Monday, 29 November 2010

i'm a food person!

LIM teh

air TSEjuk


who says i'm picky about food?





trying very hard to prioritize my thoughts.

i'm worried about pkv. that's a fact.

but now i've gotta think about my papers and schoolwork first.

first things first -  i gotta go to the loo. ta.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

nscfl camp 2010 - day 1.

Because Nokia-san died on me again, words are all I have.

Day 1 saw me walking into a camp by an organization whose only event I've ever attended was the Inter-Generation Carnival 2010 in Malacca. Day 1 also saw me getting lost for an hour on the way to the campsite. 

I met Marianne, a former law senior who left to answer the call to be a full-time worker in church. She didn't recognize me at first, because she thought I was a camper. 


In fact, I realized that many campers thought I was a camper. And so they basically ignored me / weren't responsive half the time la. Ah, the price of looking young. =P

Freedom beyond the Red Sea

The one thing that struck me from Roshan's talk.


Freedom is an important word to me. Freedom is something people of my personality lack. 

People like me are judgmental, critical, legalistic, and perfectionists. People like me often step on other people's toes. But people like me are also the hardest on ourselves. 

We judge and criticize ourselves more than we do any other person. 
We impose so many rules on ourselves we can hardly breathe sometimes.
We expect so much perfection from ourselves that we become more imperfect everyday.

But my greatest slave-master has always been anger.

Sometimes I get so angry I'm afraid of myself.

But the fruit of the Spirit is

 Galatians 5:22

The way I see it, as long as my kind of anger is a problem, I can never have the fruit of the Spirit.

Roshan spoke of freedom from sin. But I also challenged Group Boaz to be free from the other forms of slavery in their lives. 

One thing about being a group leader is that you must embrace the challenges you throw at your group.

I want to be free from...

It may have been their first time saying such a thing, but as I asked myself how many times I'd said it, I fought the urge to wonder what difference it would make this time. 

But I do want to be free. And every time I want something, He does something to test just how much I want it.

"'I want to be free' today; tomorrow, say 'I will be free'," I told them.

But as with all things - all it takes is a little doubt, a little hurt, a little failure, and all is lost.

They thought I was the teacher, but it was God who was teaching us about fear and freedom, and I was as much a student as anybody in the group.

And that was Day 1. 

And then I was so emotionally drained I couldn't do much more than nod and smile at the camp officers' meeting that followed. (ahaha)

Friday, 19 November 2010

the words that get me through the week.

I. Am. A. Scribe.

i am a scribe.
i am a scribe.
i am a scribe.
i am a scribe.
i am a scribe.
i am a scribe.

I look like a scribe, I feel like a scribe, I talk like a scribe, I work like a scribe.

Most of all, 

My table currently looks like a scribe's table.

How do I know what a scribe's table look like?


I. Am. A. Scribe.

i am a scribe.
i am a scribe.
i am a scribe.
i am a scribe.
i am a scribe.
i am a scribe.

do you see what studying does to me?

the one with 110 pages…


…and 115 hearing dates.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

i looked at this today,

joo seng

and i felt a strange feeling of fondness.


"At this time the plaintiff was a young man about 30 years old with no real business experience or knowledge of affairs. In my judgment, the plaintiff is a pleasant and honest young man but rather stupid and extremely gullible. He was, in fact, the very prototype of the lamb waiting to be shorn. And he did not have long to wait."

"The defendant Johnson told him that this company, far from being in credit, had an overdraft of $22,000. The plaintiff says he was stunned. I believe him."

-Per Salmon J in Woods v. Martins Bank

Monday, 15 November 2010

time has stopped since then.

tim lahaye, p.186-7.

After a seminar, a man made a facetious comment, "I thought I married an angel, but soon after our honeymoon I found she wasn't."

A humor-laden Phlegmatic standing nearby spoke up and said, "I can give you three good reasons why you should be glad you didn't marry an angel --

(1) they never have anything new to wear;
(2) they're always up in the air harping on something;
(3) they're sexless!"

Friday, 12 November 2010


It's amazing how many things have happened since I took up this post. 

Some even happened before I took it up.

And now, another one.

And the dear Minister had to go change the academic calendar nationwide, and can't even confirm it yet, and I suppose he doesn't think it's a problem, but hey - we have student activities to plan ok. Yoh.

Sometimes I think he just wants to beat Najib's Tower but couldn't find a better way to do it.

If all this happens before I even begin my term, I can only imagine what'll come with the term.


I'm gonna go buy an anti-shatter re-assembleable vase.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

t.h.e. camp 2010.

Nope, not going to write about it just yet. I've an assignment to hand in. Baa.

But I found this on Wiki, that speaks a little about what went on in camp:

"Zach Hunter (born 1991) is an anti-slavery activist. When he was 12 years old, he launched Loose Change to Loosen Chains, a student-led effort to raise awareness and funds to end slavery.When asked why he got involved as an abolitionist at such a young age, Hunter said:

'There are actually 27 million slaves in the world. I was really surprised. And I had all these emotions about it and I wasn't sure what to think about the idea of having modern slavery, you know. 

But I didn't think it was enough to just have emotions.'"