Thursday, 30 April 2009

ta-ta tortuous tort.

date | time | subject | credit hours (weightage)

21/4 | 8.30am | Asas Keusahawanan (APK) | 2
21/4 | 3.00pm | Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia (TITAS) | 2
23/4 | 8.30am | Law of Contract | 6
27/4 | 8.30am | Islamic Law | 6
30/4 | 8.30am | Law of Tort | 6
02/5 | 11.30am | Malaysian Legal System (MLS) | 3
02/5 | 2.00pm | Partners In The Harvest (PITH) | 1
02/5 | 8.00pm | DVDs or Die, Woman | [Infinity]

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

exams expose.

i think i see all sorts of strange characters during exam periods.

i think that in the face of exams, you show who you really are.

i think something happens to you when you choose between sharing and hoarding.

'nuff said.


Monday, 27 April 2009

don't we just love post-battle (not war) celebrations?

date | time | subject | credit hours (weightage)

21/4 | 8.30am | Asas Keusahawanan (APK) | 2
21/4 | 3.00pm | Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia (TITAS) | 2
23/4 | 8.30am | Law of Contract | 6
27/4 | 8.30am | Islamic Law | 6
30/4 | 8.30am | Law of Tort | 6
02/5 | 11.30am | Malaysian Legal System (MLS) | 3

...for the first-years who're reading this instead of studying. =P

Sunday, 26 April 2009

three more.

date | time | subject | credit hours (weightage)

21/4 | 8.30am | Asas Keusahawanan (APK) | 2
21/4 | 3.00pm | Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia (TITAS) | 2
23/4 | 8.30am | Law of Contract | 6
27/4 | 8.30am | Islamic Law | 6
30/4 | 8.30am | Law of Tort | 6
02/5 | 11.30am | Malaysian Legal System (MLS) | 3

Saturday, 25 April 2009

law of contract - an analysis of various responses.

What Law Students Look Like Studying For TITAS.
(the redundant university paper i was talking about)

that's our library, by the way.

What Law Students Look Like After A Law of Contract Exam

chelsea: "tse hwei. *points to self* nervous shock."

as for me...

contracts paper was like the last bio paper i took. (i took two bio tests and then became the first person in the history of mgs to drop bio for spm. gee. i wonder why.)

ah well.

i could've done better. if i'd studied earlier. if malaysia didn't have this jellyfish system of making us memorize 100 cases for the exam. yup. i said 100. lawyers bring cases into court ok. and this is only for the law of contract. and i've minimized the list of cases. like really minimized.

trying to study islamic law now. someone please tell me how to remember surah al-baqarah 228, 235, 234, surah al-nisa' 23, 3, surah al-maidah 24, and which principles they authorize. and this only the fourth page of my notes.

other courses are setting goals for A's, while law students hope to go a little further than just a low-grade pass.

i may be tolerant and accommodative at other times, but till may 2, if i hear these phrases:

law students are only not-so-smart people who can yak,
law students are not-so-smart people who can only yak,
law courses are easy,

memorize only what,

analyze only mah,

everyone can do law.

...i might just hurt someone. and i might mean that in the physical sense.


i'm not that stressed k.

although those phrases do irritate me sometimes. i don't downplay your course that way, and i would appreciate receiving the same treatment.


i took time off studying to go for young adults cg today.

particularly because i felt that it wasn't healthy for me to be skipping so many meetings. i've been for like... two? including the dinner, that is. the, you know, free one. =D we talked about things we didn't know about each other. as usual, my own driving experience left me wondering if i'm really human (or if i'm too human), i got to know that other people aren't quite so normal themselves, and the church has suggested that we emotionally and spiritually adopt a child from the shelter, as a care group.

ah. time in cg never feels like time wasted.

because it's never unnecessary, fruitless, purposeless, or unproductive. i go with a purpose and return with a stronger purpose.

i can't stand meaningless, purposeless outings. it's bad stewardship of time. and it drains my already low level of energy. no particular reference to anything. such an outing would be one where i roll my eyes a lot. so if you don't see me doing that, it's okay.

know what?

i think that time of the month is coming again.

randomness and sarcasm is in the air, and it's the rolling-eyes season.

i think i'm going to be quite sarcastic and critical until at least 29 may, so please bear with me and slap me if i hurt you. i'd probably return the gesture, but then you can continue the physical squabble and know that you're well-justified in doing so.

study, study. aih.

if daniel could make it out of the lion's den, i can finish studying islamic law.

no problem. lions and islamic law - no fight.

and what's the point of the noble, patriotic gesture of putting up the national flag when you just negative the effect by allowing it to get so dirty?

the white was GREY.


