Wednesday, 17 October 2007

My Notes on Facebook

I do errr note (can't say 'blog', can I?) on Facebook, and I've decided that the contents on both my Facebook err notebook and Blogspot blog will be different.

I have the cruel desire to jam up net traffic by causing people to use two sites at once buahaha.

The Facebook notebook can't contain all my la-li-lo-soh writing the way Blogspot can anyway.

So drop by on Facebook once in awhile and read if you have nothing else to do.

Of course, you should always read the Bible, study or help with the housework if you really are free...

On second thoughts, don't drop by Facebook la. You shouldn't even be reading this. Away with you, procrastinator!

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Raya, Raya, Ini Saya lalala

*In a Shaun-tone of voice* haha...Finally got the chance to update this blog..been about a month since I last updated this blog and here it is now..the new updated blog of mine with...

Nah. I'm not planning to snip my brother's post.

It's funny how Raya brings back almost the same number of people as Chinese New Year. It's like they celebrate Raya too or something.

Anyway, most of the Malacca-turned-KLian-MGCians came back for the Raya holidays. The Siew Fook Ming's, Lim Gim Yuen's, Siah Tuck Bin's and many more of the adults were in church today. As for the youth, Sharma, Mel, Chen Li, Ah Zheng, and Darel were around, and even our dear Oliver came back from Indonesia!

Nostalgia, nostalgia... there I go again.

I keep reminiscing about the past, knowing at the same time that I cannot possibly go back. Won't want to even if I could. The possibility of facing again all those awful moments I experienced as a young girl far outweighs the joyous possibility of correcting a wrong I did in the past.

Allow me to enter my random poetic mode while you skip this next paragraph all the way down to the next one~

A past long gone but not left behind, a future planned but not embraced. Ain't that what we're all made of? And to think that every second of the present was planned for in the past... Too many times have we failed to embrace the future and left it instead to rot as a past well past but not forgotten. When I was still my moaning, groaning, complaining self, a friend often told me to let go of the past and to push forward and do what I could to make a better picture of the present and a better shadow of the future. It is only logical that we should embrace this present moment, with the realization that it is a future we planned for in the past.

Yeah. Done. What was that, you ask? Well, don't you ever say random stuff?

What was this post about again?

I knew I should've snipped my brother's post.

Sunday, 7 October 2007

We Meet At Last

Yeah, except without all that implied drama.

I know I said updates would be up after July, and I know what I said implied August, and I know you know all that, but I also want you to know that I've been busy in August. And well, September.

Tse Hwei? Busy? "Buahaha" would be the word of the day for people who know me best.

I mayn't have been busy with the normal stuff people are usually busy with (like work, studying, chores, homework, assignments...) but I do have a problem with sleeping too much. Sis said that the reason why I'm always tired and lethargic is that I channel all the energy gained from sleeping into resting. Got that?

It's like I use up the immense energy I get from sleeping more than 7 hours a day into resting the next day. So it's like I work at resting.

Not as in resting is a place I go to, like when I rest at work, but as in I make a conscious effort to channel energy into resting, so resting becomes a verb and work (distance x time).

Anyway~ enough with semantics.

I spoke at the youth meeting last week, and I got the youth (it's funny how it sounds like I'm calling a bunch of people 'youth' and it sounds like I'm not a youth anymore and I'm calling them 'youth' because I'm not one of them. Yahhhhhh stop this!) to each write 4 essays for me. If I don't fall asleep after blogging here, the post about it should be in the MGC blog. I'm trying hard to bring up the younger youth and let them know how important they are, and how important they can be in church before I have to leave Malacca next year. I had so many role models for me to observe and watch when I was their age, and I want them to be able to have the same experience. There isn't much time left and the burden of that realization grips me more and more each day. I keep getting so worried about how the guys (whom I currently view as boys, by the way) will be able to lead the church when Dad's generation passes them the sceptre. I mean, most of them don't even know doctrines!

And as I ponder it all, I eventually ask myself why a girl is worrying about it when the adults and men should be worrying about it more.

And then I answer myself: "If Priscilla did write the book of Hebrews, there isn't a reason why I shouldn't be thinking about all this and doing something about it. I'm a servant of the Master too, you know."

What is it with people asking questions that they have answers to?

Oh ya, I'm no longer the president of the CF club in school, and I'm currently enjoying the privilege of being a regular, normal member who can ask plenty of questions during each session without being expected to answer them. Yeah! Life is good. =D

If I blog anymore about MGC or CF, Derk will begin to say that my life revolves around church and CF.

But it doesn't. I have STPM to worry about too. Not that I'm acting worried or anything right now. I mean, my lack of worry worries me.

Wut? Never mind.

I think I must be pretty worried to be writing so randomly today. Or maybe it's because I'm supposed to be studying and doing my homework instead of blogging.

Sis is back this week, Sin Yee, Mel and Teng are coming back next week. Ju's gonna be around for 3 months, and Uncle Siew is coming back next week too.

Happy as I am to see MGC-ians back for the holidays, I'll be happier if I could see MGC-ians flocking back. I miss everyone so much... Everytime I look at the empty pews in church, it's as if those pews are saved for those who are supposed to be sitting on them. But they're not. They're not around anymore. Some of them will be gone for a very long time. Some of them are never coming back.

I think I slept too much. All this nostalgia is suffocating me.

But I still miss MGC-ians.

I miss every single one of you who are reading or not reading this blog right now.

The MGC blog is probably the only thing that keeps us connected, so please drop by once in a while to let me know you're there k?

Tse Hwei speaks to herself again.

Good evening to no one in particular~