Wednesday, 12 December 2012


I try very hard not to let the lack of numbers affect me and what I do.

But when it's down to just a handful of people, it's hard not to keep count.

Thinking I'm alone won't help anybody, won't help anything.

But it's hard not to feel alone.

It's hard to forgive people who leave to go after their own dreams and ambitions.

It's hard to understand why people don't think of the people left behind.

These thoughts make me question my motivations.

To feel or not to feel...

Is that the right question?

What's the right question?

Or what's the right answer?

It's hard to think when I'm feeling down.

It's hard to be thankful for what I have when what I don't have is so glaring.

It's hard to be victorious when I feel so defeated.

It's hard to encourage one another when we each need encouragement ourselves.

I wish people would leave properly.

I wish people would at least stop to THINK before they leave.

I wish people would stop to ENCOURAGE those left behind before they leave.

I wish people would stop saying, 

"God will provide"


"There's still who-and-who around"

while they happily up and leave.

Irresponsible statements.

I wish everyone would just stop leaving.

Friday, 2 November 2012

when legal terms are not cool.


“as is where is”


“sebagaimana adalah di mana adalah”

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

you gotta do what you gotta do.

But sometimes you've also gotta do what you don't actually gotta do.

It's hard to tell the difference sometimes.

Sunday, 21 October 2012


I have a serious problem believing people who say they're out to be a 'witness in their mission field' when their lives seem to be filled with  99.9% of everything and anything but that. 

(the 0.01% is the part where they say they're out to be a witness in their mission field)

*slaps self*


Should be slapped. 

But I still have that serious problem.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

pain in the neck.

You know, like when you didn't sleep on your back or alternatively on your side with a bolster the way experts have repeatedly told you to do, and ended up with a severe pain in the neck.

Just got off the phone with my former landlady. 

Such a pain in the neck.

Some people think they can get away with highway robbery by yelling over the phone. Well, I've had the unhappy experience of being yelled at over the phone before by a person with a much higher voice frequency. I was more amused than angry or hurt at how juvenile she was this time. So I suppose it didn't scare me as much as she'd hoped.

My action plan? To be as civil as possible. I left barbaricism a long time ago and have no intention of returning to that old way of life. But being civil doesn't mean I give up being firm. 

And I suppose, as someone very wise once said, "If they are your enemies, you are under orders to love them." (C.S. Lewis)

On another note, 

I went to the park with someone very important. 


Thursday, 9 August 2012

so someone posted this:

...and called Christians "sexist, chauvinistic, judgemental, xenophobic" and backward.

I'm sorry,
you said who was judgmental?

I don't get angry at this stuff anymore.
I just get really amused.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Jerry Seinfeld:

‎"We are all throwing the dice, playing the game, moving our pieces around the board, but if there is a problem the lawyer is the only person who has read the inside of the top of the box."

Ok. So my job is to read the inside of the top of the box.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

talking about listening...

Neighbour's alarm went off for the longest time. Nobody was in when I checked. I wonder how their dog tahan-ed man (which, incidentally, is the same dog here). 

Anyway, I couldn't do anything about it. since this lousy neighbour doesn't have her neighbour's number. And the sound of the alarm was killing me.

So I went to the piano and...

Pressed the E key. 

And was glad to find that my perfect pitch is still perfect.

Alarm just stopped. Yay.

Monday, 6 August 2012

lesson #1.

"Mind over matter" means,
if you don't mind,
it doesn't matter.

-Uncle TP-

I'm sure that's not what "mind over matter" means.

But Uncle TP's definitions are quite spot-on sometimes.

In the past month, I think I've learned to shrug off things that don't really matter.

For example, if I'm hearing the same question the third time, I smile and repeat the same answer the third time, and tell myself that it's just deja vu.

Or if someone tells me I did something which I'm absolutely sure I didn't do, and it really doesn't matter if that person believes it or not, I smile and shrug. 

But learning to shrug off things that don't really matter also means that I've learned not to shrug off things that really matter.

For example, if someone says something that is totally against what he or she should believe, it usually means that there is a statement beneath the statement, and I shouldn't dismiss it as an annoying start to an annoying argument.