God, can You watch over my brain tonight?

Monday, 20 April 2009

how am i doing studying?

i somewhat proudly announce that i've moved somewhat substantially away from nil. somewhat because it's still not as much as it should be.

dad commented that he's never seen me study so seriously for an exam. ah. that's cuz i love what i'm studying. yeah, there's this little mountain of stuff i need to study (cuz i have three papers that are a combination of two semesters' worth of study), but i love every bit of it. studying is tough, but studying what i love is still pretty amazing. considering the fact that i've been studying rubbish almost all my school life. e.g. grasshoppers and fish, and some finger thing to determine magnet stuff in forms 4 & 5.

if you ask me what the study of law is about, i'd now say that it is the study of the individual's private life made public. for example, my analysis of defamation cases has come to conclude that lee kuan yew is forever sueing people, and karpal singh is forever being sued.

there're some interesting things people who don't read newspapers would never know if they never studied law.

e.g. in Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim v Dato' Seri Dr Mahathir Mohomad, an application for leave to appeal to the Federal Court was dismissed, in consideration of the low prospect of success of the applicant's (anwar) case.


why is it that it is almost always politicians who are involved in defamation cases? are normal people never defamed?

some scribblings i made in my notebook on sunday:

Study week. Didn't study as much as I should have. Been sleeping at 5am for two consecutive days. Slept at 1.30+ am yesterday today. I'm tired. I'm worried. I'm stressed. So much to study, so little time.

A whiff of breeze just swept by. Suddenly I'm optimistic again. I can do it! =D

Where does this come from, Lord? Is it really just me?

...the pessimistic whiff's back. Gah.

then dad spoke on 1 kings 15. it was a thought-provoking chapter with many spiritual moments. i've always loved stories on wars. not because people die. that's the sad part of those stories. but because people say good stuff in the face of death. dad cross-referenced to 2 chronicles 13, and there abijah of judah and his army of 400 000 men did battle with jeroboam of israel and his army of 800 000, bigger than the entire population of malacca, with all its babies, kids, grandpas, and makcik pasars.

...and the children of Judah were strong,

for they leaned on Jehovah,
God of their fathers.

(verse 18, young's translated version modified)

O Lord... Thank You. Thank You.

For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth,
to show himself strong
in the behalf of them
whose heart is perfect toward him.

2 chronicles 16:9

was stressed again yesterday. firstly, the youth had gathered in the house and were making a lot of noise. i didn't really mind the noise, except a little peace and quiet would've been more well-liked. secondly, i was to wake up at 4.30am to go back to pj the next day, and it was already 11+pm. and i was trying to finish studying what i called call redundant 2-credit-hour university subjects that waste time that could've been spent on 6-credit-hour subjects.

they finally left for kah wei's house, and i was left at the dining table, whispering to a God i couldn't see. i looked at the time on my handphone. it was almost midnight. gahness. stood up and started clearing my stuff.

a wave of stress suddenly poured over me, and i almost cried.

then i remembered the verses i'd read in church that same day. and the song, Still, ran through my mind, and soon, out of my mouth in a song of praise.

When the oceans rise and thunders roar
I will soar with You above the storm
Father, You are King over the flood
I will be still
and know You are God.

and again, PJGH's Happy Day placed itself in my mind.

Oh, happy day, happy day!
You washed my sin away!
Oh, happy day, happy day!
I'll never be the same!

then God listened as i told Him:


I will be Your happy child.

you. stress. get out of my way.
(analogy only. shaun's hand is not stress.)

Thursday, 16 April 2009

and what is this dumb dumb college dinner i suddenly have to pay RM95 for?

authorized extortion izit?

wireless recovered.

i'm back in malacca, people.

one sedih thing is that i'll be missing friday cg again. and church on sunday. =(

other than that, it's good to be back.

malacca's always hot. like HOT hot. but it's still nice to see familiar signboards and flyovers. (i think we only have two around here. eh. or are they the same flyover? neh.)

who says familiarity breeds contempt?

anyway. i'm studying. =D

(and locked inside the house cuz the boys took both housekeys. gahness.)

