Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Blah Blah Blah

Christmas *Ding Dong Ding Dong*

Mark, sis and I (more of Mark and sis la) completed 2 scenes for the Christmas thingy. It's already 12:48 am, so I won't go to all the trouble of elaborating. No one really reads it, I think. And the people who do, like MARK (yes, I know you're here - First Wave), are mostly involved in the play already anyway. There are 9 scenes anyhow, and I really can't imagine doing a write-up for each of them =.= I still need to study for Upper 6 ahem ahem.

Mark came over again today to discuss another scene. We managed to finish up part of Scene 5 , so sis and I can teach the girls their parts on Wednesday or something. Mark will visit
again on Thursday.

Which reminds me.

GP tuition on Thursday. Haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

But it's not too bad. Miss Heng talks a lot about law and politics, and the two happen to be my favourite topics! ^^ And I get to drive!


Don't think I remember the road. Heck. I don't think I ever knew the road.


Sis and I worked today! Yay. Yeah, without the exclamation mark.

I got up at 7.30 am and after carrying out my daily ritual of reading in the bathroom, and after doing all those other stuff people do when they wake up, sis and I headed for work. Parked, pulled up metal thingys, blah blah blah... and we started work.


What is work?

W = Length x time? Did I get that right? I've been out of touch with science for a year *yippee*


If I were to base my definition of work on today's marvellous experience, I would say that work is basically sitting around doing nothing.

As the hours dragged along painfully, I found myself agreeing with CK's heartfelt statement of working adults: They're wasting their life away, man!

Haiz schimaiz ~ It's 1:03 am already. My kidney has started it's 24/7 cycle of whatever it's doing, and I've already missed the 9pm -11pm and the 11pm - 1pm cycle. I hope they're not important *cough* So off I am to sleep. Updates tmr. If I'm not busy doing my math.


Saturday, 25 November 2006

Today, Today, and Today

Christmas Choir

Mark's coming over later to discuss some stuff about the Christmas choir thingy. Mark's a fussy director, so I hope I won't be too intimidated haha ~

He just found out that the meeting on the 23rd is supposed to be evangelistic, so I suppose he'd have to make some changes to the programme that he already has in mind. Basically, it's all about explaining a christmas tree. The ornaments and decorations on the tree would help unfold the story of Christmas. For example (Mark's favourite quote), when we talk about the star at the top of the tree, the choir will sing about the star or something la, then the actors will do a sort of flashback to the days when the wise men followed the star to where Jesus was. As the narration continues, the bare tree will be fully decorated.

There's a problem though. Logically, the star should be the last to be revealed. Cuz it's sort of like the climax of the tree, plus it's literally the climax cuz it's at the top of the tree la. But if we were to mention it last, that would mean the story would be chronologically jumbled up cuz the story of the star begins first. So Mark is still wondering whether he should be chronologically accurate in terms of the story, or in terms of the order of appearance of the ornaments.

I think if the meeting is to be the regular Christmas service, it would be perfectly alright to do the latter one. But since it's evangelistic, the non-Christians would probably get confused if we jump about the story like that.

Lin says it'll be boring (actually she said it IS boring), and Mark said so himself, but... But what? I have nothing positive to say here haha. I was sort of thinking: If know boring then do somemore for what? It's perfectly reasonable for me to think that right ^^; Anyway, I think it's a pretty interesting concept. Lin says we should do a musical but not like the one we did last year. She wants some lively songs like the ones in The Phantom of the Opera. I was like, doink! Lively eh the ones in PTO? I thought they were quite ridiculous.

Anyway, Mark was supposed to be here at 8pm, but he messaged me to say he'll be a little late cuz he needs to have dinner with his mum, who came all the way here from Penang. I always thought it odd that Mark's always more than willing to spend his time and perhaps his whole life doing this sort of drama and play stuff, whereas his energy completely vanishes when he has to listen to a sermon in church or when he needs to study. Maybe he uses too much energy for his arts activities. Hmm. I salute him for his enthusiasm in working on projects like these though.

WinLinez and Eggs

This is the game that I'm currently interested in. Go check it out online la. It's supposed to be a logic game, but I don't think so la, since I can play it better than sis. It's kinda a known fact that I lack quite a bit of common sense and logic. Ok la, maybe not too much of logic, more of common sense. But sis is supposed to be more logical than me. Hmm.