Of if someone asks a question that he or she should definitely have known the answer to, it usually means that there is a question beneath the question, and I shouldn't dismiss it as pure ignorance.

All in all, I think people behave the way they do for a reason. While it's true that sometimes people simply want attention, I think a lot of the time, people are holding the door wide open for someone to come in. And a simple decision to not roll my eyes or to wave my hand dismissively can be the difference between a meaningful conversation and a general one.

I would think that deep inside, everybody wants to have meaningful conversations. 

No, opinions don't count. 
Disagreements and "views" don't really count either.

You can get all of that in a court of law. and i tell you that they're not always enjoyable.

A meaningful conversation is one that makes you prop your right elbow against the inner part of your car door and put your index finger to that part of your chin just below your lower lip as you drive away from that conversation. 

It's what makes you think twice, or at least pause, before you tell anyone else about that conversation, because it meant something to you.

It often brings back memories of the past, and questions about the future, because meaning is attached to who we are and who we want to become.

It's not easy to have a meaningful conversation with someone,
but it's a skill worth learning.

I think I need to learn to listen.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

kucing sedap.

No, I don't eat cats.

This is kucing:

Kucing that made me very happy at a mamak stall.

This is sedap:

Pretty people, pretty voices.

Both make me smile.


Wednesday, 25 July 2012

i tell you the truth.

Most of my time at home is spent trying to stop my grandma from worrying about the clothes outside.

On a brighter note, 

I think I've become a lot more patient.


Monday, 23 July 2012

it upsets me when there is strife within the family.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

not too cloudy today.

So I hand-washed some clothes and put them out to dry.

Then I swept and mopped the floor downstairs.

And put out the clothes on the other side of the house to dry.

Now I'm going to sun a sleeping bag for this weekend's girls' outing.

At the end of all this, I'm gonna say something like this,

"Good sun, good sun."

(the way Chelsea and I did in PJ)


Feel like an auntie.

(Public: "Aunties are people too!")

Saturday, 14 July 2012

pink tulips.

i don't like flowers because they die real fast.
and they look ugly when they die.
but flowers are nice to look at.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Thursday, 12 July 2012


I've looked at so many wedding stuff that if I were a superhero, my superpower would be Super High Eye Power.

On another note, 

This is really cute. 

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

on a very bright note...

yet another friend is getting married
and i am very happy for her.

love weddings!

positive negative.

If you're a pianist, you would know when a fellow pianist strikes the wrong chord.

If you're a Christian from a brethren assembly, you will probably be able to say, "predestination" before your Bible study teacher says it. (and then shrug casually when everyone else asks, "eh how you know?")

If you're even the most basic of movie freaks, you would probably laugh when Arnold Schwarzenegger says, "I am back!" in The Expendables 2, and wonder what kind of movies your friends have been watching because they obviously didn't get it.

"A man had three strands of hair..." - if you've heard me tell this one before, you'll probably either do a face-palm or start giggling, depending on the kind of person you are.

You know how you just know sometimes, when something isn't right?

How 'bout when you know when something isn't right, but nobody else believes you?

This one is a bit tricky.

Because if you don't do it right, you come off as being very proud and judgmental.

And that's why,

Even if you're that pianist, you usually let that wrong chord go.

If you're that Christian from a brethren assembly, you usually bite your tongue during Bible study. Or if you do say "predestination" involuntarily, you shrug it off and say, "wild guess."

If you're that movie freak, you'll either go all the way to explain what happened in The Terminator, or just  apologize for laughing so hard.

If you're that person listening to that statement you've heard before... well. Just do what you do. =P

Sometimes you've said what you need to say, and know that saying more will just do more damage.

So just let it go. 

Let people make their mistakes. 

As much as you'd like to say, "I told you so" when it happens, you know you've got to step in to make the best of that mistake. 

And just live with the fact that... 

You'll really never get to say, "I told you so".

Thursday, 28 June 2012

if i ever learn to cook...'s so that I can bless others the way I've been blessed today.

Thanks, Hannah!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

smack yourself.

