Thursday, 28 May 2009

and there goes my brain.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

i woke up with the taste of blood in my mouth.

then i looked into the mirror and saw clots of blood at a corner of my mouth.


neh, must've bitten on my ulcer during the night.

Friday, 22 May 2009

what i do during my holidays.

1. Online meetings for MSK 2009*.

2. DMSJ Quiz - train participants.

quite frankly, i'm tired of setting questions.
i want to be a moderator next year.

3. DMSJ Quiz - update the MGC blog.

4. DMSJ Quiz - chase people for forms and money.

5. Attempt to help my little brother prepare for his exams.

i actually did this a long time ago, here. so, shaun, i was already this lame before i went to uni.

6. Try to win some cash.

it's here on my blog.
if takda,
keep refreshing till it appears. =P

click to go.

7. Household chores.

*MSK = Malam Suai Kenal. event to incorporate Christian freshies into PKV (Christian Fellowship).

Saturday, 16 May 2009

chinese-ed kampung kids.

(in the Children's Hour)

i place myself under an oath that by jumping jellybeans those kids are nakal beyond nakal.

in mgc,

nakal \'na-kal\

= jumping on tables + pews + chairs; jumping from tables + pews + chairs onto the floor (the WOODEN floor); screaming at the top of one's lungs for no apparent reason (just cuz); showing the third finger; running out of class onto the road and into another kampung for more than an hour; kicking and pinching someone else during class; tearing up the worksheet one is supposed to complete; cutting up the worksheet one is supposed to complete; drawing on the teacher's bottle with a marker pen; sneaking the church stamp out of the cabinet; colouring the bottom of the stamp with a marker pen; stamping the bulletin board with the coloured stamp dll.

oh, they were so nakal.

watching them wreak havoc in the corporate class before my session made me pray (involuntarily),

God. Save me.

not even help. i jumped right to save.

The Israelites said to Samuel,
"Don't turn a deaf ear to us!
Don't stop crying to the LORD our God for us!
Ask Him to save us from the Philistines!"

1 Samuel 7:8

But the Israelites said to the LORD,
"We have sinned. Do to us whatever you please.
Only save us this day."

Judges 10:15

that kind of save.

but today i watched them misspell 'sarah' (saapf) and 'baby' (baat) don't ask me to explain, and look up at me saying, "lao shi! wan liao!" (teacher! finish d!) with uber-proud-in-myself smiles.

and i couldn't help but think that they were so cute.

i think all kids were made to be adorable. it's their nature. they just can't help it.

it's just that sometimes their nakal-ness makes their adorableness so hard to notice.

ah, i must be going crazy. mgc-ians will stone me for insanity.

but i can't teach them again that soon.
i need to recuperate.
i think i lost my voice.
*tries to sing but croaks instead*

thank You, God. You saved me.

Friday, 15 May 2009

tetiba so many things.

so i'm not that free anymore.

nah, i'm not working with my dad after all.

dad: "you come make coffee la."
me: "got 3-in-1 dowan to use."

but seriously. i'm not as free as you think. even if these extra stuff didn't come up, i don't waste my time doing nothing at home. i do chores wan ok.


i'm not that free anymore.

pessimist: yer.
optimist: syabas! i might lose some weight! woohoo!
realist: i scoff at the both of you. *scoff*

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

How To's: Hide Your Pimple When Taking An Individual Photo And Still Look Cool

photo courtesy of Tan Hwee Lin.

(my wacko cousin.)
(who will kill me after she reads this.)

Monday, 11 May 2009

How To's: Getting Into Faculty of Law, UM, and Afterwards.

[Disclaimer: The Faculty of Law in UM implemented the semester system in 2010, thereby affecting the relevancy of a big portion of this post to all subsequent fresh intakes. The author graduated in 2012 and is not in the position to validate the accuracy of the information in this post with regards to the ongoing policy changes in the Faculty of Law in UM. Readers are advised to proceed with caution. =)]

i don't know how also. lols. crazy people in the panel. who knows what goes on in their minds?



i checked my nuffnang page, and found that all sorts of people stumble upon my blog for many different reasons. it makes me wonder - how on earth does my blog have anything to do with "how to kill boredom"?

i know i play lame games all the time and then put them on the blog, but that doesn't mean... aih. never mind.

right. let's get back to the main objective of this post. this is for the benefit of clueless people who are probably as clueless as i was a year ago.

