Friday, 30 May 2014


Sometimes I get depressed scrolling through my news feed on Facebook.

I'm not against having fun. 

It's just...

People elsewhere are getting hanged right after they become a mum just because they're Christians or having their churches bombed or struggling to make ends meet because they chose a life of mission...

...and we, on the other hand...

What are we doing with our lives?

I would think that if we didn't have the willpower and strength to endure what they endure, we could at least live a life worthy of our calling.

The second-years in USM's CF (PKA) did a parody of Frozen's "Let It Go" for their graduating seniors, quoting several portions from the book of Hebrews in the process: 

Very funny, but also very moving. 

The words that stuck with me were:

"On you go, on you go, 
Being Christ's ambassadors
Touching lives, showing Christ
Reconciling the world back to Him
This is your calling
Let the years roll on
We'll all meet in heaven anyway."

The posts I see on Facebook now are the same as if a lawyer were to post his/her views on certain national issues and either get the law all wrong (outdated, overruled or simply non-existent law), wrongly apply the law, state opinions that even a layman can come up with, or worse - opinions that a layman WOULDN'T say simply because it was so unintelligent.

Or an English teacher posting an article which has typs, bad splling, inaccurates grammar or terrible 'Punctuation". (see how it makes you squirm?)

"Nobody's perfect". 

Fine. I agree. I'm not perfect either.

But we could all do ourselves and others a favour by asking ourselves this question before posting anything on Facebook: 

Does it reflect my calling?

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

lawyers are not humans.

Me: "Kak, macam mana nak apply untuk foreigner's consent ya?"
Clerk: "Saya tak pernah buat. *Gives me a folder* Ikut sample ni."

Lawyers fight for the rights of other humans - for those who have been swindled out of their money, unfairly dismissed, underpaid in breach of labour laws, or just those who have been abused in small and big ways.

Who fights for us?

Lawyers are not humans. 

We have no rights.


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

i. hate. conveyancing.

I am up to here *gestures* with doing conveyancing matters.

HERE, I tell you. *gestures even more passionately*

No teacher, no guide, no instructions, no one to fall back on when I'm in a mess.

Mess means either completely clueless as to what to do next, or completely clueless as to what to do NOW.

I'm in the middle of drafting a legal opinion (on terminating two agreements and the legal repercussions thereafter), a reply submissions to an Order 14 application (Plaintiff wants to enter judgment against my client without going for trial) and an affidavit-in-reply to an application to stay my client's Order 14 proceedings pending arbitration (Defendant is trying to stall for time and wriggle out of the suit by resorting to arbitration).

I ask you, with all that:-

Who on earth has time to call this Financier and that Financier and deal with questions like, "Has your client obtained Foreign Consent to transfer?" and my own questions, like, "Hahhh?" and "Foreign con-the-what?"

People who say one can do litigation and conveyancing at the same time have obviously NOT done it, or have extremely efficient and reliable clerks who don't bully you into doing THEIR work.

I. Hate. Conveyancing.

For the above reasons.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014


My best ideas for drafting a pleading, affidavit or submissions always come at night.

I love thinking up best ideas,
I hate staying up at night.

How? How?


Friday, 9 May 2014

just not suited to each other.

I don't know which is sadder - how people get married without understanding the implications and sanctity of marriage, or how people who got married without understanding the implications and sanctity of marriage decide to destroy it for the tiniest reasons.

You can't "undo" marriage. Marriage is a commitment you made to each other, a vow you took to journey with your partner through thick and thin, a promise to love your partner regardless of the circumstances you find yourselves in.

I'm not talking about people who seek a divorce because they were cheated on or abused by their partner. I'm talking about people who seek a divorce because the toothpaste issue was the last straw, or he's beyond change because he can't put the toilet seat back down, or because she just can't clean up after him or do his dishes for him anymore, or simply because they argue more now than they did when they were dating.

Buruk siku. 

Meminta apa yang sudah diberi.

You gave something away and now want to take it back. 

Few people think of divorce that way. 

But that's exactly what it is.

Buruk siku.