note that everything I write, I write in good faith.

And I'm sorry about the pretty picture of Puan Sujata that I did not acknowledge. 

I thank the senior who gave me a heads-up on the recent discontentment and resentment my blog somehow produced. 

I will leave contention with objections for another day.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

what keeps me going at 4.37am.

The greatest day in history, Death is beaten
You have rescued me
Sing it out: 
The empty cross, the empty grave
Life eternal, You have won the day
Shout it out: 
Oh happy day, happy day!
You washed my sin away!

-Happy Day, Tim Hughes

Let the darkness flee
It's got no power over me
I have been set free

-God is Alive!, Fee

And I'm singing to the One who wrote the book on our salvation
To the One who covers me in grace
I'm singing.

-I'm Singing, Kari Jobe

 The crowd joined in the attack against Paul and Silas, 
and the magistrates ordered them to be stripped and beaten.
After they had been severely flogged, they were thrown into prison, 
and the jailer was commanded to guard them carefully.
Upon receiving such orders, 
he put them in the inner cell and fastened their feet in the stocks.
 About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, 
and the other prisoners were listening to them.

 Acts 16:22-25

it's no wonder they sang, don't you think?

Sunday, 21 March 2010

today’s little bundles of joy.



Auntie Mavis

And Jacob returned to his home after 20 years with Laban. He was afraid to meet Esau, why? Cuz he cheated him before he left, remember?



I know! He can hide under his blanket!



But Esau will see the blanket and know that it’s Jacob!



No, no. He can hide under the water. I can hide under the water for… for… quite long, because I can blow bubbles under the water.


Auntie Mavis

Ya, ya, good, good. But he cannot hide forever, right? So what should he do?



Bring a blanket!


And just before he left, Clarence said, “Huggies!” and hugged Auntie June, Auntie Mavis, and me.

I once wrote about the children in my journal:

“Little Elliot reminds me so much of Little Ken Ken when he was, indeed, little. I miss my little brother’s innocence. Ken is like my thread to the past where, though I hated school and the experiences therein, I was innocent then. Naive, trusting, and beautiful inside.”


The fact that that paragraph was written during a gloomy period of PMS is besides the point.

I shall end with potong stimness today:

K, mandi!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

DMSJ 2010: Update.

For the benefit of those who don't know, DMSJ stands for Daya-Melaka-Shah Alam-Johor Bahru. The DMSJ Quiz is an annual quiz among four churches: Daya Gospel Centre (DGC), Melaka Gospel Chapel (MGC), Shah Alam Cospel Centre (SAGC), and Johor Bahru Gospel Chapel (JBGC). First initiated in 2000, 2010 is the year of the 11th DMSJ Quiz. The venue of the Quiz is set in rotation among the four churches, this year being DGC's turn to host the Quiz.

For the first time last year, the Quiz was also a camp (all updates under "DMSJ"). And...

That was why I resisted all calls to go for Camp Cam last year! Buahaha.


MGC was the earliest to arrive! (DGC doesn’t count ok duh)

We hung around, talked to DGC-ians, had lunch,


...spilled Milo over shirts, almost got whacked by flying plates (not making this up), and…

downloaded Ruth & Esther! =D


DGC renovated the church not too long ago, and this is what it looks like:


Ook. That was just the washroom.

There weren’t the usual outdoor games this year (yay), probably because the Quiz was to be in the afternoon. We had a few indoor games, then the Quiz began.


I have no photos.


I stuck my memory card into the space under the memory card slot, and so now I can’t get it out, and I couldn’t take many photos cuz my phone, when running on phone memory, takes pictures awfully slowly, and people kept moving or walking by whenever I wanted to take a good shot. T_T

Anyway, as to the results of the Quiz, this conversation with Olive may suffice:



That aside, I really our contestants did very well, considering the fact that they forgot Naomi’s sons’ names and didn’t know how to spell “Orpah” on the Thursday before the Quiz. I think we (they) put up a decent fight, and probably only lost because of the many mathematical questions that were thrown very vigorously at us (them). Seriously, a lot of math questions. I would’ve died up there. *bah*

Next was Fun Nite!, which I didn’t take any photos of also *paiseh*, but it was different this year. Instead of the usual do-an-almost-impromptu-skit-of-a-passage-from-DMSJ-book, each group (6 groups this year) was given two pairs of chopsticks and two pairs of socks. In true Whose Line Is It Anyway? style, the groups did all sorts of things with the items that made my jaw drop not a few times.