When you start thinking that everyone is doing nothing
And you're doing everything -
There's a term for this.
It's called
"thinking too highly of yourself".
When it happens, and you catch yourself doing it,
I think you should just smack yourself on the right cheek.
If that lesson was hard enough, 
You just might be able to avoid a smack on your left cheek by someone else.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

i think.

if i can trust God with my life, 
i can trust Him with my final paper.

Friday, 15 June 2012

geram judge.

And on 21 June 2004, this court fixed 21 and 22 September 2004 for trial. Counsel present at this case management date made no objection to these trial dates.

On 21 August 2004, the plaintiff's counsel wrote to this court requesting a postponement on the ground that the plaintiff has to accompany his son to the United Kingdom to enter a medical faculty in the University of London. This application was rejected by this court. 

When this case came up for hearing on 21 September 2004, the plaintiff was absent.

First, realising that his earlier request for postponement was rejected the plaintiff still absent himself on the day of trial. 

Second, the task of accompanying his son to the United Kingdom could have been undertaken by someone else or by him personally at an earlier date so that he could return to attend the trial. 

Third, accompanying a child, who is of mature age, to study in the United Kingdom, whether in a medical faculty or otherwise, is not a necessity. There are numerous students these days who travel on their own to pursue their tertiary education overseas, unaccompanied by anyone.

-- Per James Foong J in Tee Ha Leong v. Messrs Low & Lim [2005] 4 MLJ 426.

I burst out laughing reading this.

But yes, I totally get his frustration.

Thursday, 14 June 2012


When people think of lawyers, they think:



That's judges.

The only thing we also own in that picture is the books.

Someone gave me this magnet when I was accepted into law school:

It's still stuck to my refrigerator.

or maybe just...

The policy underlying and the principles governing an order of this nature have been expounded and ossified in a catenation of congeneric cases.

-- Per Abdoolcader FJ in S & F International Ltd v. Trans-Con Engineering Sdn Bhd [1985] 1 MLJ 62.

...A judge known for his huge vocabulary.

with a heavy heart...

...I was constrained to follow Cheah Cheng Lan even though that decision was decided per incurium and even though that decision greatly eroded the inherent powers of the court 'to make any order as may be necessary to prevent injustice or to prevent an abuse of the process of the court' as set out in O 92 r 4 of the Rules of the High Court 1980. The doctrine of stare decisis compelled me to follow Cheah Cheng Lan blindly.

-- Tanjung Tuan Hotel Sdn Bhd v. RIH Services (High Court).

If  we had a procrastinating judge before, today we have a reluctant judge.

Looking forward to reading a case with a funny judge.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

pjgh vs. mgc.

Stumbled upon this on Chen Li's Tumblr.

Dated 5.1.2011.

I've been asking God to remind me of why I'm so set on going back, because...

...for the life of me, I couldn't remember.

So here it is.

Why Tse Hwei is so set on going back to Malacca.


i think, and i may be wrong, 
but i do think, 
that sometimes you just know when you're making THAT choice - 
the one that's not just any other choice.
the one you know involves only two people - 
you and God.

you just... know.

"...the learned president [of the Sessions Court], Encik Tee Ah Seng, gave a reasoned judgment for making the order that he did. In the absence of a written judgment by Lamin J, we must assume that he agreed entirely with the reasons advanced for dismissing the appellants' application to set aside the consent order."

-- Supreme Court, Government of Malaysia v. Taib bin Abdul Rahman [1991] 2 MLJ 174.

Ok, now the whole world knows Lamin J procrastinated.

i make the most non-academic comments on cases. 

Monday, 11 June 2012

the story.

There was a knock on the bedroom door of Hans Herzog and his wife at about 12.00 midnight.

Hans’ wife got up and went to the door, but there was nobody at the door.

She went to her daughter, Sue Yin's's room to check if she was okay. She opened the door to Sue Yin’s room slowly. The light in the room was not switched on. 

Suddenly, a guy attacked her from inside the room using some weapon. 

She became scared and closed the door. 

She opened the door a second time to see if Sue Yin was in the room. 

