Saturday, 30 November 2013

"no use crying over spilled milk"

most of the time, it's not about the milk.

it's about the fact that someone else spilled their milk all over your floor and won't clean it up.

Friday, 29 November 2013


...your office boy doesn't file an important document although you told him to

and doesn't tell you until 4.45pm when you text him

the commissioner for oaths refuses to attest to your client's signature 

because the court registrar has been harassing him

no commissioner for oaths is willing to stay past 5.00pm for your client

you have to go to court at 8.00am tomorrow because of someone else's mistake

you only have a small window of 15 minutes because your client has to be off to Sepang

you walk in the rain to get mixed rice for your grandma because she won't eat anything else

you get back home to find she's moved several items in the home

and you have to move them back

you take in the clothes and fold them

you have a nice dinner and conversation with her thinking she's finally normal

you talk on the phone with your mum for 2 minutes

she's away in KL with Dad 

you've got to do some chores

then you think you might want to get some work done

you even brought some files home

and then your grandma's washing her polystyrene packet in the sink

you take it away from her to throw it away

open the thrash can

to find she's peed into it

and the other one too

you ask her why she did that

she answers, "Do means do already lor"


i think i discovered the true essence of the saying, 

"this is the last straw"

we have an important meeting today

and of course my clerk didn't do the work I told her to do for this meeting.

i'm sick, 
i'm tired, 
i'm sick and tired of straws.

thank God for family, 
the fiance who helped me clean the thrash cans, 
and tonight's birthday cake.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

I have GOT to...

I have got to learn to deal with phone calls.

For that matter, I have got to come up with a skema jawapan for the question "Hi, how are you?"

Maybe tell my life story in 100 words or less. Hm.

Why do people ask questions they don't really care to know the answer to anyway?