I thought it was a pretty good idea, actually. With the usual skits, all we get are variations of one same story. With this new format, we get almost total diversity, which always makes for good fun. =)


Church at 8.30am, prize-giving ceremony, 

Image1939 session, brunch, then the customary selling of T-Shirts!


DGC didn’t make their own shirts this year, so there were only two groups yelling marketing phrases that won’t work in the real world out there. i.e. “RM15! Early bird discount – RM20!” + “Buy SAGC shirt, get MGC shirt free!”
We had loads of help:


Also, there was this conversation going on:

Shaun>Shuen: "Clement looks like Spock."


Shaun>Shuen: "Jason Lee is his brother. He looks like Ah Zheng." 

Day 2 7

Shaun: “They have another brother -  Linus Lee.”

Shuen: “Ooo... who does Linus Lee look like?”

Shaun: “Linus Lee.”

Anyway, that was DMSJ 2010. Thanks to all who supported us in prayer and presence! =D

Thursday, 18 March 2010


During the course of this endless editing of articles for a law magazine, I have learned the art of unfeelingly finding certain sentences redundant and then mercilessly deleting them.

If only I could apply the same art to my collection of boxes at home. Hm.

Pointed Updates. (this can mean so many things)

1. I woke up the only person in the house who was going to school today. (8am class again again again again again)

2. I decided to use the shortcut through 9th College. 

3. I then had to make a detour because they were still constructing who knows what.

4. I decided to use the other shortcut before KFC.
5. Several guards were standing around at the entrance to and exit of the Faculty of Law. I wondered why. Then I remembered a big shot named Mr. Muhyiddin was coming to the Faculty today. 

6. The guard stopped me and told me to park somewhere else, otherwise my car would be liable to some serious clamping. 

7. My dear, dear guard, what somewhere else are we talking about? But since the guard was polite, my heart melted and I drove away politely.

8. I missed the turning into that empty space people park at during convocations.

9. Lazy to make a detour, and I was late for class, so I parked at KPS. 

10. I walked to the Faculty of Law. I realized halfway to the Faculty that I would be late anyway. Like, 30 minutes late kind of late. So I read The Sun as I walked.

11. I made it to the Faculty 30 minutes late as predicted and went to the computer lab to print some PKV stuff and edit VOX articles.

12. And here I am. I would be pissed if I hadn't had this bubbling joy inside me this morning. However, though un-pissed, I am certainly in a cynical mood.

13. If Mr. Muhyiddin smiles at me today, I will raise an eyebrow.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

the sky always looks so blue after a day of Pain.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

dr living said:

"Type C people always die of cancer wan. Guess who they are."


Type C people are, apparently, people who are too nice. People who can't say no. People who are always doing other people's work. They always die of cancer because they have too much negative chemicals in their body.

I don't really like science. Science and me are like Arnold Schwarzenegger and pink socks. If you tell me a monkey's butt grew from a taugeh, I would probably believe you. 


I don't know if Dr Living meant what he said.

Today, I came home (to Tiara, PJ) declaring that I would die of cancer if my life continues as it is right now. I feel like people are not carrying their own weight, and somehow that unwanted weight fell on me, and now I'm in dire need of a diet.

Among many other things, I felt like my life revolves around Easter. And so I muttered to myself: "This is ridiculous. My life revolves around Easter."

Hearing myself, I thought: Hey, what am I saying?

My life is supposed to revolve around Easter. Not PKV's Easter, not MGC's Easter, not PJGH's Easter, but the Easter where Jesus Christ rose from the dead.

The speaker said last Sunday:
"And she heard the voice of the Lord saying: 'Helen, Helen. All your life you have been asking the wrong question. The question is not, 'is it worth it?', but rather, am I worthy of your service?'"

Is He?


Sunday, 14 March 2010

DMSJ 2010.

everytime it happens, i feel young again.

not to say that i'm not. but i'm, well, older.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

why pretend?

because anger isn't hard to recognize.

the little pink bird.

A little pink bird flew over and stood on my shoulder today. 
It scratched its skinny left leg with its skinny right leg.
It sang for a little bit.
Then it told me a bit of gossip.
Apparently, some first-years were heard saying:

 Oh ya! Soon it's going to be our turn to moot.

Yalor. Next year.

Find those people with good English wan to be in our group. *giggle*


The little pink bird told me that it hears such things easily,
because nobody ever pays attention to a bird.

In fact, nobody really pays attention to a 'stranger' standing in front of them in a line to pay for food.

The little pink bird said I'd be surprised at the things I can blog about when I listen to people who think I am a stranger who doesn't listen.