She heard someone hide behind the room door. 

She closed the door and ran to her bedroom.

Hans got up and asked her what was happening. She told him a guy attacked her in Sue Yin’s room. She told him not to go there.

Hans rushed to Sue Yin’s room; his wife did not follow him but remained in her bedroom.

She heard him cry out in pain, then he come back into the master bedroom with his face slashed.

Hans picked up a T-shirt, asked his wife to get help, and ran downstairs.

She remained in her bedroom and closed the door. 

She opened the door and saw a man running downstairs - it was not the same man she'd seen the first time she opened Sue Yin’s room door.

The man realized she had looked at him because she was at her room door.

The man then came back up the stairs. 

She closed her bedroom door and locked herself inside, then shouted for help from the window. 

She was in her room for about 10 minutes when her other daughter, Sue Kin, called for her at her room door.

She and Sue Kin ran downstairs and saw Hans lying on the floor, in a pool of blood.

-- Low Kian Boon v. Public Prosecutor [2010] 5 CLJ 489 (Federal Court).

*The facts above were taken from the summary of the trial judge, with some minor changes (substituted the given titles of the persons involved with their real names).

Still want to be a criminal lawyer?

If you ask me, a case where the accused person says he was trying to help one of the daughters 'escape the clutches of her step-father' and where the deceased ran right into a parang (having his spinal cord completely cut off in the process) is pretty fishy.

this makes me happy.

I want to:

1. Find a jigsaw puzzle like this.

2. Complete the jigsaw puzzle.

3. Hang it on my wall.


Saturday, 9 June 2012


This crazy girl took the train to a Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra concert right after her first paper yesterday to listen to a solo piano performance by her YF student:

No, he didn't play this piano.
Photo by Nicholas Ong.

Here's my theory:

Kenric has four hands.

He hides them so that people won't kill him for being a mutant.

This theory was verified yesterday.


Mutants are real.

They live among us.

Going on 17 and already signing autographs.
Photo by Nicholas Ong.


  • Lareina: "I'm just so thankful I'm not playing the piano this Sunday." yup. i am.
  • Jason Voon: "Ok, Tse Hwei. I'm going to pick a really difficult hymn this Sunday."

Thursday, 7 June 2012

malaysians are scared.

We do not think that the prosecution should supply copies of the police statement direct to the defence without the intervention of the court — because of the peculiar circumstances prevailing in this country. 

Malaysia is a small country, with a small population, and Malaysians are easily scared; they are reluctant to be involved. 

If a crime is committed under their nose they look the other way, see, hear and say nothing, do little or nothing to help identify — let alone — arrest the offender, and yet complain that the police do not catch criminals and that courts are bedazzled by technicalities. 

If the prosecution is obliged to supply copies of police statements to the defence without the intervention of the court, the defence may be tempted to ask for, and the prosecution will be obliged to supply, copies of every statement in the police investigation file, and Malaysians will be more reluctant to come forward with evidence to incriminate their fellows.

-- Per Suffian LP in Husdi v. Public Prosecutor [1980] 2 MLJ 80 (Federal Court)

And this is why if you're charged for an offence in court, you're not entitled to know what other people have been saying against you to the police. Until they appear in court as witnesses. 

Then you ask for an adjournment.

It sounds unfair. 

But when the system tries to be fair to everybody, somebody has to lose out a little. 

Plus think of people like Roslan Imun

Then this will be easier to stomach.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012


There were mushrooms on the rug near the fridge. 

Six of them. 



They were very speedily disposed of.


I can't even stand mushroom that are dead. You know, the ones on the plate. 

This may be my Father's world and you may be my Father's creation, but I consider your uninvited presence in my house a serious invasion of privacy. 

For the record,

This is not cute. Apologies to

This is also not cute. 

Even this is not cute.

I hate mushrooms.

Although I do like mushroom soup and mushroom sauce.

"interests of justice".

"It is too often nowadays thought, or seems to be thought, that the interests of justice means only the interests of the prisoners."

-- Per Hashim Yeop Sani J in Public Prosecutor v. Loo Choon Fatt [1976] 2 MLJ 256.