It's the only game I can beat her at. The Eggs game is horrendous, in my opinion. I'm like the only one in the house who can't play it -_- It's a game where you have to make the egg jump from one egg basket to another one. There's a timer going on, but it's kind of um ignorable. Eh? I thought there wasn't such a word, but then the dictionary says there is. Muahahha. I'm smart la. Ahem.

Anyway, the main objective of the game (ignoring my perasanness heheh) is to get the egg to the topmost basket, with a FINISH banner over it. There isn't a High Score Board cuz everyone gets the same score when they arrive at the last basket. The time used isn't even recorded, so personally I feel it's a silly game. Ahem. Not because I can't play it! Bluek.


Sis and I are going to work at Sufes for a day on Monday cuz Lin will be going up to Shah Alam, Sin Lan will be in KL (I think), the other worker "retired" already, and the superviser will also be in KL. Hope no customer on that day hehehe. Now I know how Mel and Ju feel when they were working at Salvation ^^; But this is kinda different la. The system here is quite disorganized, and the books are mostly for the Chinese-Ed. I can read and write a little Chinese la, but suppose they asked me to search for a Chinese dunno-what book by a dunno-who author - how am I supposed to survive la? I was telling sis I'd be in charge of the phone. Then I'll only have to say:
Hello, this is Pustaka Sufes. How may I help you?
Sounds so pro somemore right! But then sis said:
If they speak in Mandarin, how?

Qing den yi xia. (Jie! Take the call!)
See? So easy. I mmg pandai.

Anyway, I'm off to play WinLinez somemore. Buhbye ~

Monday, 20 November 2006

Mostly About Tomorrow, Today, and Some Yesterday

Sis's Blog

I Am Noob

Hi. I am Lim Tse Shuen. I am new at this blog stuff. So I am writing like a newbie. Cough cough. Wahahaha.

(Sumber: Dipetik daripada Shuen Said Something, shuensays. blogspot.com, 2006)

Heheh. Sis asked me to create a blog for her a veryyy long time ago, and I did la. But then she never found the time to post something, so she didn't really get to delete the post I posted for her when I first created the blog for her muahaha. Those who took Form 6 PA will at least giggle a little bit at the sumber part. I mean, you should la. If you don't, it doesn't mean I'm a lame joker, it means something's wrong with you buahaha ~

Happy Feet

I'm going to watch Happy Feet tomorrow. I was looking forward to it actually, but then suddenly have to fetch people and collect tickets, so I also suddenly don't feel like going anymore. I just want to go for a movie without having to go 45 minutes earlier. Haiz. Nevermind. (Hey is it never mind or nevermind?)

Extra Class

Anyway I've got extra class for Math S this whole week except tomorrow. But that's ok, cuz
  1. I get to drive to school!!!! Myself!!!! Yay!!!!
  2. I like math anyway.
  3. Mdm Chah sez she'll bring a sponge cake for us to eat on Wednesday. Yeah!!!! (yao kui... me, not Mdm Chah...)
Sis is Back!!

It'll be much nicer if sis could say, "I am back!!" on her blog. I'll throw in that suggestion hmm.
Sis taught me a song today: He. Yeah, at first when she told me about it last month, I thought it was Hee or something cuz it's really kinda weird to name a song He. It actually sounds like a pop song or something. But anyway it's really nice, and now it's one of my favourite songs! Heheh. Here it goes:
He can turn the tides
And calm the angry sea.
He alone decides
Who writes a symphony.
He lights ev'ry star
That makes our darkness bright.
He keeps watch all through
Each long and lonely night.
He still finds the time
To hear a child's first prayer.
Saint or sinner call
And always find Him there.
Though it makes him sad
To see the way we live,
He'll always say, "I forgive."

He can grant a wish
Or make a dream come true.
He can paint the clouds
And turn the gray to blue.
He alone knows where
To find the rainbow's end.
He alone can see
What lies beyond the bend.
He can touch a tree
And turn the leaves to gold.
He knows every lie
That you and I have told.
Though it makes him sad
To see the way we live,
He'll always say, "I forgive."

Nice leh. I'm looking for the mp3 cuz sis isn't sure of the tune, and dad sometimes sings the wrong one, and the one online is horrendous. Hmm. Maybe the tune will come to me in a dream tonight. Whoa. Maybe not.

Shaun wants to use the com already, and I have a headache anyway. So I'll be blogging some other time. Prob after Happy Feet tomorrow.