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

farewell for law cg seniors.

first off, let's look at food.

homemade muffins and karipap, courtesy of ruth's mum =D

teams bloop!, oho!, toing!, and peace. ah. i had a good time watching. XD
always wanted to make people do the bean pose. hee.

ms choong, or auntie shaw mei? that is the question.

Ms Shaw Mei
"The world is unfair, but God isn't."

"God who provides for you does not count pennies. He has far better things for you."

"He is not just the God you felt close to in PKV**. He will be in your firm as well."

"When you feel things are unfair, when you feel you are helpless, when you feel that there is no way out, when people who have 'connections' gain what you should gain, when you think God's hands are tied, remember - our Heavenly Father is the Creator of the universe. He will take care of you."

"It feels like that point of time after STPM when we were waiting for our results. I felt like I prayed harder back then. I'm gonna have to go back to seeking His guidance."

"I'm still not sure about my future, but I'm sure it'll be something special."

(i like that. =D)

Will Sen
"it's like journeying in a boat. when you get to shore, you will know where to go."

the trio. should've recorded their conversation. aha.

i feel like i lost a part of me the moment i missed getting to know them sooner. it's like the way i felt last friday, when we had our Yesterday Once More session. as i watched everyone hug everyone, i said:

"i don't know enough people to hug."

when will i learn?

time doesn't wait at all. not even for a woman.

should i be happy i don't know them well enough to miss them awfully?

or is the sad thing the fact that i could've been able to miss them awfully?

i suppose it depends on whether i'm brave enough to let myself be affected by others.


i'm not afraid.

i will learn. the next semester will be a better one.

oh ya.

**persaudaraan kristian varsiti

Monday, 13 April 2009

"my English is superb ok"

I got hair under my armpit,

Slipper on my feet,

Thorn in the flesh and

Pain in the neck,

Good in the bad,

Jamban in the toilet,

Kaya in the bun.

- per Lord Louis of Sarawak -

still listening to "happy day" by pjgh-ians
it still makes me very happy =D
ah. i like happy people.
(eh i like myself?)

Sunday, 12 April 2009

how come people's notice board so nice wan.

needless to say, this is mine.

easter fast-forward. no bunnies no eggs.

since i'm supposed to study and do past-year questions.

hopped over to an easter production at city harvest church with li ern and tim. we queued up the way we queue for a ride in genting highlands. (a bit more high class than my initial dewan makan example)

what. i embrace my shortness.

concert much?

neh. it was the worship session, during which they mumbled an odd phrase over and over again, which i take to be the new era's definition of speaking in tongues. i shall not comment.

big crowd.

big. so big. bigging bigness.
...fine. i hate crowds.

i think they tried a bit too hard.

"Jesus! Jesus! heal my child! she's having fits! i think it's dengue!"
tim: "dengue wasn't discovered until recently..."
(tim = medical student)

there were inconsistencies here and there. e.g. the main character meets Jesus using his time machine, picks up the pieces of his life, and predictably successfully gives a speech a year later.

"ladies and gentlemen, i met someone recently. His name is Jesus."

me: "eh. i thought he met Jesus one year ago?"
tim: "just watch the thing la!"

there were also several controversial issues.

li ern: "Jesus was sitting down when He said that meh?
i don't think Jesus was sitting down when He said that la!
tim: "sitting down, squatting down, lying down, same thing la!"

anyway. pjgh had an easter celebration too. the choir sang the same song they sang on friday. ah. it won my heart a second time today.

they're wearing the 50th anniversary shirt
the existence of which i was completely oblivious to
until i saw them wear it on friday. way past the sold-out date. aih.

that kid on the piano is about 17 years old and already makes girls swoon.

the youth joined the choir shortly after and sang an uber happy song, entitled, er, Happy Day. oh. figures.

uncle william doraisamy said christians are unnaturally happy people - people with a life of continuous rejoicing. as for me, again i say:

grins are contagious.

right, tim? =D

oh ya.

don't order lemon juice. EVER.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

people blog i also blog -adrian@abang-

this is my self-appointed study break ok. i have rights!

i went to church for good friday yesterday. the choir was so captivating. i was at the edge of my seat, holding my handphone (cuz i recorded it) to my heart. ah. i just love it when people sing in harmony. and in tune.

an old song returned to haunt my senses yesterday, a song i once loved, but which faded away somewhere, somehow.