Monday, 4 June 2012

"finding peace in stressful times"

"Tip 1: Have an honest and open relationship with God

Sometimes we fail to grasp the implications and impact of this direct access to God, available through the work of Jesus Christ on the cross. 

If you can't break down in front of your staff, or lose temper in front of your client, or if it isn't the best thing to show your children that you're worried, all the time, it's okay. I understand. 

But do you have that sort of intimacy with your God?"

-- Dr. Goh Chee Leong.

Ok, I tell You.

Friday, 1 June 2012


The accused, a grass cutter and an ex-convict, was just released from prison on 16 February 1999 after serving a 20 year jail sentence for raping a minor who subsequently died in 1985.

He had the audacity to commit a heinous crime on 1 June 1999 by violently shoving a 60 cm stick up the anus of his victim, a young innocent schoolboy

The reporters had a field day and without them I would not know of the seriousness of the offence and there would not be a need to revise this case.
The innocent schoolboy, aged 12, survived the ordeal. 
It took the doctors 5.5 hours to surgically remove the stick from the boy's anus. 
On that fateful day, the accused had stopped that schoolboy who was riding his bicycle alone on the pretext of asking for help. ...The accused was carrying a sack of durians and he had asked the schoolboy for assistance to transport the durian fruits ... to a nearby bush. 
On arrival at the designated place, the accused repeatedly punched the schoolboy until he fell unconscious
The accused then used a 60cm stick with its leaves and branches protruding and forcefully shoved it into the school boy's anus. 
When the schoolboy recovered consciousness, he could not move and he experienced sharp pain and profuse bleeding in his anus. At that time, the accused was no longer in sight. 
The boy's father Abdul Razak Rahmat had gone out to look for his son when his son did not return home by 6.30pm. 
Abdul Razak Rahmat managed to trace his son who was at that time lying on the ground with his pants pulled down and the stick was seen protruding from his son's anus with blood oozing out profusely. 
5 cm of the stick was seen protruding out from the schoolboy's anus.
The other end of the stick went right up to the surface of the chest skin puncturing the school boy's urinal bladder and rupturing his small and large intestines with severe tears in the anus.
The doctors found two twigs in the bladder with a few leaves in the peritoneal cavity
In his cautioned statement ... the accused proclaimed ... that he did the same thing to another young boy in Kulai at the Shell petrol station in April 1999 and that boy had since died.
In repenting, the unrepresented accused said: 'Hopefully, Allah will forgive me for my sins.' The accused further said as follows:
"I understand that I must be punished severely for committing such a heinous act. I am remorseful and deeply regret my actions.I agree that the sentence passed by the sessions court was inadequate. Therefore, I want the court to order that I be whipped 20 times so that I can cleanse my sins."
Soon after committing the offence, the accused had gone to a road side stall and ordered iced tea. There were blood stains on the accused hands and when the stall owner enquired, the accused angrily retorted that he had just slaughtered a chicken.
After I had revised the case and passed sentence accordingly, the learned deputy public prosecutors informed me that the accused had filed an appeal against excessive sentence imposed by the learned sessions court judge.

-- Per Abdul Malik Ishak J in PP v. Roslan bin Imun [1999] 3 MLJ 659.

I think, in cases like these... we cannot be impartial and dispassionate. 

Wednesday, 30 May 2012


The youth are putting up a musical, "Homer".

Come one, come all.
It's good. Really. =)

I really love musicals. I love musicals to bits.

So I've watched the thing three times. (two rehearsals, one preview)

Every time I watch it, the song that moves me the most is "Blessings", by Laura Story.

I'd never heard of the song before the musical, but it's just one of those songs that make your ears perk.

The song begins with "We pray for blessings".

But take time to study the lyrics, especially the pre-chorus onwards. It'll mean so much more to you. Here's the chorus. =)

'Cause what if Your blessings come through raindrops?
What if Your healing comes through tears?
What if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know You're near?
What if trials of this life
are Your mercies in disguise?

Story behind the song:

It was just us investigating this idea:
Could God possibly be blessing us,
through not giving us what we asked for?

