Tuesday, 23 December 2008

my pinky malas

so i won't be writing with proper punctuation (caps) for some time. aha.

practice has been going on, the youth are getting semangat-ed - i think - and...

i still dance like a frog.

never mind. i've accepted my shortcomings over the years. and dancing is something i've given up on since eons ago. bah-ness. let me take a moment to do some emo stuff.


ah, done.

i've been re-reading books like little women (yeah, even for book titles also my pinky malas. laziness knows no discrimination.) and 20000 leagues under the sea. books like these, including heidi, are books that don't make me feel like there's a distinction between a lawyer and a writer, or a reader and a writer. on the contrary, i feel like i can be a writer too.


because these writers write from their souls. little women was penned from 35 years of real-life family experience. interesting fact: that's why she was able to finish the book very quickly.

20000 leagues under the sea was written by a guy who got severely beaten by his dad after he tried to stowaway on a ship. from that moment on, he vowed he would travel using his imagination. this same guy invented the submarine long before the idea of such a machine even existed.

heidi is basically a story that makes me want to drive back to my grandma's house and smile at her. you need to read it to know why.

oh ya.

today my aunt (lin's mum) was telling us why she would be leading the singing again for christmas (she leads every year. almost.):

because no one wanted to songlead.
Jesus was crying already.

i laughed, along with my other siblings.

she smiled, and then all she said was, "Yes, He was."

no one volunteered when someone had to die on the cross. even if someone did, no one could.

our camp verse was isaiah 6:8. it reads:

then i heard the voice of the Lord saying:
"whom shall I send? and who shall go for us?"
and i said:
"here am i. send me!"

about 2000 years ago, i was unable to volunteer. mostly because i didn't exist.

but even if i did, i dun think i would have. or could have.

me, the one who loses her temper, procrastinates, lies sometimes, and neglects family and friends.

who would want me to die for them? (i'm not so muka tebal also)

2008. i can volunteer. mostly because i exist.

but also because i will. and can.

dear Jesus, thanks for volunteering when i couldn't and wouldn't.

now, let me have my turn.


i did write some caps after all.

good 'ol pinky.

oh ya.
church got broken into again.
for the umpteenth time.
pray for the thieves.
they lose more than property.

Saturday, 20 December 2008


design: yen

do come!

psst: it's free.


people are carefree bubbles of potential waiting to be burst.

then they flow out to everyone else, and everyone is happy.


i dance like a frog.

don't ask.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

URGENT: Calling all MGC-ians.

Check your emails for news of the thing we're doing for Christmas. Hush hush, as always.

And as usual, reply my email with an email confirming that you received it.
Thanks, Liverpool!

Monday, 15 December 2008

simply incur extra cost without informing me.

i am in a bad mood.

if i wasn't in such a bad mood, i would blog them to death.

i will create hoo-hah when i get back.

i will splash newspapers with news of their tardiness.

i will go to their office and jeling them.

i will call them up and complain.

i will blog them to death.

i will sharpen a parang.


probably only do the calling up and jeling.

but i feel like doing all that anyway.

i feel like calling someone stupid.

Friday, 12 December 2008

There's wifi here. Muahaha. Anyway... Seoks' Tag.

10 Random Stuff

1. Each blogger is to write ten random facts/habits about themselves.
2. Don't forget to leave them comments telling them that they've been tagged.

Musicals - I love musicals. I hated Phantom of the Opera. I felt it was an insult to the industry of musicals. Musicals should be filled with singing and songs but should, at the same time, stay sane and unridiculous. (i mean, come on, how on earth did the guy manage to sing with a rope around his neck?)

Strange Ears - Sometimes I can't hear people very well. On the other hand, I'm ultra-sensitive to other sounds. When I hear a song, it may take a few rounds of listening to the same song before I actually hear the song instead of the technical aspects of the song. I don't just listen to a voice/song/piece of music and say it's not nice. I tell you precisely what's wrong with it.

Critical - I think I'm very critical of people and things (reason explained above). I have trouble ignoring little flaws and seemingly trivial technicalities (i think most Chinese and Japanese songs are boring, unadventurous, excessively similiar, and don't require exceptional talent to execute...). But I must stress that this does not make me a disagreeable person, because I have learned to accept such flaws when they are not fundamental to a situation. However, I believe there is a fine difference between human error and sloppy imperfection.

Cartoons - I think this is my biggest scoring point with kids. I LOVE CARTOONS. Too bad there aren't enough kids around whenever I'm watching a cartoon. All I got is Ken. (ken: hey!)

