Thursday, 5 November 2009

and then i see a strong soul.

one who works hard, and still manages to love hard.

and then i'm comforted, and rebuked.

Yet I reserve seven thousand in Israel—
all whose knees have not bowed down to Baal
and all whose mouths have not kissed him."

1 kings 19:18

how vain we become when we think we're the only ones left.

i'm the only one doing this.
i'm the only one who cares.
i'm the only one left.
and who were we talking about again?
oh ya, You. God.
sorry, digressed.

on another note, i've been looking through old photos, and i must say,

i miss everyone so much.

aaron, adrian ong, audrey, auntie shirley, beng hui, carina, chen li, chor yeow, ck, daniel, derk, ei ein, el sen, gary, geng yi, jaslyn, jeremy, julie, jun yi lau, kai yin, kevin, li lian, lin, livia, marcus, mark, matthew, stephen, ray sim, rebecca, sharonne, sherene, shin shin, sin lan, sin yee, ta shinn, tee jhin, tim, uncle david, uncle ivan, yen, zheng...

i miss everyone so bad it hurts.

seriously. it hurts. my heart aches for everything to be back to what it was. but the Lord says scatter, and scatter we must.

but still. give me some space to grieve. uh...

marcus, jerm, livia, uncle ivan, hurry up and come home already!


newsflash: marcus is flying from NZ on 16 nov! (followed by the other cheezers later) =D


Shuen said...

Eh you're during your emo period is it. Tersangat emo.

hwee said...

where is my name!!! got choryeow no me... teruk!

hwee said...

oh sorry i think got la.. the "lin" there... very small one... I also miss u dear!!

hwei said...

[Jie] Per. That emo period kinda far away. Ahaha.

[Lin] Cis and ish!

ytw said...


hwei said...

You kan kat Mlc? -_-"

cluelessfreak said...

u pms is prolly coming ! i miss mlc badly it hurts everytime i had to wait 3 weeks nie go back. And finally i've decided to go back everyweek if possible! ehahaha.seriously. like my original plan before i go johor. EVERYWEEK IT IS!

hwei said...

Neh, my PMS somewhere next week. (die, forgot the date) Me too, me too. But I realized that PJ isn't so bad after all, if I take things into perspective. It obviously won't be better than Mlc, so I gotta get that right first. Then things get better. Hm hm.

Ironically, I wrote this post in Mlc. Hahahahahahaha.

Wah you superwoman. Oh ya, the original plan. Hahahaha.