Even though we do have more questions than answers at this point of time,
I do know this:

That there is a blessedness that comes
through waiting on the Lord.

There's an intimacy in our walk with the Lord
that comes through walking through that valley.

There's a reliance on His Word that we only know...
...when everything else in life fades away.

And so in that sense,
I truly feel like I am blessed.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

this is the real "Shakespeare in the park".

Letter #1

"Greetings to thee O my sweet-heart. Mind not in the least if I have been hard on thee at times - pray forgive me for the same. In fact I feel offended when ill is spoken of thee. Khan Khela who had visited my house when Amir Jan was suffering from pain had a lot of talk against thee, but beware and lend not thy ears to these. They are arch devils. Partake not of anything from their hands. Now I shall sell myself and do this act if only I have thee at my back. What a blissful hour it would be when with Amir Jan wailing over Ali Askar we contract our Nikah and enjoy ourselves. Be not angry, my darling, for thy sorrow makes me sad. However hard on thee I have been in the past, that is all past. Henceforth I solemnly promise to desist. I do fervently cherish the hope that God will make thee mine. Try and send Mir Aftab often to me so that I may talk to him. I have found out money for thee but thou must unhesitatingly find out the man. My heart is bursting for thee and I long for thee immensely. In the end accept my greetings."

Letter #2

"Letter to the sweet-heart. Peace be on you. The fact, my darling is that I am in great distress: otherwise I would not have conveyed thee such harsh things. I say these to thee for I am extremely distressed. Whom but thee have I as my own in this land of the Lord ... I have a lot to tell you but I am helpless. For God's sake spare not a moment or thou wilt ever repent my loss. They are all one against me. It would be better if aught thou couldst do. Accept greetings."

Letter #3

"My sweet-heart and the bearer of my burden. If thou tauntest me in regard to my mother what do I care for her. I look to my God and to thee only for reliance. I cannot wait any more. For the sake of God and his Prophet do try or I will die. You, must find out the money or I would die. Is it of my choice, to be roaming about and thou be enjoying with him, but what shall I do. If I had my own way I would not have left you to remain with him. I am burning and have pity on me for God's sake. To me the passing of each day is like months and years. Once place thyself in my charge and satiate me with the honey of thy red lips. Even if thou cuttest my head off my neck I would still yearn for thy white breast. This is my last word if only thou wouldst attend to it. I have vowed for thy sake at many a shrine. The house of the torturer will be rendered desolate. Mirza Akbar's. limbs have grown sapless after thee."

--Mirza Akbar v. KE AIR 1940 176 (Privy Council)

Oh, and then they killed her husband.

Chan Sin v. PP [1949] MLJ 106.

Facts of the case:

Police received information that a Chinese man was in possession of firearms. When they raided a house in the village, a Chinese man in his late 50's (58) ran out of his house with a gun. He was arrested, and an identification parade was conducted to identify him. 

There were 8 persons in the parade -

  • 3 Malays
  • 1 Sikh 
  • 1 Chinese woman
  • 1 Chinese man 10 years younger than the accused
  • 1 Chinese man 16 years younger than the accused
  • The accused 

Somewhat similiar, yes?

why some people die.

The deceased was killed by a shot fired from the left-hand barrel of a gun which the petitioner was holding. 

His evidence was that he was cleaning the gun - not knowing that it was loaded nor having any explanation of how it might have come to be loaded - and that, as he had not applied pressure to the trigger deliberately, he must have done so accidentally in a manner which he could not explain. 

The deceased was shot in the left chest by a charge which entered her heart. 

The petitioner's evidence was that after the shooting he rang the telephone exchange at Echuca and called for an ambulance. 

The evidence of the telephonist at the Echuca Exchange was that the only call from the petitioner's number was at 1.15 p.m. and a woman's voice said "Get me the police please", and that as she was doing so the caller yelled "59 Mitchell Street". The telephone was hung up immediately. The telephonist after consulting her superior, telephoned the police and told them they were wanted at 59 Mitchell Street. 