How I Filled In My Application
My motto at the time (still is) was:

I Will Be A Lawyer. Period.

I was dead bent on doing law. So I intelligently filled only two spaces in the form, out of eight:


Something like that. Can't really remember what the form looked like. Codes and all are completely forgotten.

The system wrote back and said the minimum courses applied for is four. Aiseh. Again, I intelligently completed the form:



The system apparently didn't think so.

"Kursus pertama sama dengan kursus ketiga; kursus kedua sama dengan kursus keempat."

Again, accurate quotation forgotten. Go try yourself if you're really so interested.

Fed up, I turned off the computer. I had a long talk with Dad about how to get round this, because although I had an interest in other stuff that had to do with writing, I would die if I couldn't do Law. So this is what we intelligently did:


Why this is so intelligent? Because although the minimum four slots are filled, the last two are bogus. As everybody knows, UiTM is for Bumiputeras, and fortunately (that's a first), I am so not a Bumiputera. As for UUM, only Form Sixers who took History for STPM were eligible to apply for Law in UUM. I took Business Studies, Math, Economics and PA.

I essentially only gave the panel two options to choose from. It was a risk, but I wouldn't have myself taking any other course.

Academic Requirements
I have no idea. It gets lower, methinks. Unless the seniors were bluffing during the faculty orientation (highly likely). During the Orientation, the seniors conducted an on-the-spot survey of everybody's STPM, Diploma, and Matrics results. The lowest they got to was 3.5. However, coursemates told me that there are people who achieved lower CGPAs than that.

Louis told me that for lower CGPAs, co-curricular achievement matters. That is, however, an undergraduate's speculation, and not an accurate diagnosis of the panel's brains.

If you want to survive in the faculty, though, it would be good to have done well in STPM or wherever you're from. If you can't even do STPM, how're you going to do Law? I mean, can la. But you'll be cursing the subjects everyday la. You don't want that, I think.

Both Science and Arts students can apply for Law. Some people say that their Science background helps because they can think better. Some people say their History background helps because they can memorize better.

It's up to the individual. I switched from Science to Arts in Form Six, because my sister took Phy-Chem and cursed every page she turned of the textbooks. History isn't all that necessary, because Law isn't all about memory work. That said, it's not all about analytical work either.

Your memory work is redundant if you can't analyze what you just spit out.
Your analytical work is worthless if you can't spit out a case @ authority.

You need both. Don't worry about not being a Science or History student. I was neither, and I still enjoy doing Law. And if you do get into the faculty, please don't go around insulting other people's courses or academic background. It's demeaning to yourself, because people tend to insult other people to bring themselves up. What business do you have being so pathetic?

Co-Curricular Requirements
I got a B, I think. I was super active in the Christian Fellowship (CF) in school. Was the President, joined the National Bible Quiz (this brings in a lot of marks, i tell you) etc.

However, my active participation in this all-year-long club cost me my participation in PBSM, because they were both on Fridays. I tried to attend as many meetings as I could, but still quite lousy la. No post somemore. And I don't believe in cheating i.e. asking friends to get you marks you didn't earn. Not to insult those who did, but it's a personal conviction that being resourceful in that way is not independence, but dependence in every sense of the word. I'm dependent enough on other people on other things. It was one thing I didn't want to depend on others for. =)

I emerged myself in EVERY sports house practice. Because I can't do sports. At all. Unless swimming counts. But nowadays people place more importance on land activities than water activities. We are creatures of the land, after all. Aih. I was also there for every ujian TARA and what-not.

I don't know if co-curric means anything, but I wouldn't be too worried about it.

What to Expect: Orientation
It's the entire week after college orientation. Ah, can't tell you much about this. Just be prepared. Really prepared. Mentally. Physical preparation isn't that important. Except for attire. Attire is HUMONGOUSLY important. i warn you first.