Jesus Christ, I think upon Your sacrifice
You became nothing,
Poured out to death
Many times, I've wondered at Your gift of life
I'm in that place once again,
I'm in that place once again

And once again I look upon the cross where You died
I'm humbled by Your mercy and I'm broken inside
Once again I thank You,
Once again I pour out my life

Now You are exalted to the highest place
King of the Heavens, where one day I'll bow
But for now, I'll marvel at Your saving grace
I'm full of praise once again
Oh, I'm full of praise once again

And once again I look upon the cross where You died
I'm humbled by Your mercy and I'm broken inside
Once again I thank You
Once again I pour out my life

Thank You for the cross
Thank You for the cross
Thank You for the cross, my Friend

- "Once Again", Matt Redman

where were You, Lord? where was i?
i'd forgotten what it was like to praise You.
i've stared at Your name and wondered if You meant anything to me.
do i even know You?

the speaker spoke:

when Christ calls a man, He bids him come and die.

- dietrich bonhoeffer

to die to self.
what kind of instruction is that?
You are strange.
that's why it's difficult to know You.
but i'm strange too. in many ways.
i'm in that place once again.
i shall return.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

my noble purpose of living.

= to help normal people feel better around crazy people.

how come everybody can rhyme? (so well) =(




Liverpool: "Never say never."

"I say 'don't want' then."


went suppering after law cg today.

i haven't the slightest idea what we talked about the entire night. i just laughed till my sides ached and i had to take a breather.

oh ya. something about _ _ _-hole. nooo, not a censored joke. =D

and er, alphabets.

oh, and i shared my veggie poem. i made this super elementary-yet-unique poem about how i hate vegetables:

veggie smeggie,
smelly veggie -
same thing.
when i see greens,
i can't think.

hebat tak? who said i can't rhyme? *bangga*
li ern: "it doesn't rhyme aso."
me: "it does!! you must mispronounce the words."

and no matter how hard i try...

i still can't believe jason chin is going to be my housemate!

i said it first. hah!

oklah. i can be quite noisy la.
methinks no stamina after this supper d though.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

the mark of a law student.

cakap banyak.

that's the popular view.

okay, maybe a little sarcastic as well.









ah. cukup.

people outside the faculty are always saying that i'm not like a law student - i don't talk enough. don't argue enough.

heck, people in the faculty are of the same opinion sometimes. not of me personally. but we hold ourselves in very high regard, in case you other people don't know. amreeta was saying that she keeps a low profile in the faculty (but sangat proud of being a law-ian outside, as george & co. should have recently come to realize =P). a senior looked at her and said:

"low profile? don't you know there's no such thing for a law student?
law students always maintain a high profile."

gaya much?

as lethargic and opinionless as i may appear to be sometimes, i disagree with this exaggerated statement. to agree with it would be to admit that i'm a pompous, attention-deficient idiot.

i'm a quiet more like silent? person by nature. some people can't live a day without talking. i can't live a day without silence. though i occasionally become 'more like a law student' with the right people and the right conversations.

i think the idea of a law student being talkative is baseless and probably founded on the too-prominent representatives of the profession. let's not look too far. let's just look at sam leong. recipient of the best oralist in the country award. the superman of the faculty of law.

he's superman.

i'm just me. the humble mortal.

i sms-ed ruth during the law society agm (needless to say, it was not your typical dull agm) yesterday. in the course of messaging, i said:

"ah well. something to do with independence, freedom and justice.
the three words that mark a law student. haha."

i don't talk very much because i'm careful with my words. words leave deep wounds, and part of me still bears the scars from those wounds. how can one who knows pain inflict the same upon another?

are we so shallow to think that a person who steps into this faculty must automatically be generated into a talking-machine? i direct this question to my fellow law-ians as well. is there nothing more to us than just our words?

if i could describe a law student with a single saying, it would be:

a person with principles stands by them.

we know the law. we are all-too-familiar with terms like res judicata, stare decisis, per incuriam*... are these just terms to us? we are a people with principles. and we abide by them. we have seen judges who have done so, even to the point of resisting the rigid structure of the judiciary and executive system. for independence, for freedom, and for justice.

this should be the mark of a law student. this should be what we carry into the harsh new world.

whether we lose our ideals along the way is another thing. but losing them would be far better than not having ideals at all. or worse, having the wrong ideals.

standing up for what we think is right, and standing unmovingly even when a gathering of 206 people questions your integrity -

...defending a friend you know to be true. this too, is our identity.

i believe law students tend to chatter because our tutorials are conducted in such a way as to force us to talk. we cannot not talk in tutorials. cuz then no marks. but that's about it.

i don't believe in sacrificing my personality for a foreign one just because i'm in this particular faculty. see how ridiculous it is when i put it this way?

i'm trained to find the law, not to be a chatterbox.

i'm also trained to write. hence the long post today.

ah well.

i'm a good student.

