Tuesday, 24 September 2013

hairdresser lawyer.

just because lawyers are in the service industry doesn't mean you can treat us like your hairdresser ok.


Thursday, 5 September 2013

Longest sentence in the world

"The respondent did not allege in his statement of claim that there was another breach of duty on the part of Mr. Hilborne or his firm in failing to exercise the care and skill that any reasonably careful competent solicitor would have exercised by advising him that he should be ready able and willing to complete on the terms of the alleged contract of 9th April 1963 whether or not he had signed the alleged contract because it was a reasonable interpretation of the contents of the letter of 20th May 1963 that the vendor would either give vacant possession on completion or was bound to give vacant possession if there was no term in the alleged contract of 9th April 1963 expressly stipulating that the sale was without vacant possession or subject to tenancy."

-- Per Wee Chong Jin CJ in Ke Hilborne v. Tan Tiang Quee; KS Chung v. Tan Tiang Quee

(wonder what it would sound like if he spoke it)