Don't wear white socks, for goodness' sake. bad experience.
Everything on you (except undergarments) must be either black or white.

White shirt@blouse, without frills and other-than-white lines
White@Black band for hair (actually i can't remember, but to play safe...)
Black shoes
Black socks
Black tie
Black pants@skirt

Other reminders:

o Don't wear heels. A lot of standing in store.
o Take care of your throat and health. Seriously.
o Long hair must be tied up.
o Use the blasted UM bag. It's the best for your shoulder.
o Remember Dean, Attorney-General, and Chief Judge's names.
o Don't be afraid. If you know you're right, stand for it.

What to Expect: Buddy System
The seniors will start looking for a 'little buddy' among the freshies during the Faculty Orientation week. There's this buddy system in the faculty, where there's the first-year, second-year, third-year, and final-year family line. Each buddy on above will pass down his/her notes to the buddy below at the end of the semester. For freshies, you will obviously receive what we call your buddy notes after the Orientation, or during the Orientation, if your second-year buddy is not a member of the Orientation Committee. Some buddy notes are useful, and some are useless, depending on what kind of buddy you get. No worries. If your buddy is useless, then you can start practicing independence. It's a good thing.

My buddy was and still is, awesome, by the way. =D

You might want to organize your buddy notes ASAP, because different people study differently, and the syllabus might've changed in a year's time. Some notes may be redundant. Throw them away or recycle them without hesitation.

There's also that compulsory buddy meet you'll have some time after Orientation. It might or might not be fun, again depending on your buddies. My buddy-line is the largest with 32 people in it. Hard to explain here. But it gets better as more buddy meets happen. Try to berkamcheng with your buddies. I only got to really berkamcheng with them in the second semester, and for that, I regret how I spent my first semester. I randomly sat with my final-year buddy, Sher How, in the library during study week. For the first time. Because I'm only so often in the library. Huhu.

I asked him if he'd miss university life, and life as a student. At first he said no. After a few random conversations in between, and the taking of a Star newspaper for both of us by the Big Buddy, he let a moment of silence go by. And then he looked up from his notes and said:

"I think I will miss university life la."

He said it as if in unbelief.

"This is the first time I'm telling this to anyone.
You all la.
(referring to me and the other buddies)
Before this never even come to the library.
Then now, when there's only so little time left,
You come and sit beside me and make me think all these things."

Yeah. He was kinda scolding me for not coming to the library, but still. I was very moved. Time goes on as usual, and friendships are possible here in the faculty. Don't be tricked into thinking that lawyers are heartless and all that nonsense. We're still human. Very much so.

What to Expect: Subjects and Credit Hours
Credit hours = weightage.

Kemahiran Maklumat | 1 credit hours
Hubungan Etnik | 2
Legal Method | 3

Achievements (example)
Kemahiran Maklumat | 1 | No grade wan, either pass/fail nie. (-)
Hubungan Etnik | 2 | A- (3.70)
Legal Method | 3 | A (4.00)

CGPA Calculation[(2 . 3.70) + (3 x 4.00)] / (3 + 2) = 19.4 / 5 = 3.88

2ND SEMESTER Asas Keusahawanan | 2 credit hours
Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia | 2
Malaysian Legal System | 3Law of Contract | 6Law of Tort | 6Undang-Undang Islam | 6
Why those three papers are 6-credit-hour papers is because you actually study them in the first semester, but you're not tested on them until the second semester. It's sort of like STPM, except it's a year instead of two years.

You kinda die like nyamuk mati terseksa if you don't start studying a little earlier than a week before.

What to Expect: Schedules
The Faculty of Law has this funny system, where you don't exactly have finals in the first semester. You goyang kaki in the first semester and start dying after the study week in the second semester.

I suggest that you goyang as much kaki as you can in the first semester. =P After your first year, tarak this kind of luxury d.

No la. Study also. AT LEAST organize your buddy notes. That's what I did. Very thankful I did.

You have two hours of lecture and an hour of tutorial for each law subject.
You have one assignment per subject. =D That said, keep the strict marking in mind. Lecturers here have very high standards, since we only have one assignment.