The police arrived at 59 Mitchell Street about three minutes after the telephonist's call. In the meantime a policeman, Bickerton, called the petitioner's number. He gave evidence that as soon as the telephone was picked up a voice said "Help me. Help. For God's sake come quick. For God's sake come quick". He said "What address?"; the voice replied "59 Mitchell Street". 

When the police arrived the petitioner's wife was already dead and was lying upon the kitchen floor. 

When the police arrived at the house the petitioner was inside and a child was outside crying.

At the time of her death the deceased was more than eight months pregnant. 

The petitioner and a Mrs Kemp, who lived with her husband and children in Echuca, were in love with one another. Mrs Kemp had been pressing the petitioner to leave his wife and to go away with her. On the morning of the day of the shooting Mrs. Kemp had telephoned the petitioner telling him that at lunch time on that day she would leave her husband. The petitioner then visited her and endeavoured to persuade her not to leave home immediately but she had insisted that she would straight away put her house of the market. This she did later in the day. 

The petitioner told Mrs. Kemp that on the previous evening he had told his wife that he would leave her when the baby was born and that she had been distressed by this. The petitioner and Mrs. Kemp agreed that they would go away together after the birth of the deceased's baby. After this visit to Mrs. Kemp he returned to his home and had lunch with his wife and children. 

Between 1.09 p.m. and 1.12 p.m. the father of the petitioner was speaking to the petitioner upon the telephone from Melbourne and had a normal conversation with him. The father heard the voice of the deceased.

---Ratten v. R [1974] HCA 35

Murder? Or accidental death?

Will we ever know?

All I know is he betrayed his wife and children.

You can find the case here.

Monday, 28 May 2012

a dose of lame for the sorrowful.

Most welcome to. Ever glad to receive new law folk. Especially if you support the state-endorsed political affiliation. (Ps. I bet even if they intercepted this txt message, they wouldn't understand.)

Ya, since they still use Google Translate. XD

So all we need to do is converse in a level above that of apefolk. And use obscure terms in a language we are infinitely comfortable with. And discuss the general deterioration and degradation of the federally-endorsed political affiliation with much impunity. Lol.

Aye, we doeth as thou say, fellow brethren. Only Thor understandeth us now!

That he does, sister. Or speak like small green person, we can. Translate they may, but mindblown, they shall be. For matters not, if syntax and grammar practise them not.

Har-dee-har-har. May the force be with them, I say. (now thinketh they that we be blessing them)

Aye. They be expelling a mucous substance in a violent manner from their nasal cavity right now, I'd bet.

Thursday, 24 May 2012


You don't see them very often,
You don't talk to them everyday,
You don't hang out with them all the time.
You don't always spend time with them, 
but you enjoy every moment you spend with them.

They're the kind of people you stop and talk to when you're walking along the corridors, 
the kind of people you have meaningful conversations with,
the kind of people you remember to invite to your wedding.

Special friends.

The type of friends I'll miss the most. 

Because what we have is something special.


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

plan, planning, planned, planta.

We all have stories to tell of people who "don't take the initiative". 

We all "can't stand" people like that. 

But we have all been guilty of not caring about things we're simply not interested in.


That awkward moment when you realize you just criticized someone for something you've done before. Maybe not too long ago, even.

So how should one respond when people don't care?

Take it to the Lord in prayer. 



But first, take it to the Lord in prayer.

Because I am a complainant among equals.

On another note, 

I just heard someone in the lab say with much exasperation:

"I can't live without my planner!"

Monday, 21 May 2012

young fellows.

i really love being around these youngsters.

they remind me of my brothers.


Wednesday, 16 May 2012

proof-reading someone's paper.

"Most children who experience the significant loss of one parent following a divorce do not succeed in overcoming their own dejection and the sense of being unlovable, or unworthy. Children of an early school age may think of self-mutilation, or to a more serious extent, feel suicidal, and act on that feeling. Their act can be understood to stem from a desire to gain the attention of both their parents, or a belief that no one else cares about them."

This is very sad.
I wish people could grow old together.

Reminded me of this.

I will never ever proof-read another paper on divorce.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

family day 2012 @ pjgh.

