Thursday, 21 July 2011

Monday, 18 July 2011

Long fingernails are good for nothing but jazz.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


I got into a muhibbah accident in Malacca today. 

Two Malays, two Chinese, one Indian. 

Almost like the ratio in Malaysia. Almost.


I was right.

There is a big difference between getting into an accident in KL and getting into an accident in Malacca.

One line from the Chinese guy - "Bila kita tengok accident, kita tak cakap bangsa bangsa semua tu. Kita bantu saja."

Indian guy added - "Motosikal tu boleh baiki, tak apa."

Malay guy finished - "Yang penting orang selamat."

Thank you, kind Malaccan strangers. T_T

Thank You, God, for these kind people. T_T

Monday, 11 July 2011

footstool players.

Taken from their site.

I've always enjoyed their performances - clever lines, the absence of soppy unnecessary romantic scenes/lines, fast pace (unlike Korean & Taiwan dramas which I find very irritating), and the frequent organized multiple personality disorders. =D

Lame lines from yesterday:

A: There was a hole in the pot.
B: A pot hole!

Cracked Pot: Let me just sit here and decompose. From clay I came, to clay I shall return. SOB.

Person: Mould me into the image of Your Son, God.
God: Okay. *gets chisel ready*
Person: Wait! Aren't You a carpenter?
God: That's my Son.

And as always, they finished with an impactful skit - one that dealt with something I've always struggled with. Two years ago, I wondered what I would be without my music. That was probably one of the reasons why I didn't want to go to a church whose people knew I could play the piano. Because I wanted to see if I could be something by just being me, instead of being what I do.

Why church? Why not go on this journey of discovery elsewhere?

Because it's a bit difficult to not be defined by what you do in a place where you are precisely what you do. I.e. school.


After three years in PJGH, I've found that I can still be someone even without being a pianist. But now I'm a pianist again, and I've often found myself slipping back into that mindset - the one where I forget that what I do is just a part of who I am, and not the other way around.

Yesterday was a good reminder. 

And it just occurred to me that I haven't brushed my teeth.


Monday, 4 July 2011

a teacher who teaches.

Read this on Facebook - a status update by my brother's friend in MHS, Upper Six (edited to sound more coherent haha):

Cikgu Hong ajar, 
Jangan cakap Bahasa Cina depan orang-orang Melayu sebab diorang tak faham. 
Jangan pandang rendah orang kelas Sastera kalau kau tu budak kelas Sains.
Jangan nak praktikkan perkauman dengan pandang rendah bangsa lain.
Kalau nak berjaya kena belajar sama-sama tak kisah lah walaupun berlainan kelas.
Semua benda tu dia sebut tiap-tiap masa.
Lebih daripada "kau semua kena dapat A untuk Econs"
Kalau tak faham erti ajaran sebenar Cikgu Hong, jangan nak berani mengaku kau anak murid dia lah.

I thought this was lovely.

I also thought this was lovelier coming from someone four years younger.

I also thought,

If only every teacher in Malaysia would teach like this.

Then maybe there would be no need for a BERSIH rally.

Because our leaders would be men and women of character.

Part of the sorrows in life comes from knowing what could have been, if only.