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) - It used to be a crippling problem for me. Among many other examples, I used to lock and unlock a door at least 4 times to make it a perfect even number, and spend 3 hours typing 5 sentences on the computer in organized point form. Over the years, I have come to terms with this problem, and realized that all it takes is excess tolerance and a highly-intended, purposeful 10-second delay between the first and second attempts to lock a door to bring this OCD under control.

Crazy Over Chocolate Milk and Apple Juice - Or anything close to that. Like Ice Milo. I WANNA DRINK CHOCOLATE MILK AND APPLE JUICE!

Messy - It would be helpful to know why the mind and the body can have such varying degrees of system and order.

Hair - Most people think I got my hair straight for vanity's sake. That's partly true. I believe hair makes a huge difference in the way a person looks. Case in point: Bald Britney v Blonde Britney OR

Long-haired Angelina Jolie v Excessively Short-haired Angelina Jolie.

But what most people don't know is my hair used to be really straight. Then my hormones had to change in Standard 5, and I got a strange head of hair that's frizzy on top and straight underneath. My frizzy hair being an incredible penebat haba, my hands and feet would sweat more than they needed to, and my whole day would be ruined because walking on wet floors did not make me very happy. My frizzy hair was also very difficult to manage. It got to the point where I didn't bother combing my hair and went for 6 months or more without a haircut, because I felt it wouldn't make a difference. People thought I was a confident person, but I say that my self-esteem was very much affected by my hair. I once told my sis I thought I was cursed for having such hair. There are many reasons for my change of hair, as contained above, but I would admit that one of them was that I did want to look nicer. Even with straight hair now, I can't do much with it, because it needs volume (hence, length) so it wouldn't frizz all over again when the new hair grows. (so all you people with naturally straight hair - please do something nice with your hair. it's terribly frustrating to us envious frizzy-haired people when you don't.)

Brain Jam - My brain jams at a certain point of thinking. E.g. middle of a riddle @ math question. Sometimes this applies to problems in the youth or assignments that need solutions. I really have to force myself to think and not be lazy.

Music - I like music. I think I'm well-justified when I say most music today = noise (e.g. most of Rihanna and Akon's songs...) I watched Adrian's ACT II (yeah, still yours. =P); despite the flaws I managed to rake out of the show, I did leave with this thought: I think I really would go out with a guy who asks me out in song. Aha. (remember my critical mind though)

Next list of victims:


Thursday, 11 December 2008

I was away.

And I'm back!

And, well, going away again.

Anyway, updates!


1. I went for youth camp - Metamorphosis. Fuh, youths' vocab's obviously increasing. (so proud!)

2. I found a mushroom outside the house that looks like a giant flower.



3. I ate a giant roti tisu!

Believe me, it was bigger than it looks. (a bit stingy on the sugar though, bah!)

Oh ya, I went for Adrian's ACT II before the giant roti tisu event. I wouldn't blog about it now, because it would take my entire day to write, and about a half hour of yours to read. We don't want that now, do we? Aha.

Anyway, am so sorry for not keeping in touch with friends who are back from uni. I will definitely make up for it after I get back from er my ancestors' homeland. Then you'll get souvenirs too! Hee.

I'm off!

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Guest Appearance: Blog Owner!

Hey, Blog. I haven't scribbled on you in a long time. I have so many things to tell you, so many pictures to show you, so many videos to let you laugh at. Alas, my new Bluetooth Adapter was a farce. I can't upload more than one file at a time. Don't worry, due to my benevolent nature, I will not knock that PC World Sales Executive's (I took his name card) head for it.

I haven't really done my assignments because I'm working on something really special for Christmas. I can't tell you what it is, or it'll spoil all the fun. You know what? To make up for it, I'll tell you all about it, with the videos and stuff, after it's all done.

But I'm afraid the network disruption that causes the wireless network to malfunction in the house is quite taxing. You know that I love blogging on my own computer, don't you? In my own room, too. Sigh... it looks like I won't be able to keep that promise to you in very quick time.

Blog, is it okay if I don't put up that cheesecake picture like I promised? You don't really eat cheesecake anyway, right? I knew you'd understand.

And all the tags I got tagged with? You'll wait, won't you? Ah, you're my best friend. You always understand.

I've got to go now, Blog. Tell everyone I miss them, and that I'm sorry I didn't call, wouldn't you? And tell them I'll be back soon!

Have a joyful Christmas, and don't forget to give something back to our Lord this year. It'll be terrible to exchange gifts with everyone else and forget the birthday man, wouldn't it?

Merry Christmas!