Fridays are usually off-days for the Faculty, as in no classes. Except poor students who have to go for English classes on Friday, 9 - 11am.

What to Expect: Subjects
Nuts to you if you can't do the university subjects.

I'd say that somehow, in the Faculty, law has become equivalent to language. Meaning, the better your command of English, the better your life will be here.

IMHO*, a good grasp of the Bible and how to study it would also help a lot. Law is all about analysis in context of the case or principle, the historical context of a principle, knowing when to interpret a word literally and when to interpret it figuratively. English Law has a lot of Biblical foundations as well, which should make it easier for Bible-reading Christians. E.g. the neighbour principle in the Law of Tort.

"Who is my neighbour?"

Sound familiar? =)

Legal Method
It's the foundation of all other law papers. You fail this, you can start reconsidering your choice to do Law. It covers basic aspects of Law e.g. What is Law, the contents of a case, how to differentiate principle from obiter, contents of statutes, statutory interpretation, the doctrine of judicial precedent etc.

Malaysian Legal System
Two parts: Legal History of Malaysia and Sources of Law. If you get Dr. Johan, pay your utmost attention to every single thing he says. Even stuff you think are not important. It helps if you're the kind of blogger who writes down everything people say that strikes you.

Law of Contract
This, in my opinion, kills people in the most horrible way. As the Chinese say, die also dunno why you died. Study earlier! The Law of Contract was my personal favourite, because I am a person who thrives under procedure and set rules and regulations, and this is one subject with a statute, meaning most of the principles are set out in black and white, with some exceptions. BUT the interpretation of those statutory provisions is pure murder.

Law of Tort
Tort is mostly case law. The only Act you have is the Defamation Act, which is not so very useful during the exam. You'll have an interesting lecturer for Tort, fondly known to us as Prof Nor. She has a cool Associate Professor husband who walks around the faculty with a ponytail and a sports bag and plays the guitar in his office in the faculty. She makes tutorials interesting, particularly because the questions will make you laugh till you drop. Difficult part about Tort is understanding the principles of Tort law, because there are no statutory provisions, and everything is really connected in a big picture, unlike the Law of Contract. However, it's the fun-est subject.

Undang-Undang Islam
Both our lecturers are awesome: Ustaz Khalil and Ustaz Muhsin. Ustaz Khalil lectured us for most part of our semesters. Don't worry about racism or whatever. If Ustaz Muhsin is anything like Ustaz Khalil, you'll find that he's the most tolerant Muslim you'll ever meet. He respects other religions and is cautious about demeaning or insulting them. He acknowledges certain grey and dark areas of Islam, and doesn't brush aside controversies, but rather, faces them right on. Islamic Law requires reading your buddy notes and listening during tutorials. Period.

English Proficiency for Law
It's actually just English. Except your comprehension articles would be about drafting wills etc. How fun your English class is depends on your lecturer. You can jump like a happy madman if you get Ms Cecily Joseph.

What to Expect: Seniors
Seniors may appear fierce at first, during Orientation, and perhaps for the most part of your first semester. But remember to have ideals, good ideals, and know how to communicate those ideals, and you'll find that you will earn respect sooner or later.

Seniority can sometimes be an issue in the Faculty. I have been put off quite a few times by this issue myself. Recently, however, I have found that it becomes increasingly easy to forgive their faults when you notice the good that they do. Let's just say that when they're mean, only a few of them are mean. When they're nice, all of them can be extremely nice. You'll learn to love 'em. Just try to do that earlier. I only started on that in the second semester.

Seniors like people who read the news, know current issues, have their own convictions, and seek to uphold justice. What else did you expect? Ahaha. Don't pressure yourself into being such a person if you're not, though. Don't ever let anyone make you someone you're not. If they try to inspire you into being someone better, that's a different thing. By all means, be inspired.

Be polite to seniors. I think it's a reasonable expectation. As a prospective senior, I don't expect juniors to bow down to me or whatever. Just smile when you see seniors, acknowledge that they're not invisible, and don't insult the faculty when you're with them.

It's a taboo.

What to Expect: Lectures and Tutorials
Go jump down a building and continue your dream in heaven if you think you're gonna get hand-out notes. You write your own notes. And you write fast if you want to write anything.