Saturday, 18 November 2006


Is it Jonker Street or Jonker Walk anyway? I know it changed from one name to the other but I can't remember which one changed to the other. Ehhh whatever ~

Anyway I went to Jonker's yesterday with Wan Ting, Ben, and Seok Ling. I was supposed to meet up with Pei Ling, Zheng and the rest of the KGC people (I think) but tak jadi la. Here's a brief summary before I head off to the night meeting.

6.30 pm

Wan Ting and Ben came to get me near the bus stand which I insist is cute. It is la k. I mean, it's worn down and stuff but it's still special. Somehow. Hmm.

Oh ya, before that, Ling messaged to say that they were heading to town to have ikan bakar for dinner with Unc Kian and Auntie Kiat Tin. Somewhere around 6pm, I think. Dunno la.

7.00 pm

Good ol' Jonker. Dunno about 'good' but it was definitely old. Hmm. Wan Ting treated me to herbal egg and liang teh, and some gooey stuff which if I heard correctly is mou chi or mau chi. Hmm. I'm a sua ku. I learned these two words because they kept calling me that the whole night -_-

Oh ya, before that, Ben parked his car (technically not his, it was Wan Ting's mum's car) at the foot of St. Paul's Hill. I got the night view of the "Historical Area" of Malacca, and I was kinda wondering how I managed to miss the beauty of it before. There's something about tall, stately buildings that gives me that feeling of awe and admiration when I look at them. It's like in the movies where the lady looks around and the buildings just seem to surround her and she can't help but smile because it's all just so awesome. That's how I felt that night.

And although I thought the windmill looked pretty ridiculous with all those colourful lights decorating its - what do you call them - mills?... haha... whatever la... you get what I mean - I couldn't help feeling a sense of adventure sweep over me as I tried to imagine that this cozy little state was once colonized by the Dutch, Portugese, and Brits!

8.00 pm

We finished walking the whole stretch. If I had a watch, I would have been glancing at it the whole time, wondering when Ling and the rest would be there. A sword guy showed off his authentic and real swords to us. And Wan Ting politely nodded and smiled while Ben and I stood there wondering how we should react. Psst: I was actually thinking of asking him to let me hold the sword - I always wanted to hold one =P Seoks came along and joined us at the cozy little shop with the beautiful little boxes and mirrors that I love so much.

We also took a look at the dumb dumb voodoo dolls that are supposedly a big hit nowadays. Seoks told me that she was a skeptic at first, but one fine day, her friend gave her one, and she threw it away cuz it was ugly la, then the very next day (or was it two days later? Hmm) she got into an accident and something bad happened (won't tell me what).

I was like =_= Hmm. I wasn't afraid to show her that face cuz she mmg know I don't believe this kind of stuff la. Anyway, those voodoo things are supposed to help you snag your crush by simply giving one doll to him / her. Dumb. I do not believe that my fate lies in the hand of a silly, ugly, man-made doll. It's not even cute. Hmmph.

8.33 pm?

Ling messaged and said they had just arrived at Medan Ikan Bakar. Initial reaction was, wut? You guys took 2 hours to get there? Got lost eh? I was actually quite hungry cuz I hadn't eaten yet. Wan Ting had planned to take me to Malim Pasar Malam for dinner, but Seoks said Ling & co. might turn up and then it'll be a waste of time cuz Malim is quite far from Jonker's. Of course, I wouldn't know anything about that. All I know is there are generally soya bean and tong sui at pasar malams.

So we took off in Wan Ting's mum's car and bought some food that I'd never tasted before - some only k i'm not that sua ku - and since I didn't receive any message from Ling saying that they were at Jonker's, we took the food to Wan Ting's place to makan. Here're the ratings:
  • Taiwan Hot Dogs: 9/10
  • Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun: 5/10
  • Kari-dunno-what-thing: -1/10 (cuz I'm orang yang tak makan pedas)
  • Tengkera Putu Piring: 8/10
  • Chicken Wing: 10/10
Um.. please note that my ratings are a little biased cuz I really dislike the foods that I don't eat, and really love the foods that I do eat. I really love hot dogs and chicken wings (sounds odd, like I'm referring to both wings on the chicken instead of the plural of chicken wing... eh apa ni), so I'd give very high ratings to the two even if not very nice =P

9.14 pm

Ling: We're at jonker's!