*res judicata = the decision of the court that binds both parties. they cannot go against it.
stare decisis = literally
let the decision stand. a doctrine that binds lower courts to the decisions of higher courts to ensure certainty in the law.
per incuriam = declaration of the wrongness of a decision that forsook the doctrine of stare decisis or ignored a statutory provision.

Monday, 6 April 2009

i'm a practical person.

this is all i bring to titas class.

sorry, fifi.

fifi = contract tutor.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

i was right behind you.

but i didn't have your back.

i'm sorry.

is it just me, or is desmond happier now that he's engaged?

first. i had tea. =D

this proves my long-emphasized point that guys don't take long to get ready
because they have nothing much to choose from in the first place.

desmond #1
Hey, Tze Wei. (are you reaaaally working on getting my name right? -_-) Wanna come for Good Friday?

Where ar?

Where else?? Jerusalem??

desmond #2
Ching Sze
Psst. They're talking about you.


Really? Eh you two gossip-bugs.

Don't flatter yourself. We have other things to talk about. Like... *turns to Adrian* Did you watch football yesterday?


Oh. Neither did I.

desmond #3
Hey, I have to go meet someone.

K, I can send Hwei back.

Or you could take Tze Wei out for lunch la.

Yes, Sam! Take me out for lunch! =D
(muka tebal, as always)

Sam, when she says 'take me out for lunch', it actually means, 'treat me to lunch'. Girls are very cunning wan. How much is tose?

Er, RM2.50.

"nah, i give you RM3, then you tell me when you're getting married."

desmond #4


Tze Wei, don't always write everything I say. Adrian *points at Adrian* makes statements too.


Yeah. Like today. He said - 'We have cg this week'.

Everyone (including Adrian)

Pardon me, and no offence to Desmond's opinion, but that is just so not a bloggable statement.

Ya! We had brothers from Nepal today! They sang us a Christian Nepalese song.

Then they showed a video of how Nepalese Christians worship in Malaysia - in a small room that's actually a storeroom by our standards. And they were singing a happy song. No. It wasn't a happy song. It was a song. They sang it as happily as they sang it for us today.

One thing that struck me was when a Nepalese brother shared his testimony, and he said:

"I had many Christian friends in college in Malaysia.
But they never told me about Jesus Christ.

And I don't know why they didn't."

If he had been my university friend, I wouldn't have known how to react.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

amreeta the crazy friend.

how come my pupils take up more space than most people's when i smile?

i was just smiling at the thought of her one-liners when she knocked on my door. ahaha.

yeah. we had a good time. we talked about section 5 of the defamation act.


seriously. we did.

plus other stuff, of course. nerds don't camwhore. bweh.

ah. one thing i'll miss about college is having amreeta randomly appear at my door.

artistic aspirations on msn 2.

the recent names.

i have been associated with many for some strange reason.

Friday, 3 April 2009

"Memory card: 0.0kB" =D

look, i found this lamp in midvalley.

hm. kinda reminds me of the time chelsea said something that made me laugh so loud i think the girls next door cursed me. i was talking about the disney movie Aladdin. and chelsea said:

"eh, aladdin is the genie in the teapot wan right?"

sher how: "buddy, come to the 3rd floor of the law library as soon as possible."

"you can use this to scrub your body."
me (thinks): "
more like scrub plate. ^_^""
thanks anyway. ahahaha.

i occasionally return from the faculty to find that chelsea had been artistically inspired in my absence.

speaking of art...

don't you think this is a little disturbing? she has a sprouted head.

candid photographers don't discriminate. no one is a stranger. correction. everyone is a stranger. you can just snap a candid shot and walk away like nothing happened. =P

she was yearning to have her picture taken. i'm sure of it.

not sure i can say the same for jackson. =P

i think food has a larger purpose than just to be eaten.

yeah, i like to play with my food. most people try not to end up eating at my table.

upacara pengebumian.

i went through soooo much trouble to fill in 3 identical forms. the management was so efficient. they got my toilet hooks (as i call them) up in just a few days.

and still people don't use them! what's wrong with you people! gah!

i'm a tea person.