Anyhow, course outlines are handed out during the Orientation. Make full use of them. Analyze them and KNOW what's going to happen in lectures. Get a book to be your textbook, for goodness' sake. You wouldn't be able to survive on your oh-so-awesome cakar ayam notes for long.

Tutorials require you to speak. A lot. No speech bubble, no marks. Every single mark helps you in this Faculty. Don't undermine the power and necessity of tutorials. Prepare well for tutorials. Read up, so you'll have something to say during tutorials. And don't talk nonsense. It's annoying. Think before you speak, and DO speak. Don't hold back. Start this habit in the first semester. I only started really talking in the second semester, and that was so not cool for my tutorial marks.

What to Expect: Academic Achievement
Don't expect so much. It's not STPM/Matrics/Diploma and definitely not SPM. Not the same. Honestly. Your Form Six doesn't help much. It only helps you get rid of the SPM mentality. And perhaps gain some maturity.

Of course, if you scored a high CGPA for your pre-U stuff, it shows you might have a good brain up there la. But you still have to work hard and READ. How on earth are you supposed to know cases if you don't even read the case summaries in the books?

That said, don't be pessimistic either. You wanna get a star? You reach for it. Reaching means working hard. Get a ladder. Make one if you don't already have it. Get some hammer and nails and UHU glue. WORK.

For the easily-contented, you can stick with the first sentence under this heading. =P

That's all for now. Off to Bank Islam to get my bank statement. Buhbye.

*IMHO = in my humble opinion

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

why i won't be there for camp cam.

law is tough.

going to the beach to relax.

no la. sampat.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

i'm not a lousy malaccan. i'm just bad with directions.

i got lost in the school toilet ok.

as i was saying, i'm just bad with directions.

day sunday
time 8.20 am
place first college bus-stop

random car stops and a guy pops his head out and asks, "tumpang tanya, mana kolej 7?"
me: - oops - "maaf, saya tak tahu."
random guy: "ohhhhh. bukan budak uni eh?"


maybe if i paid more attention when i'm driving,
i'd have a better sense of direction.

and as i was saying, i'm not a bad malaccan.

day sunday
time 11.45 am
place raju's restaurant, pj

desmond: *accusing tone* "did you know that malacca has a railway station?"
me: "had. it was destroyed by the japanese."


ladies and gentlemen,

This. Is. Malacca.

the people make malacca, malacca too.


desmond: "... so was ipoh's. but we rebuilt it. why not malacca? tsk."

Monday, 4 May 2009

return of the blogger. in fewer words.

uncle tp's intestines burst.
i don't understand.

she was very nice and helpful.
tim, avni, simon, and all you medic dungus out there,
please bless people that way when you start work. T_T

"you may now leave the exam hall"
everyone: YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and we hereby leave the worries of exam results for june.

now that is sarcasm.

posers. =P

me: "no other musician in pjgh wears a veil eh."
sam: "you can start a trend la, if you play."
"i need to get a nicer veil first."
"your current one is fine."
"noooo, desmond says my veil makes me look like an auntie."


"well, it's not the veil."
desmond: *in pure delight* "well done, sam! i've taught you well!"

Saturday, 2 May 2009

mass of feelings, of which "tired" takes the cake.

date | time | subject | credit hours (weightage)

21/4 | 8.30am | Asas Keusahawanan (APK) | 2
21/4 | 3.00pm | Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia (TITAS) | 2
23/4 | 8.30am | Law of Contract | 6
27/4 | 8.30am | Islamic Law | 6
30/4 | 8.30am | Law of Tort | 6
02/5 | 11.30am | Malaysian Legal System (MLS) | 3
02/5 | 2.00pm | Partners In The Harvest (PITH) | *edit*5*edit*
*edit* 03/5 *edit* | 8.00pm | DVDs or Die, Woman | [Infinity]

6th college. held my uncle's hand in an ICU. final paper. squealed. thought of my uncle in the ICU. mission conference. spaghetti. thinking of my uncle in the ICU.

dear God, i really love my uncle. please keep him safe.