I only saw the message at 9.30 pm cuz I'd fallen asleep in Wan Ting's house (on her bed ^^;). I dunno why la. My brain sort of switches off on Friday nights. You can imagine how horribly sleepy I feel during Friday Bible studies ya. Eh the sleepiness is not because of the Bible study k. Don't slander me!

I told the rest, and Wan Ting said it was too late already. I actually wanted to go, but then... sit people's car... invade people's house... sleep on people's bed... use people's pillow... where got face to make request somemore right? I messaged Ling:
I'm at my friend's house now. You guys go ahead and go home if I can't make it there in time.
Then I tried to subtlely get away from Wan Ting's house to Jonker's =_= Hope she never finds my blog ^^||| So I stood up and made the first move to leave la, although I actually had no say whatsoever in the matter cuz I couldn't drive the car for some obvious reasons which I will list down anyway:
  1. I'm buta jalan. So I dunno how to get to Jonker's on my own.
  2. The car was manual, and I haven't been driving a manual car cuz Sis took the Kelisa to UPM.
  3. It wasn't my car, for goodness' sake.
Anyway, they followed my lead after a few seconds of awkwardness, I think =P The plan was that Ben would drive us to Jonker's for Seoks to get her car, then he'd drive me home, cuz his house's only 10 minutes away from mine. By then it was 10.15, I think. I dunno what we did until so long after Ling's message. Did I fall asleep again? Hmm. I thought they might've gone home or were ready to go home already. So I messaged Ling and asked if they were still there.

Ling: Yup, we're still here. Come come, almost at the end of the stretch.

Something like that la. I don't exactly have photographic memory plus my brain was almost dead already k. I broke the news to Seoks and Ben. I didn't know what I was trying to achieve, actually. I mean, I couldn't expect Ben to wait for me cuz pleaseeee la, how could I ask Wan Ting's boyfriend to teman me?? Then if Ben went home without me, Seoks would have to drive me home instead, although she was more than willing to teman me la (so nice eh my best friend muahaha), and her house's like super far from mine.

Anyway, they were both very nice. They knew how much I'd been looking forward to this thingy, so Seoks offered to stay back with me and then drive me home afterward. I didn't know what to say cuz it seemed too selfish to ask that of her. So Ben told me to think about it on the way there (got lots of time cuz so far). So I slept first (as usual).

We were actually outside Jonker's only - very near - and I could've just told them I wanted to go meet the others and they would've let me. But then I declined for the reasons stated above and also because I was too sleepy already. So Ben let Seoks down and we took off lor.

I was just messaging Ling about it when she suddenly called me. I was like fuh~~~ chuak la. So I picked it up (half-asleep), and whose voice did I hear? Guess yourself la eh. Hint: It was a real masculine voice =.= Let me give you a rough sketch of the conversation:
Hi. This is Pei Ling. *chuckles and giggles in the background*
Hmm. Ok.
Where are you now? *chuckles and giggles in the background*
I don't think I'm going anymore. You guys go ahead la.
Ohhh ok. *chuckles and giggles in the background*
Oh oh Ah Zheng says ok but Pei Ling says she's angry. *chuckles and giggles in the background*
What? (too sleepy)
Ah Zheng says ok but Pei Ling says she's angry. *chuckles and giggles in the background*
Hmm. Ok.
Ok la. I'll see you tmr. *mega chuckles and giggles in the background*
Hmm --
Eh I mean Ah Zheng will see you tmr. I'm going back, to Kajang... my hometown. *ultra chuckles and giggles in the background*
Hmm. Ok.
Bye. *chuckles and giggles in the background*

The one in red's "Pei Ling" and the one in gray is me la. Try and guess who's that la hor -_-

11.15 pm

Finally arrived home and messaged Ling about not meeting up. I told her I'd go visit her one day in Kajang ^^; Good la. Less pressure, cuz then I wouldn't have to play the host buahahahahahhaahahahahahhahaha ~

To tell the truth, I almost got very angry yesterday. Firstly, I didn't find Jonker very satisfying anyway, except the little boxes shop la. There were also some other stuff at Jonker that I didn't like:
  • The silly idea of poking a hole in a coconut with a finger is by itself the most absurd thing anyone could think of. It's even more absurd when you actually do it. To those who dunno what I'm talking about, I'm referring to the guy who puts up a coconut-poking performance at Jonker's.
  • The stall which puts up a caged puppy. That's such an awful thing to do. The puppy's cute la, but using the puppy's asset to imprison it is such a demeaning thing, even if the puppy doesn't really have that sort of consciousness. How would you feel if someone did that to your pet dog??
Secondly, I don't go out often, and when I do, I do so with a purpose. When that initial purpose is not fulfilled, I get frustrated, even if that purpose is replaced by another. Thirdly, Seoks, Wan Ting, and Ben went to teman me, actually, cuz they knew that I'm not exactly the interact-well-in-crowds type. So when I didn't get to meet Ling and the others, I felt like I'd just wasted their time.