The little pink bird said if it would listen, and I would write,
life could get pretty interesting,
especially if the people who said them read them on a stranger's blog.

The little pink bird said it can't wait to see how many blog posts will be labelled "News From the Little Pink Bird" at the end of 2010.

The little pink bird sang for a bit.
It scratched its skinny right leg with its skinny left leg.
Then it flew away.

And then I sat down and wrote.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

1.28 AM.

i have been a writer,
i have been a reporter,
i have been a pianist,
i am a law student,
and i will be a lawyer.

sometimes i feel like i'm deLaMer when i write, and not hwei.
because hwei really isn't so full of conviction and strength in real life.

but hwei has better friends,because they accept and love her whenever and wherever.
i think i'll let deLaMer stay for a bit,
because she seems to write better.

hwei narrates, and deLaMer writes.
i think that's a good deal.

(i think i spent too much time with that Alice in Wonderland article in The Sun)

Monday, 1 March 2010

three! three!

the urgency is because it's late and i need to not look like a stuffed panda for tomorrow's ungodly-hour class and cuz lappy's battery is dying, see my strategy to not stay online too long is working buahaha.

(this is called a stringy sentence, according to our english class. laugh, amreeta, laugh!)

i went for FES' Ops Gegar on friday, 9am to 5.15pm. by the time we got back, the time didn't start with the number five anymore.

then i went for the young adults cg, where we got confused over James 1. but i think we finally got it right.

then we went for supper which was basically me drinking herbal tea and eating pandan tao fu fah.

then i tailed keith's car so i won't get lost back to tiara and silly-ly tailed him back to his house, and he said, "um, you don't have to follow me d" after stopping his car for a moment.

i went for our faculty's annual prom thingy (Lawnite - sounds dorky, i think someone should change it) and again got lost tailing zhen qi, but this time it wasn't my fault cuz she made the wrong turnings. yes, plural.

i was supposed to go as a VOX reporter with nothing but a free entry into lawnite (no food, no seat, no table, probably only got washroom privileges). i got a free seat after all without having to steal amreeta's food or share some butt space with her, cuz i got paid in-kind to play like a lounge pianist while the guests trickled into the ballroom. i ended up playing for 30 minutes, standing, cuz my legs are too short and i won't have been able to reach the pedal if i'd used the dreadfully high stool. evelyn's list of songs to play would've been enough to last 30 minutes if i hadn't forgotten what some of the songs sounded like. in the end i skipped some bridges and did a fair bit of modification that really reminded me of what my piano teacher used to tell me: "xi hwi (that's how she pronounced my name), even mozart's daughter can't change his songs!"

anyways, i enjoyed living the lounge pianist dream, even if it was only for 30 minutes. i forgot how much i'd wanted that dream to come true after the many years of pretending i didn't want it anymore. i'd tried to lose the dream after i realized i'd forfeited the chance to get a scholarship to study music in some ang moh place after i got a Merit for dunno which grade (gotta get full distinctions to get the scholarship) and definitely after i failed my Diploma by four miserable marks.

see rushing, so spilled everything d.

anyway, i went home with amreeta and hooi ping this time and we got home so quickly because we didn't get lost, although there were several occasions when we were so proud to have made a decision to take the right lane, and then suddenly there was another decision to be made about whether we wanted to go on the ramp or on the road next to it, and then after we painstakingly made the decision in much hurry, there was this terrible roundabout, at which point amreeta said we were bozos and the brightest minds in the faculty all in one car. (sarcasm in the last bit of the sentence)

today (sunday) i went to church 15 minutes early and had donuts and an egg for brunch. yu-shen desperately wanted to prove that there was something wrong with the eggs cuz everyone else peeled them so easily when he couldn't and in the end he ate three eggs. but maybe it was because esmond said he had three eggs, and yu-shen wanted to top that. yu-shen can't kill me for posting this because he's going on a Mercy Malaysia trip and one must have mercy before going on such a trip.

then i went for pjgh's choir practice. i was the first and i was so so so proud, until lareina walked in and said, "hi, power parker. your car is the only one that's parked adjacent to the wall. hihihi." and then hui mei went outside to look and she said, "wow ya, at least it's a perfect 90 degrees." 

anyway God endorsed my participation in the church choir by allowing me to sing an entire song without stopping for two whole bars to rest cuz cannot breathe. 

apalah. in the end lappy shut down cuz battery died and i wanted to post this anyway so i plugged it in. =.= anyway i'm going to sleep. bah.