Photo taken by Huey Nin.

Photo taken by Serene.

The ferocious Gruffalo in the story "Gruffalo". Haha!
Photo taken by Huey Nin.

And so something possessed Marie to ask me to be a face-painter for Family Day. 

Me, the girl who was her glass painting lecturer's source of much dismay.

Anyhoo, I developed a thing for gleefully disfiguring people with paint during Camp Explore.

From... Mr So Leng Chai. Seriously. Haha.

So I said yes. 

...And then something possessed Kenric to ask me to draw a Pikachu on his face. 

Photo taken by Huey Nin.

I think I was punished for this act of disfigurement by the tumbling of cups that followed shortly after this photo was taken:

"Stacking cups helps improve memory, much like playing an instrument."
All: "Go, Manchester."
And so the clumsy girl stacked cups.
Photo taken by Serene.

Oh, and I won a quarter of a cake for correctly guessing its weight. What are the odds, man, what are the odds?

...I'm going to miss this church when I leave.

Monday, 30 April 2012

advocacy meeting.

Eh in Chinese, yellow films is the same as blue films ah?

Yup. It's like BM also what - 'budaya kuning'.

Oh really ah?

Ya, tu, last time in essays, we always wrote, "pengaruh budaya kuning dari Barat".

Oh yes. When we were growing up, we were always taught to blame the Barat for everything.

Yup, and bila sampai universiti, kita mengagung-agungkan case law dari Barat.

i think we're more influenced by budaya kuning negara Siam nowadays.

yak yak yak.

Got back from a well-needed retreat yesterday. 

Yup. We're not allowed to post pictures online. Haha.

You know, I always knew there was something wrong with me, but I never knew what, until the retreat.

I always thought it wasn't right, that I loved things more than people. 
Or that I entertained a great indifference for people.

I could never understand how people could talk till four in the morning, 
or wake up in the middle of the night to surprise people for their birthdays, 
or just hike around campus in little groups for fun,
or spend hours on Facebook commenting on other people's lives. 


If I were like those people, I would've said something like this:

I could never understand how people are not willing to listen to each other, no matter how much time it takes, 
or do something they've never done before to make someone happy on their birthday,
or just take time off to hike around campus and give undivided attention to each other, 
or invest in Facebook to discover each other's lives. 

Too much?

But that must be what motivates people to do the things they do. 

Uncle Phye Keat came up to share with us on Saturday, and he said this - 

"You'll discover this if you have law friends - we can't stand pointless conversations, or small talk. I'm so used to meaning what I say and saying just what I mean that I can't listen to people go on and on about something before coming to their point. I keep thinking, 'So what's your point?' I become very impatient with my friends, and it shows. Sooner or later they say they don't want to talk to me anymore. So I had to consciously decide to just TALK to people, even it means talking about nothing."

It's true. 

I have a structure for conversations, which is the same structure we were taught to apply to our essays:

  1. Introduction
  2. Point
  3. Elaboration of Point
  4. Illustration of Point
  5. Conclusion

  1. Have you heard of Shaun the Sheep? 
  2. Shaun the Sheep is the most amazing TV show I've ever watched. 
  3. It's only seven minutes long, and the sheep are so cute! 
  4. For example, there's this fat cuddly one, and a skinny cute one... and the theme song super cute. *sing theme song* At the end of it, Shaun the Sheep's mulut will go senget wan. 
  5. You should watch Shaun the Sheep.

If you've talked to me before, you'll realize that if you miss Point #2, I'll probably say something like, "So what's your point?"

Or start drifting away in the conversation.

If you miss Point #3, I'll probably say, "What do you mean?" or "Where did you get that idea?" or "Are you sure?"

Or plain disagree with you, and start elaborating on my disagreement.

If you miss Point #4, I'll probably say, "For example?" or "In what sense?"

Or plain disagree with you, and start giving a few illustrations of my own to contradict you.

If you miss Point #5, I'll probably say, "So?"

As you can see, I can be quite a pain. 

And that's exactly why I need to change.

Start talking to people because I want to talk to them, not because they have something to say.