And it didn't help much when Zheng asked me why I didn't go to Jonker's like I fang fei ji liddat. And it really didn't help at all when Qi (Zheng's sis) snorted and said: "Never go" when I talked about Jonker today during group devotion.

But thank God there are such things as a comfortable bed, a warm blanket, air-con, and sleep ~

Friday, 17 November 2006

What the Lawyer Said

Dad brought me to meet his lawyer friend, Robert Ang, the other day, along with a few of his other business partners. More like shareholders la. They're all involved in this big thingy to rescue Ornapaper from crumbling in the hands of Datuk Ting. Since it's supposed to be some big thing, I suppose I can't really talk about it here, and Gary DID tell me that it's pretty easy to bump into the blog of an acquaintance on while blog-jumping. That's how Pei Ling found my blog neway +_=

Back to the lawyer. Well, he's not technically a lawyer la. He went down the same path my dad did (except dad took accountancy) and went to be an apprentice of the lawyers, picking up bits and pieces of law along the way. Since he was too lazy to take the professional law exam, he set up a law firm instead and recruited lawyers to work for him. He drafts out the cases for the lawyers, then sends them to fight the case in court. Dad told me that he's so good at his job that he once turned a bankrupt case alive and won back the guy's assets and cash by highlighting a tiny error in one of the documents.

Ok. So dad told him that I want to take law after form 6, so Mr Robert started talking la (he talks a lot - will I be like that in future? Hmm). I'll organize it for you so that it doesn't look too messy.

To Be or Not To Be? That is the Question.

He used to tell his 2nd son not to be a lawyer. Here's why - His first son's a devil, but his second son's an angel.

Case 1 - Money on the ground
1st son - Takes off with the money and buys something for himself
2nd son - Runs around looking for a charity box and then deposits the money into it

Case 2 - Phone call from client for dad
1st son - Willingly lies that his dad is not home
2nd son - Refuses to lie that his dad is not home and doesn't believe his dad's reasoning that it's not a lie, but a half-truth

So he said that by his assessment, his 2nd son failed as a lawyer. So he's now somewhere out there (Australia, I think), happily married and an animation technician. Hmm.

Mr Rob said:
We don't teach you to tell lies, we teach you to tell half-truths.
I was like, um ok, what's the difference between a lie and a half-truth again? I didn't say that out loud la.

Lawyers, Accountants, and Doctors

He then enlightened me on the difference between lawyers, accountants, and doctors.

We are still ok, cuz we don't tell lies. We tell half-truths.

They are worse, they tell lies. They show you what you want to see in your accounts. They set aside the losses first, and present the profit first, especially when they have to meet an important person that day, such as someone from the bank.

Lawyers and accountants at least still can double check la. Like if you're not satisfied with their services, or if you found a mistake, then can ask for compensation. But if doctors operate on you, then make a mistake, you have no way of knowing because they'll stitch you up. So you won't know! No knowledge means no compensation!

Mr Rob said:
So if doctors want to argue with you about which career is the best, you just tell them that.
Ok. But I think I'd rather just walk away peacefully ^^;

Towards the end of the meal (we were having lunch), dad asked Mr Rob if I could work for him while waiting for my STPM results. He said ok!


I think I can learn a lot from Mr Rob, but I'm also worried. Cuz all the time he was talking about his 2nd son, I was thinking: Gosh. That's what I would have done also.

=.=" Do I fail then as a lawyer? I refuse to believe that being a lawyer means giving up the attribute of honesty. I refuse to believe that being a lawyer means giving up my testimony as a Christian. I refuse to believe all that!

But somehow I have this feeling - like in the drama series, where this innocent and naive girl thinks the world is so beautiful and refuses to believe that it is evil despite all the evil she sees around her, and refuses to believe that a bad person who keeps sabotaging her can't be good after all. Then one day, she gets the worse hit possible from that person and then her world collapses.

Is my refusal to accept Mr Rob's definition of a lawyer similiar to that of the innocent girl's? Not saying I'm innocent, although I am. Muahahahahah. No la. Serious la please. Ahem.

I foresee a rather difficult time working with Mr Rob. Maybe I'll have to lie about him being in the office to his client or something or do something that a Christian really shouldn't do, but which a non-Christian finds perfectly alright.

Must be strong!

Tuesday, 14 November 2006


Ms Fong sms-ed yesterday and said that the date for the vocal exam is december 15... and that's right smack in the middle of the family camp...


She called today and said that Mr David of City Music said he couldn't change the date of the exam because it was set by the Trinity Board. There was an option, though. He said that perhaps we could change centres, meaning go up to Seremban or something for the exam. But then that might cause Camie and Kat to lose focus cuz they might panic or something when we get lost (yeah, I said when) looking for the centre. So Ms Fong said she would try to get the dates changed or postponed or something but she'd have to look for another accompanist in the meantime. She said she'd keep me updated on what's going on.


We both said so.


I really wanted to play... sigh... I found a bunch of people I could really share a common goal and the same fiery passion with. The MGSS choir group only wanted to win and beat NDC and CCS, the MM in church is made up of a lethargic drummer, a reluctant guitarist, and a bassist who's totally new to the bass, and MGC is almost completely lacking people who even try to sing during youth singspiration. It's not often that I find people who really want to be awesome vocalists, and I thought that I could help them gain some ground by passing this vocal exam. I guess I just wanted to be a real accompanist for once, since I could never be a licensed one.. after failing my diploma haha ~

Haiz haiz.

Well, at least God let me upgrade first. Ms Fong was finally pleased with my playing last Saturday! The bee was finally flying, the flowers were blooming, and the snow was falling like snowdrops onto the ground! My playing has finally gone up a level, and I can finally connect with the songs!


The bee will continue to continue flying, and the flowers will continue to bloom, and the snow will continue to fall on december 15 without me there to orchestrate them all. But at least I had a chance to do so!


There's always next year!!

I hope.


Monday, 6 November 2006

Back from OA

Geng Yi
Bryan (or Brian?)
Yi Zheng
Chen Li

Sin Lan

Unc Kian
A. Tina

A. Yu Ming
A. Jen
Daniel Lim

Unc Ivan
A. Kim

Dan See

When we arrived at dunno what village then we changed passengers la. Cuz Mark's car too lapuk, cannot go up to the place haha. He admitted it himself k bluek. Anyway, all you need to know about the 2nd arrangement is that I had to scoot over to Auntie Yu Ming's car. This is my blog, after all. Heheh.


I didn't really have a memorable time this trip. Not meaning I didn't have fun and all that k. People don't go on mission trips to have fun. Reserve the fun for holidays yeah. The last time I went to OA was when I was on a GLO mission trip end of January this year, and that OA was like cacat wan la. Ahem. Meaning they have Astro, and a TV with a screen bigger than my TV screen, and all sorts of DVD's (Pirated? Hmm...), and they were totally modern. The other time was when the youth and my dad, mum, Unc Kian, and Auntie Yu Ming hiked 2 hours up to the OA settlement. Fuh ~ that one ar... can die man.

Anyway, this time, the only thing that was a bit difficult was the bamboo bridge, which was made out of, well, bamboo. I think it must be quite old already, cuz some parts of it were broken and fragile. I didn't have it too bad. Sin Lan had to carry 8kg of Milo all the way across the bridge and she said she could imagine it giving way. Maybe it was giving way. Maybe that's why I stepped onto a broken bamboo and almost fell on the way back -_-

Talking about falling, it appears to be a custom for me to fall down or spill something almost everywhere I go.
  • 1st OA trip - Fell into a grass-covered hole. CK had to pull me up, and although he didn't laugh at me at the time, he's been laughing at me about it nowadays hmmph
  • 3rd OA trip - Slipped on a bamboo stick and almost fell down onto the rocks. Oh pshaw, it's casual ~
  • GLO: Jan 2006 - Spilled soup on Juliana, Soya bean on Bel, Milo on myself
  • MGC - Fell down and "rolled" down the stairs to the back while hurrying to a youth committee meeting. RBS students saw everything. Cis and Tsk. More Cis than Tsk.
  • MHS: May 2006 - Stepped into the longkang and fell down on one knee, with the whole of the other leg in the longkang. Coincidentally, it was just after the recess bell rang, and so there was A WHOLE BUNCH OF PEOPLE THERE! Aargh!
  • MHS: October 2006 - Was walking with Ming Suan and Derrick and ter-langgar one of those broken doors on the ground and almost toppled over. Why don't they throw those things away.....................................
  • Home: Every Single Day For the Past 18 Years of My Life - Rolled down the stairs almost every day when I was younger (no wonder rolling down the stairs in MGC felt familiar), spilled tea, milo, and every other drink in the house, dropped all sorts of food on the floor, broke Shaun's room stool, broke mum's washing stool, chipped off a bit of mum's crockery, accidentally pulled out a component of dad's car (still dunno what's that), ruined Ken's origami papers, and many more of such things that I don't think I want to continue talking about for some very obvious reasons.

Neway don't terpesong. Ok la, terpesong until very far already. Back to OA!

I didn't really mix with the OA this trip. Maybe cuz too many of us already. There were 27 of us (plus Unc David Teo, our guide), so there were little cliques here and there. The number of OA was really very little this time, and the morning worship resembled worship back home, in terms of numbers (that means not much la). Singspiration was a little messy, especially when the chairperson split us into 2 groups and asked one side (mine) to sing the stanzas, while the other group sang the chorus. Of course we didn't know how to sing la. So it was like we were guessing the song the whole way, and the fact that the other group was singing the chorus so loudly (drowning the chairperson's voice in the process) didn't help much either. After singing, Mark, Sin Lan, Shaun, Sharonne, Chen Li, Paul, Geng Yi, Brian, Yi Zheng, Auntie Yu Ming, and I headed to the other hut for the Sunday School. Mark was in charge; Sin Lan, Shaun and Sharonne were helping him, and I invited myself, as Mark said. The rest ar? Chen Li mmg like Children's Ministry wan, and since Yi Zheng and Brian are her friends, they tagged along lor. Geng Yi and Auntie Yu Ming go wherever children go, and Paul, well, Paul was just playing with the monkey. Hmm. Let's not talk much about that.

I felt a little odd cuz so many people went this time. Every since the new oversight took over, I've been having this really funny feeling. Youth events have been on the decline, and in my mind, I keep attributing it to the fact that the oversight have been so ghairah in having events and activities that the youth has been deprived of our own evangelistic ministry. Haiz. I wrote a lot about this just now, but decided to scrape it. It might stumble some people ^^; So I'll leave it at that. Maybe I need some time to get used to the new oversight first. Sigh.

This trip had me witnessing some odd behaviour on the part of the adults, but also helped me see the good side of Unc Kian. He's always extra helpful on trips like these. He helped me the 1st OA trip also, and at Lendu, when I was literally coughing my life away. Hmm. If only he'll be just as nice every other day, I think I just might be able to really warm up to him. Hmm. As I told Chen Li, "hmm" is my standard expression, so you can start getting tired of seeing it now cuz you'll see it many more times. Watching the adults has helped me grow more determined to educate my children properly in the future, and to discipline them with the good ol' rotan, no matter how much it hurts me. It'll hurt them more than it'll hurt me anyway haha ~ Hmm! (like dunno what speech-less anime character liddat) I also didn't correct some of the youth (some adults also) when they were doing something wrong and indecent. I should have, and I really regret not doing so back then. I thought that it would be awful to correct them in front of non-Christians, but looking back, it's really worse testimony not to correct them there and then.

This trip also helped me see that there're a lot of changes that need to take place in me before I can really ask God to use me. I didn't really talk to the OA, and I feel bad about it. I only talked to two girls while they were cooking fried rice, and played some tickling game with the kids. Other than that, my "contributions" to this trip has made me feel useless, and I sort of wonder why I went this time anyway. It was like going for holiday, and that's plain wrong. There are so many people who genuinely need help from us people from the world outside the jungle, and here I am going for a holiday??? I didn't intend for it to be a holiday, but my uselessness made it a holiday anyway. Sigh. Unless I know for sure that my presence there will make a difference, and unless I promise myself and God to do something beneficial there, I will not attend the next OA trip!

Oh ya. We (Mark's kaki-kereta) got lost on the way to Tapah, and on the way back from Tapah. Horrendous. Will blog about it next time. Today I must finish my Math S probability revision excercise. Due tomorrow!